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How It Works - EventTrk

We track hotel prices daily for the worlds biggest bucket list events. This lets you see not only the price today, but what it was in the past. The Cost? $0. The Catch? Nada. See how it works below and if anything is still unclear check out the FAQ Section.

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Step One: Choose Your Event

We offer free price tracking on a variety of events. Which events? Events like Coachella, Lollapalooza, the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, New York City for New Years Eve, Mardi Gras, and more! Bucket list type events where hotels are in extremely high demand and extremely expensive. To see a full list of our events that are tracked check out the Events page.

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Step Two: Track Event Prices

So what does one get if their event is tracked? We provide the following information for each event:

  • Average Price Of Hotels - See how the average price for a hotel has varied each day
  • Price By Star Rating - See how prices vary for different star accommodations in the event area
  • Price By User Rating - See how prices vary for differently rated hotels by users

Example - Super Bowl Average Hotel Prices

See Full Example - Super Bowl

The point is we gather prices for a bunch of hotels each day and aggregate them. These are the lowest prices we have seen across the Internet by checking all of the bigwigs of travel. See how prices today compare to prices of the past and determine if now is the time to scratch that event off your bucket list.

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Step Three: Pick Your Hotel

Now that you've picked your event and seen the data for all the hotels in the city you can start looking at individual hotels for the event. For each event we track dozens of hotels and their prices.

Example - Hotels Tracked for Super Bowl

Red Roof Inn Houston

Wingate By Wyndham

These are just a couple of examples. Currently for the Super Bowl we track over 150 hotels and across all of our events there are over 4200 hotels tracked. See how prices have varied over time and see if now is a good time to book based on the historical prices.

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Step Four: Book Your Bucket List

You've found the deal for you and verified its a good deal - time to book. On any of our hotel or events pages you can find links to book your hotel through one of our partners. Fear not! You will book with one of the biggest names in travel.