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Keep reading below to see how Event Track can save you some serious cash for your next bucket list trip.

How It Works

What is hotel price tracking? Let me explain with an example below. It should be noted that hotel price tracking is available for every event we cover at Event Track. You can see all the events we currently cover at our Events Page.

Average Price of Hotels for Sydney New Years Eve 12/31/2016

Ever wonder what the cheapest time to book a hotel for a big trip is? Me too, that's why I made this website. The graph above is the average price of hotels for Sydney, Australia for New Year's Eve. Everyday we gather the price of all the hotels in Sydney from our partners are Hotels.com, Priceline, Travelocity and Expedia. From these prices we calculate the average price of hotels and plot it for your viewing pleasure.

So what can you get from this information? Well, you can see if prices are trending up or trending down, which helps you decide if you should book now or wait. We also have these types of graphs for events in the past, so you can check how the prices changed in years past. There's a really good chance you can expect the same pricing pattern this year. For example, New Year's Eve prices plummet as you get closer to the big day. The lesson? If you can, hold off as long as you can to book a NYE hotel - we've seen this is Sydney, Las Vegas, NYC and other big cities.

But Wait There's More!

Four Seasons Sydney NYE 2017

The graphs above are for aggregated data - all of the hotels combined and we give you the average price. But what about individual hotels? We have that too! This is particularly useful if you are looking at a specific hotel for a big event. The graph above is for the Four Seasons Sydney for the dates of New Year's Eve. We get the price everyday from our hotel partners and keep track of it for you daily. The following are important notes useful for you when booking your next bucket list:

  • You can see how the price varied. I think this is really important - most people assume hotels don't change prices as much as they do. The Four Seasons, for example, varied from $597 to $1,819! In one stretch in September over a few days it went from $1,595 to $620 to $1,602! Look at the graph for the hotel you are interested in and see if they vary prices frequently, you could very well wait and catch it on a downturn!

  • For events we have past data on you can see when the hotel sold out.

  • You can see when the cheapest time to book was in years past, which likely will be similar this year

This type of graph is made for every single hotel in our database (over 10,000 in total). We also have features that allow you to set the amount you want to pay, the hotels you are interested in, and we will email you automatically if any of them drop below your price. It's the lazy man ways to book your vacation on a deal. The goal is to save you money so you have more money to enjoy your bucket list trip!

How Do I Book?

When you are ready to book you will book through one of our partners - Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity or Orbitz. These are the most trusted names in travel. You will see something similar to the image on the left - just choose your preferred partner and the button will take you directly to book your hotel for the dates of your event.