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Membership Has Its Perks

Getting tired of checking travel sites daily for hotel prices? I understand. Register at Event Track and let us do the work. Here's what you get by registering:

  • A personal page where all the hotels and events you are interested in are combined on one convenient page; no more scrolling through Hotels.com to find the latest prices on your hotels
  • Each day we snag the price for these hotels and chart them so you can quickly see the hotels you are interested in and how their prices have changed
  • Set a price and we will notify you if any of your hotels drop below this price
  • We also have data on how much your hotel was for the same event last year - see how the price today compares to the price last year at this time
  • Useful information on the hotels such as how far from your event it is, user rating, if it sold out for your event last year, and more
  • Get the latest news, information and rumors for the events you are interested in emailed to you weekly
  • Unsubscribe from emails at anytime at the click of a button
  • When you are ready to book you go through one of our partners above

Keep reading below to see how Event Track can save you some serious cash for your next bucket list trip.

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