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Below you can see common questions about our services. If you have questions that aren't answered below feel free to Contact Us and I will be happy to answer any question for you!

We're just like you - we like to travel. The goal of this website is to make that expensive hobby a little less, well....expensive. Ever be looking for a hotel and have no idea if you are getting a good deal? Us too! The goal here is to give you some historical data on hotel prices to better inform you if you are getting a good deal. It can also be used to see how prices are trending. Ultimately the more you know the better and we take care of the 'more you know' part.

On top of hotel price tracking we provide guides, info and news on the biggest events in the country. We love to travel and like to share our experiences with you to help you plan for when you get a chance to scratch some of these events off your bucket list.

We are partnered with Priceline, Hotels.com, Expedia and Travelocity to take care of our hotel booking. Find a deal and book through one of these companies, who are among the most reputable in the travel business.

Basically if we have attended it, or want to attend it, it goes up there - I know, not very scientific! If you want an event added feel free to email me at Shawn@EventTrk.com and I will add it to our coverage.

Of course! Email me at Shawn@EventTrk.com to get in touch about what events you'd like added.

We search prices across all of our partners, which include Priceline, Hotels.com, Travelocity, Expedia and Trivago.

You can see the specific event dates by going to that events page. In general, we add a day before and after the event to our hotel stays. For example, Coachella 2017 (weekend one) is April 14-16. Our hotel prices are for a hotel stay April 13-17. This gives a day to travel before hand and leave the day after the event. We give the average daily price for these dates.

We use the actual location of the event. Again using our Coachella example, this would be hotels in Indio, CA and the surrounding area (such as Palm Desert, La Quinta, etc). We look for hotels across the entire host city to give an aggregated view of the cities prices.

Sorry but this isn't currently offered; We'd love to be able to provide this but our servers currently can't support if everyone starts asking for custom dates and hotel price charting!

Absolutely! We always love getting reader feedback and learning about what you are interested in. Feel free to email me personally at Shawn@EventTrk.com and I will get back to you ASAP.