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First Timer - EDC 2017

Posted: Aug. 16, 2017, 1:41 p.m. by Shawn Cochran

This was my first time at EDC in 2017 and it was a lot of fun overall. I will say first and foremost that EDC has the best crowd of any festival I have been to. It legitimately feels like a community at EDC.

-Great crowd
-Amazing stages - there isn't even a compareable US festival in this regard. EDC by far has the best stages of any festival, they are so impressive.
-Vegas baby! Who doesn't like another excuse to go to Vegas?
-Plenty of bars everywhere if you need to get an adult beverage
-The scenery/lights throughout the festival are so cool
-Sweet nightly firework show
-No wait between DJs; the party never stops

-The shuttles were an absolute disaster
-If you don't shuttle Uber is really expensive
-The food selection is terrible







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