EDC 2018 Announces New Shuttle Plans

Jan. 30, 2018, 7:18 p.m.
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EDC today had a major announcement: shuttles! If you attended EDC 2017 like we did you know the shuttles were a complete and utter shit show. This year EDC is relinquishing control to a professional shuttle company to take care of shuttle operations, hopefully improving operations. Here are the major changes for the EDC shuttles in 2018:

  • New Locations - EDC now has news locations for the shuttles. Standard shuttles will leave from The Rio, MGM Grand, Downtown Las Vegas and Mid Strip. There will also be premier shuttles available at MGM Grand, Hard Rock and The Stratosphere.

  • Standard shuttles are $90 plus fees while premier shuttles are $199 (yikes that's an expensive shuttle)

  • All shuttle passes have a layaway / payment plan which will make it a little less stressful financially

  • Security will again be before you board the shuttle. That is, you go through security, get on the bus, and can easily enter EDC once you arrive at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

  • The main perk to premier shuttles is you can reserve a shuttle time. If you are new to EDC here's how it works with standard shuttles: you go to your stop, you wait in a longass line and eventually you can board a shuttle. The shuttles run continuously, but due to crowds and security the lines get quite long. A premier pass let's you skip this and guarantee a spot at a reserved time.

If you want the full details on the EDC shuttles see our full article - we go over all this and more details, and attempt to answer any question you could possibly have about shuttles. As new details emerge about EDC 2018 and it's shuttles we will post it here so stay tuned!

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