New EDC Las Vegas 2018 Payment Plan Details Announced

Sept. 25, 2017, 12:45 p.m.
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EDC today announced some more details about their payment plan for EDC 2018. You can see the details above, but essentially it boils down to if you purchase early you are going to save money (like always). Tickets for EDC 2018 go on sale this Friday at noon PST, and if you want the chance to fully take advantage of the payment plan this is the time. Here's what you need to know:

  • Tickets on sale 9/28 at noon are eligible to use the payment plan
  • Passes purchased within the first three days (9/28-9/30) will get to use the payment plan that splits your EDC 2018 pass into 7 payments
  • The first payment will be due the day you purchase, and then 6 monthly payments after that
  • The first three days will have Early Owl (cheapest) and then Wise Owl (once Early Owl sells out); either of these lets you use the 7 payment option
  • There is a $10 layaway charge for using the payment plan

If you don't purchase within the first three days you can still use the payment plan, but the price of passes goes up and you will only be able to split your EDC 2018 passes into 6 payments (1 due upon purchase and then 5 payments monthly after that). We are big fans of the payment plan option as it makes everything a bit easier financially. If you are debating going to EDC 2018 I would suggest trying to decide soon as your best option is really to take advantage of either the Early or Wise Owl sales. For all the details on EDC tickets check out our EDC Tickets Guide.

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