EDC Announces Major Changes for 2018

Sept. 6, 2017, 12:28 p.m.
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As we reported earlier the dates for EDC 2018 have changed to May 18th-20th, up about a month from previous years. Along with these dates, Pasquale Rotella, the Godfather of EDC, has announced a slew of other changes to the festival. Here's his entire statement, which was posted on the official EDC Facebook page. Here's the announcement:

Here’s the big news! After a lot of energy, passion and hard work, I want to personally present to you EDC Las Vegas 2018. New hours, new stages, and new dates with better weather and camping. That’s right—campsites, RVs, sound camps, and more—for the first time ever at EDC Las Vegas. Wake up and walk in.

Over the past 10 years, average high temps on this weekend in May have been 90 and the lows have been 64. This means we can extend our hours and create an opening ceremony on the cosmicMEADOW lawn featuring extended sets from different artists each day. One stage, one vibe—all before the rest of the experience turns on. Not only will it give people a chance to vibe out before sunset, but the early arrivals will help the flow in and out of the Speedway.

Shuttle operations will be handed over to an independent company that specializes in the largest music and sporting events in the country. This is what they do and they do it better than anyone else, year over year. Also new for 2018, construction in the immediate area of the Speedway will finally be complete. In 2017 we had just two lanes. EDC Las Vegas 2018 will have three lanes plus pull-offs. There will be traffic in and out of the festival, but if you want a one-and-done journey to the Speedway, just camp out.

We’ll be rolling out more details in the coming weeks, and I’ll be personally answering your questions live on my Instagram. Tickets and camping passes go on sale at the end of September, but hotels are available now on our website with no markup.

EDC Las Vegas 2018 is going to be an amazing new adventure and I can't wait to see you there!

Summary of Announcement

New Dates
As I mentioned in an earlier, EDC will be moving dates from the third weekend in June to May 18th - May 20th. The reason for the change seems mostly weather related as it will be cooler in May.

Early Owl
EDC tickets for 2018 will first go on sale on September 28th at 12:00 p.m. PST. No details yet if this is an official Early Owl sale, but we are assuming as much. This means there will be a limited amount of tickets on sale and they will go quick! 

In perhaps the biggest surprise was the announcement that there will be camping now at the Las Vegas Speedway for EDC 2018. It seems there will be regular camping, RV slots and more. If you are the type who doesn't care about staying in Vegas and just want to immerse yourself in EDC this is fantastic for you.

New Shuttle Operators
After the mess that was the EDC 2017 shuttles this is welcomed news. EDC will hand shuttle operations over to a private company, which will have improved logistics and more buses. EDC seems to be acknowledging they did not do a good job with this last year and will leave it to the pros next year.

More Details to Come
The announcement was pretty high level without a lot of details. EDC has promised more updates in the next few weeks. As these come out we will keep everyone appraised!

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