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June 17, 2017, 4:56 p.m.
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Sadly our time under the Electric Sky at EDC 2017 has ended. As usual it was amazing and unlike any other music festival in the country. If you missed out on EDC this year and want to make sure you are there next year, or you are just an early planner, then this article is for you. I'm going to go over everything you need to know for EDC 2018: early bird ticket info, EDC hotels, when you expect EDC to drop the lineup, and more. Let's get you prepared for EDC 2018. Note that a lot has changed for EDC 2018 with the major announcements of new dates, new Early Owl and more - check out all the details below.

What are the dates for EDC 2018?

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EDC has moved dates for 2018! If you want our full breakdown on the change check out our post on it here. No longer will you need to choose between your Dad on Fathers Day and EDC! EDC announced that for EDC 2018 it will be held May 18-20th, about a month ahead of when it is usually held. This should help make the event a little cooler as it won't be in the summer of Las Vegas. Don't get me wrong, it's still hot but it should be a bit cooler. As someone who nearly died of dehydration at Above And Beyond in 2017 I am thankful for this. We are also glad they didn't end up going with Memorial Day Weekend as that would of made hotels astronomically more expensive. So again plan for EDC May 18th - 20th in 2018!

When Do EDC Tickets Come Out? How Much are EDC Tickets?

Check out the video below for a quick overview on all the important details for EDC 2018 tickets, or keep reading below.


EDC 2018 will have three different tiers of tickets: Early Owl, Wiser Owl and Later Owl. This is the equivalent of a presale, early sale and general sale. As with most music festivals, the earlier you purchase the more money you will save. The first sale will be the Early Owl sale which will occur on September 28th at 12:00 p.m. PST. The image below shows the prices for tickets, but make sure you note that doesn't include fees and taxes, which are notoriously bad for EDC given an additional 9% Live Entertainment Tax charged to all Las Vegas events. Once Early Owl sells out you can still snag tickets, but it will be at the higher price tag for Wise and Later Owl (eventually).

EDC 2018 Ticket Prices

Early Owl - Early Owl tickets will go fast, really fast. If you are going to get them you need to be online and ready to go the minute they go on sale. If you don't get them don't fret as you will have multiple chances to get them later, and it's really not nearly as competitive in the later sales. If you are going to EDC 2018 you may as well try though as it is the cheapest time to snag tickets and you can take advantage of the EDC payment plan.

Wiser Owl / Later Owl - Official dates aren't announced for either sale yet, so this is pure speculation. In years past there was only Early and Later Owl, so the Wiser Owl is new for EDC 2018. Previously Early Owl would be in November and Later Owl in January. We are guessing with the new tier we will likely still have a sale in November, likely the Wiser Owl and then the final Later Owl in December/January. As more information is posted about EDC tickets sales we will keep this updated.

If you want all the information on EDC Tickets check out this article.

When does the EDC 2018 Lineup come out?

Of course this is the big one: you buy your passes months ago and you have to wait for what seems like forever for the lineup to be announced.  The table below shows the dates in which EDC has released its lineup dating back to 2014.


Day of Lineup Announcement


May 27th


May 5th


May 23rd


April 26th

As you can see it has usually occurred in the April/May time frame. However, now that the dates have moved up a month we are expecting the lineup announcement to follow suit. Thus I would look for the EDC 2018 lineup in late March or early April given the new dates of May 18th. As more details come out we will update this, but I feel this is a logical expectation at this point.

EDC REviews

Let's Talk EDC Accommodations

EDC has also announced a new camping option for EDC 2018. To quote Pasquale Rotella, the King of EDC - "That’s right—campsites, RVs, sound camps, and more—for the first time ever at EDC Las Vegas. Wake up and walk in". So if you are the type who likes to camp at festivals this is going to be an option for you this year. There are no details on prices or when everything will go on sale yet, but this is a huge change from previous years. You will still be able to book a hotel and stay on The Strip if you prefer. In fact, the shuttles will be handled by a professional company now so it sounds like getting to EDC will be easier than ever. So if you want to camp you will need to stay tuned for more details as they emerge. If you want to book a hotel I suggest you check out our EDC Hotels Page. We have historical prices for EDC so you can see how prices this year compare to last year, when hotels sold out, and more. If you book a hotel we strongly suggest being near a shuttle station, as it will make your whole experience better. In years past the cheapest time to book has been November and December; this may shift a bit with the date changes but I'd still expect it to be a good time to book - typically the earlier you book the more money you save.

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