How To Get To EDC

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Where is EDC?

How do people get to EDC?

Shuttle, Uber, Drive Yourself (free parking on site)

Does EDC offer transportation?

Yes, EDC offers a shuttle service that picks up throughout the Strip and Downtown Vegas and takes you out to EDC at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Our recommendation for getting to EDC

There's really not a lot of options for getting out to EDC. You can essentially go by shuttle or by Uber or some other car service. If you have a group of four to split the costs with there is an argument to be made that the Uber / Car Service will end up being the same price as four shuttle passes as those cost roughly $100 a person. If you don't have a full squad to divide the costs amongst then you need to go with the shuttle. The EDC shuttle is notorious for being poorly run and having terrible wait times, but they have promised to improve it in upcoming years. Generally my best luck with the shuttle has been when I go early (head to the shuttle at 6 pm when it's open) and heading home a bit early before EDC wraps up for the night (4 am or so). It's not perfect as you need to leave early but I've also never been stuck in a 2+ hour shuttle wait. Hopefully EDC just improves the shuttle in future years. The final option is to drive yourself as there is free parking on site.

Detailed Guides On EDC Transportation

EDC Shuttle Passes - How to Get to EDC

  • It is my personal opinion that you should just pony up for the shuttle pass: you can drive but unless you have someone who truly doesn't mind being sober just get the shuttle pass
  • EDC has recently outlawed third party shuttles such as JusCollege so we only recommend going with the official EDC shuttle
  • There are now 9 shuttle locations for EDC 2018: RIo, MGM Festival Grounds, Downtown, Mid-Strip, Tropicana, MGM Grand Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Stratosphere and Luxor

EDC Hotels - Where to stay, how to get there & more

  • I highly suggest staying on the Strip for EDC, especially if you don’t go to Vegas often.  Downtown Las Vegas is also a good option
  • Shuttles going to EDC are most accessible from the Strip or downtown
  • There is a hotel for every budget in Las Vegas.  In my opinion Excalibur is the best ‘budget’ hotel and Venetian is the best luxury option

Staying Downtown for EDC - Pros, Cons, Shuttles & More

  • Downtown Las Vegas is a great, more inexpensive option for EDC
  • The atmosphere won’t be as lively as the Strip but there is still plenty of drinking and gambling downtown.  It’s just an older, different crowd
  • There are many cheap, solid hotels downtown with the best probably being the Golden Nugget
  • Downtown is closer to EDC so your shuttle ride will be shorter in distance and avoid all of the traffic on the Strip

How much does it cost to get to EDC?

The EDC shuttle costs $90 plus $16 in fees for a total of $106 for the weekend

Is there parking onsite??

Yes, EDC offers free parking for all festival attendees on site at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.