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Article Summary

  • Article breaks down the total costs of attending EDC including wristbands, hotel, food, booze, getting to EDC daily, and more
  • Final estimate are $1,480 if you choose a cheap hotel and about $2,000 if you do a more expensive hotel
  • Hotel prices vary a lot on the Strip, you can be towards the lower end of the estimate by staying downtown or choosing a cheaper Strip options such as Excalibur

EDC is the mecca for EDM with over 400,000 attendees over the course of a three-day weekend in June.  Anyone who is going to EDC knows there’s a lot of planning to do – flights, hotels, tickets, getting to EDC, etc.  Of course, all of this adds up and can do some serious damage to the wallet.  A lot of times when people think of the music festivals they only consider the price of the tickets, but anyone who has attended knows this isn’t the case.  The point of this article is to go over what you can realistically expect to pay if you attend EDC.  Obviously this will vary a lot depending on you – what you want to do besides EDC in Las Vegas, where you want to go, where you eat – but this is a good approximation for what you can expect.  After this article you should have a starting point for how much you need to attend for EDC.

EDC Tickets Cost - $400 GA

EDC offers a few different ticket options – there are obviously general admission passes but also VIP passes.  Furthermore, there are also Early Owl and Later Owl passes, which is equivalent to the early bird and general passes of other festivals.  You really want to go to EDC so let’s assume you are on top of it and snag early owl tickets for EDC.  This will run you $335, plus fees.  Vegas, God bless them, has an additional tax now that tacks on 10% on top of the normal fees so these tickets will actually end up running you about $400.  If you aren’t basic and go VIP then adjust the prices going forward an additional $365 as the VIP passes start at $699, which is roughly $365 more than the general admission EDC passes.


EDC Hotel – $500 for Budget Route, $1000 for Opulence

This is the portion of your EDC budget that will vary the most. For EDC 2017 we decided to book last minute (early June) and were able to get the SLS on Hotwire for $97 a night. Once you tack on the standard BS Las Vegas resort fees it brought our hotel total to about $415, which is a pretty good deal for a solid hotel on The Strip. Even better the SLS is a short walk to the shuttle at Circus Circus, which is one of the faster shuttles. If you are looking for a bargain on an EDC hotel you may want to check out our Hotwire Guide to Las Vegas; it worked great for us for EDC 2017.

I post the above as an example of something I have personally paid for EDC. If you don't want to go through Hotwire as its too risky for you and you don't like the nonrefundable option that's a fair point. If you don't go through Hotwire or Priceline Express you can expect to pay more if you want to stay on the Strip. Obviously you don't have to stay on the Strip, but the majority of you will so that is what I am going to focus on. The cheaper hotels (Excalibur, Luxor, etc.) will be $120 or so a night if you book early. This would bring your total to about $500 for the EDC weekend after taxes and resort fees. If you go with a luxury option (Aria, Bellagio, etc.) you will be looking at $250 a night. This will come out to roughly $1,000 for the weekend. I know these can vary, but I try to give a fair approximation for both a cheap and luxury option: adjust it to the type of hotel you prefer.

Food & Booze - $150 a day

If you haven’t been to Las Vegas it is the land of $9 Coffee Bean, $12 Subway Footlongs, and $23 cocktails.  None of those are exaggerations.  Las Vegas never seems to amaze me with how much they can inflate their prices because it is Las Vegas.  The point is, expect to spend a lot of money in Vegas, and maybe you will be pleasantly surprised when you go under. For the record here are the prices from EDC 2017:

  • Beer: $10
  • Mixed Drinks: $14
  • Powerade / Soda: $6
  • Water: $4
  • Food: Mostly $10-$12

There’s going to be some variation here with the food & booze budget as well.  If you plan to go to pool parties or bars before heading to EDC this could go higher, but I feel like this is a pretty safe bet since you don’t want to go too hard before going to EDC.  If you get back from EDC at 6 or 7 am it's going to be pretty tough to make it to a pool party. If you can then I applaud you and suggest you increase this budget approximation. You could obviously go lower if you live off of McDonalds and Four Loko for the whole weekend, but again this is Vegas – expect to spend money.  I would say bring plenty of alcohol with you and when you hit the road always bring a road drink – the best part about Vegas is you can openly drink anywhere, even taxi cabs!  Anyways, based off of personal experience in Vegas I am going to approximate your food & booze bill for EDC to be $150 a day, or $450 for the weekend.

Getting to EDC - $106 for the Weekend

This is the price for the EDC shuttle as of 2017. As of 2017 it is the only shuttle option you can take to EDC and it is the most popular option for getting to EDC. You can drive for free if you have a sober soul, and some people actually prefer to go with Uber. If you have 4 people to split the cost of an Uber it's actually not that much more than the EDC shuttle. That said, most of the people will take the EDC shuttle so this was $106 after fees and taxes for EDC 2017.

Airfare to Las Vegas – Varies

Obviously this is going to be a big part of your EDC expenses, but I obviously can’t estimate this without knowing where you are from.  Southwest typically has really good rates for getting to Las Vegas, especially if you are coming from the west coast.  Like with most things with travel I would just suggest not waiting too long to book this – EDC is a busy weekend and flights rarely go down for such weekends.

Travelling from the Airport to Las Vegas - $20 Each Way

This totally depends on where you are staying on the Strip for EDC, as the distance will vary from McCarran.  If you stay on the north end of the Strip, which is closer to McCarran, then your taxi is likely to be $10-15.  If you stay in the center of the Strip you are probably looking at $20.  If you stay on the south end of the Strip for EDC you are looking at $25-30.  A lot of this depends too when you fly in as night time will have worse traffic and thus be a more expensive ride.  If you are unsure of where your hotel is on the Strip check out the map below.  You can see the airport on the bottom of the map for reference as well.

Vegas Map

Total EDC Costs






$500 - 1000+

Food & Booze


Getting to EDC


Airfare to EDC


Travelling to/from Airport



$1496 - 1996+

So for your EDC trip you are looking at nearly $1500.  Again, I know you can do everything cheaper or more luxuriously, but this is a pretty good starting point for approximation of the costs for EDC.  Like I said at the beginning, just because you got your tickets doesn’t mean you’ve paid for your entire EDC experience.  My biggest tip for reducing these costs is to book everything EDC early, especially the hotel.  Once the lineup for EDC is released and the general ticket sale begins you can expect these prices to go up.  As is often the case with life, the early bird gets the worm.

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