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  • With EDC switching to May tickets now go on sale earlier. It used to be November and now it is September.
  • EDC uses a tiered ticketing system that lets you save money if you purchase tickets early
  • We go over the pros and cons of EDC VIP passes
  • EDC offers a payment plan on nearly everything: tickets, camping and even shuttle passes.

This article will go through absolutely everything you need to know regarding EDC Las Vegas Tickets. EDC is one of the largest music festivals in the country with over 130,000 visitors a day and approximately 400,000 attendees throughout the weekend. Make sure you know everything you need to about tickets so you can be one of them under the Electric Sky.

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When do EDC Tickets go on sale?

For EDC Las Vegas 2018 tickets will first go on sale Thursday September, 28th 2017 at Noon PDT. This is considered the "Early Owl" sale and is the equivalent of a presale. It is the first and cheapest opportunity to get EDC 2018 tickets. In years past EDC tickets went on sale in June, but with EDC moving to May the date for tickets go on sale also has moved. We expect this continue in future years, so plan for EDC tickets in September.

Where do I buy EDC passes?

You can purchase your EDC Las Vegas tickets on the official EDC website.

If you're looking to purchase tickets after March, you may also want to check out SeatGeek as those who have had a change of plans and need to sell their tickets may be doing so at a discounted rate. On multiple occassions I've seen tickets listed below the Later Owl price in the months leading up to the festival. Generally people buy EDC tickets and end up not being able to go. These people become desperate to sell, especially as the festival approaches, so sometimes you can snag EDC tickets at a discount from the current price through EDC's website.

How much are EDC General Admission tickets?

EDC 2018 Ticket Prices

EDC tickets are released in three phases now in 2018. Previously there was just an Early Owl and Later Owl sale. Beginning in 2018 there will still be these sales, plus an additional Wiser Owl in between the two. EDC tickets follow a pretty standard pattern seen in most music festivals: the earlier you purchase the more you are going to save. As you can see above, Early Owl is the cheapest, followed by Wiser Owl and then Later Owl. Every ticket purchase is subject to multiple fees including: shipping and handling, processing fees, and LET. The Live Entertainment Tax (LET) is 9% of the ticket cost and is added automatically to all Las Vegas live entertainment events. We did our best to estimate the total cost of each ticket below based on last year's shipping and processing fees. As you can see the fees really add up, so be sure to take this into account when you are budgeting for EDC!

Item Early Owl GA Wiser Owl Later Owl GA
General Admission Pass $325 $340 $355
Shipping & Handling $10 $10 $10
Processing Fees $40 $40 $40
LET $29.25 $30.60 $31.95
Total $404.25 $420.60 $436.95

What about EDC VIP passes?

Ah, a person of refined tastes! VIP passes are $699 plus fees/taxes before taxes and fees and $826 after. It's important to note that you must be 21+ to purchase VIP passes. The table below breaks down the total cost with fees. If you are debating whether or not VIP is worth it, check out our article on VIP Passes.

Item VIP
VIP Pass $699
Shipping & Handling $10
Processing Fees $55
LET $63
Total $827


Does EDC sell single day passes?

Negative, if you are going, you are going for the entire weekend. EDC originally offered single day tickets, but that ended a few years ago. Some people will choose to only go one or two days and will opt to re-sell their wristband for the rest of the weekend, so this could be an option, but there's no guarantee you'll be able to get one and there's a higher potential of getting ripped off. EDC will not care if the wristband you bought off a scalper on the strip doesn’t work.

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What about EDC shuttle passes?

You can buy these at the same time as you buy your EDC tickets or purchase them individually. The shuttle pass is $110.95 after fees and shipping ($90 for the pass, $16 for fees and $4.95 for shipping). There are also premier shuttle passes, that allow you to pick your departure and return times that can be had for $199. You must pick your EDC shuttle pickup location when you buy your shuttle pass, so make sure you know where you're staying before you buy. If you need more information about the shuttles, read our EDC Shuttle Guide

Will EDC tickets sell out?

Maybe. In 2017 EDC Las Vegas did not sell out, however in 2016 it did (both VIP and GA). With the earlier festival dates for 2018, it's hard to predict how this will affect ticket sales, but regardless you will usually have time as EDC tickets are typically available until about a month before the festival dates. Typically EDC and Insomniac Events will make announcements as tickets get low. This will happen on Social Media with an announcement of "95% of Tickets are gone" or something similar. If you're planning to wait to purchase tickets, keep a lookout for these announcements or register for our EDC updates to make sure you don't miss out. 

Does EDC offer a payment plan for tickets?

They do! They call it a layaway plan and they offer it for Early Owl, Wiser Owl, Later Owl and VIP. The exact details of the payment plan vary depending on when you purchase your passes. Check it out below:

EDC Layaway Plan

Here's how it works and everything you need to know with the payment plan:

  • If you purchase within the first 3 days (9/28 to 9/30) you will require essentially a $50 down payment and then the remainder for your EDC 2018 passes will be divided up among 6 monthly payments
  • If you purchase October 1 or later you will still only have a $54 down payment, but the remainder of your passes will be divided among 5 payments
  • Early Owl will go incredibly fast, and we are guessing Wise Owl will too; I wouldn't bank on being able to wait until 9/30 to get your passes.
  • Payments will be made automatically each month
  • The fee to use the layaway plan is $10
  • Layaway payment amounts above include all fees and taxes
  • The total cost for Early Owl will be $409, Wise Owl $429, and Later Owl is $449

Any other important info for EDC payment plan?

If you miss a payment you are subject to forfeiture of your tickets and a nonrefundable $40 fee. If your payment method changes, make sure you contact Insomniac to update your payment information! The payment plan is only available for the first few weeks tickets are on sale, so if you want to take advantage of this option, buy your tickets when they go on sale. 

How many tickets can I buy for EDC?

Typically EDC will limit you to four tickets per transaction.  If you buy more than this they may cancel your order so don’t push your luck! If you do need more tickets have a friend make the purchase or do it on a separate transaction with a different credit card and account!

Can I buy tickets for friends?

Yes, or a friend can buy a ticket for you. Keep in mind the tickets will be shipped to the account owner who purchased the tickets.  

What kind of ticket does EDC use?

EDC, like most festivals have moved to the RFID wristband. This is a cloth wristband with an RFID chip that you wear each day to get into the festival.

Does EDC have age limits?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old at the time you'll be attending EDC. If you are going to purchase a VIP pass for EDC you need to be 21+.

If I live outside the US will EDC still ship my tickets?

No, you must pick your tickets up at will call in Las Vegas.

When do EDC tickets ship?

EDC Tickets usually ship about a month before the festival, so you can expect your EDC wristbands to arrive in late March or early April.  Keep in mind that EDC needs to ship out 100,000+ wristbands, so if you see your friends getting theirs and you haven't gotten yours yet don't panic. It takes some time to ship those all out!

Are EDC wristbands waterproof?

A surprisingly common question: yes the wristbands are fully waterproof. You can shower with them, go in the pool, sweat, do the dishes and any other water related activities and your wristband will be just fine.

I have more questions!

We offer a variety of EDC Guides. Some specific guides you may be interested in include:

I still have EDC ticket questions!

Sorry! I tried to cover everything, but if we've missed something please email me at Contact@EventTrk.com and let me know. I'll get you an answer and make sure your question is added to the appropriate guide and/or a new guide is created for future users who may have the same question. 

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