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  • EDC has a payment plan that allows you to split up your wristband into up to six payments
  • The payment plan can be applied to both GA and VIP passes
  • Once you sign up payments will automatically process

There is certainly no denying that EDC is expensive – the tickets are among the most expensive of any music festival, Las Vegas hotels are pricey and full of hidden fees, you have to pay to travel there, and on and on. For a lot of us it can be financially stressful to book your trip to EDC. Enter the EDC Layaway Plan! This is EDC’s payment plan that allows you to break up the cost of the passes into more manageable payments. This article will go over all the info you need about the plan so you know what you expectwhen it’s time for you to purchase your EDC tickets.

What is the EDC payment / layaway plan?

The layaway plan divides your pass into multiple payments, making it more manageable. You pay a deposit when you first purchase passes, and then the rest of the pass is paid off incrementally throughout the year.

Can I use the payment plan on VIP passes?

Yes! The layaway plan can be applied to both EDC GA and EDC VIP passes.

How many payments is my pass divided into?

This depends on when you purchase your passes. The earlier you snag your EDC passes, the more time and thus payments your pass will be divided into. Check out the sample schedule provided by EDC:

EDC Layaway Plan

Note that his is how a general admission pass would be divided up if you purchase before October 31, 2017. You will owe the deposit of roughly $70, which includes the $20 layaway fee and $10 (as of 2017) for shipping. So basically if you purchase before Halloween you get to split up a GA pass into six near equal payments of around $70. The same plan for VIP is essentially the same but a deposit of $109 and payments of $141.

What if I purchase after October 31?

EDC in years past has still offered some type of payment plan, even if you purchase after the cut off date. All that happens is instead of your pass being split into six payments it will be three or four. Last year they even let you split it into two payments if you purchased really late. Essentially it comes down to how committed to EDC you are. If you know you are going I suggest purchasing early so you can split the pass into more payments, but if you need to wait there will still be a payment plan for you later.

Does the EDC payment plan cost anything?

Yes, EDC charges $20 to use the layaway plan. It be nice if it was free, but this is actually pretty standard – most music festivals charge to use the layaway plan.

Do I need to go make a payment every month?

Negative. When you purchase your EDC pass you supply a credit card, and that card will be charged every month. You do not need to go manually make your payment every month, everything should happen automatically.

What if I need to change my payment method?

This is important: if your payment method you used for your original purchase is no longer valid you need to update your payment method with FrontGate tickets. EDC does not handle their tickets, you need to go through FrontGate. You can either call FrontGate at 888.512.SHOW (7469) or visit their support webpage.

What happens if I miss an EDC payment?

Generally FrontGate tickets will give you 10 days to make your payment. So if payment information changes and you miss a payment you will be OK as long as you make your payment within 10 days of your scheduled payment. If you don’t make the payment they will likely rescind your EDC pass. You will be issued a refund minus a $40 late/restocking fee. So unless you want to lose your EDC pass be sure to keep your payment information updated!

What if I need to change my shipping address?

Again, you need to go through your order with FrontGate tickets. Generally EDC passes (and really all music festival passes) begin shipping 2-4 weeks before the festival. Given EDC’s new dates in mid-May this means passes will begin shipping in the middle of April. Make sure your shipping information is correct by then!


The EDC payment / layaway plan is a great option for getting you under the Electric Sky without breaking the bank. It’s pretty simple – you can use it for any type of pass, and the earlier you purchase the easier the payments will be. Just be sure to keep your payment method up to date and it should be smooth sailing. If you have any other questions not answered here about the EDC layaway plan feel free to reach out to us at Contact@EventTrk.com.

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