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Perhaps you've heard of EDC Weddings and like me, you had questions you needed answered. 

Whether an EDC Wedding sounds like your dream come true or your simply curious. Read on to have all of your EDC Wedding questions answered.

Daisy Heart

What is an EDC Wedding and what does it include?

EDC weddings come in two forms, a full wedding package and a renewal/commitment ceremony.

The full wedding package includes:

  • EDC themed minister of your choice
  • The use of a Electric Daisy bouquet, you don't get to keep it
  • Six (6) ceremony photos, you do get to keep these!
  • Music option during ceremony
  • Legal Marriage Filing
  • Commemorative certificate

The Renewal/Commitment Ceremony includes:

  • Short, non-legally binding ceremony 
  • Photographer to take pictures on your personal camera or phone

Who gets married at EDC?

Anyone who is in love and wants to be legally married can purchase the EDC Wedding package and be wed at EDC, including same-sex couples.

The renewal/commitment ceremony is available to a broader group, including everyone from married couples seeking to renew their vows to a group of friends who want to pledge everlasting commitment to their friendship.

Why do people get married at EDC?

People get married at EDC for a variety of reasons. For many people, EDC is a passion, an experience they look forward to year after year and a vital part of their life. These people may elect to have a wedding at EDC as a way to combine their love for the festival with their love for their significant other. Another couple may have met at EDC and felt it would be the most special place to commit to one eachother. 

For those going with commitment ceremony option, it is simply a fun and unique way for love birds and friends to commit or re-commit to be there for eachother for the rest of their lives.

Is an EDC Wedding legally binding?

It depends on the option you choose. The full wedding package is legally binding and will require you pick up a marriage license prior to your ceremony. 

If you elect to do the renewal/commitment ceremony, it is only a symbolic ceremony without any legal binding.

Where do I get the marriage license for my EDC Wedding and how much does it cost?

Licenses can be obtained from the Clark County Marriage Bureau, located at 201 Clark Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89155. The Bureau is open 24 hours on the weekends and 8am - Midnight on the weekdays. The cost for a marriage license is $60.

How much do EDC weddings cost? 

The commitment ceremony is free, another reason so many people elect to do it. The paid wedding package does cost money, but as far as wedding costs go, it's a steal at $403 including taxes and fee, plus the cost of the marriage license.

When are EDC weddings and commitment ceremonies offered?

EDC Wedding Packages are available from 8pm - 4:45am. Commitment ceremonies are available from 8pm - 4am

How do I get married at EDC?

If you want to be legally married, you will have to fill out the inquiry form and reserve a 15 minute time slot for your ceremony. If you're only looking for the EDC commitment ceremony option, no reservations are required as it's first come, first serve. 

Do I need an EDC ticket to have an EDC wedding or commitment ceremony?

Yes, you will not be able to get into EDC for the ceremony without a valid EDC ticket. 


There you have it, all the details you need to know about getting married at EDC Las Vegas. Have a great time and if you're getting married at EDC, congratulations!

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