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  • Main cons of EDC: It is expensive, overcrowded, and the EDC location is in the middle of nowhere with awful traffic getting there
  • Main pros of EDC: It has amazing music lineups, great vibes,and the production value is top notch. The fact that EDC happens in Las Vegas isn’t bad either.

So many music festivals, so little time…and money. If we all had unlimited capital I’m sure we would attend EDC and every music festival under the sun. However, we don’t have unlimited capital, at least I know I don’t. Life is about making hard decisions on what is worth your precious money. This article goes over all the good reasons you should attend EDC as well as the crappy things about EDC. Read it, digest it, and decide for yourself if the pros outweigh cons for EDC for you. Let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first and start with the cons of EDC.

EDC Prices

Con #1 of EDC – It is expensive

EDC is a big investment, mostly for the EDC wristband and the accommodations. Let’s start with the wristbands: the wristbands are $335 a pop, which is already on the expensive side in terms of three-day music festivals. However, once you add in the fees the EDC wristbands are the most expensive for any music festival in the country that I know of. After all of the fees the wristbands for EDC general admission come out to be $418 on Early Owl and $438 for Later Owl, topping Coachella at $399. The purchasing of the EDC wristband really hurts the wallet.

On top of the wristband expense are the accommodations. The graph above shows the average price of Las Vegas hotels for EDC, with it typically hovering around $200 or so per night. Given you will be at EDC several days, and probably a recovery day or two, this can get quite expensive. As always with music festival accommodations I highly recommend booking early. You can see above that once EDC puts the tickets on sale in late November the prices for Las Vegas hotels skyrockets. Make EDC a little cheaper by booking early!

Con #2 of EDC – The Crowds

Holy hell is EDC crowded. It is to be expected as it is the top EDM festival in the country, but it is still amazing how crowded it gets. Every day EDC attracts nearly 100,000 people so you should be prepared for massive crowds and lines. You will wait in a line to board the EDC shuttle, to enter EDC, to go to the bathroom, to get a beer, etc. EDC can test ones patience with all the lines, but it is worth it for the experience. Just know you are going to experience some serious crowds before heading off to EDC.

Con #3 of EDC – Location / Traffic Getting to EDC

I get it – there are limited places you can have EDC. It is a huge amount of people and it is quite loud, and thus EDC is held annually at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. This is a NASCAR track located about 15/20 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. This means you will need transportation daily back and forth from EDC as there are very few hotels nearby. This sucks for a few reasons. First, you definitely can’t walk to EDC like you can walk to many other music festivals. Second, you also need to purchase transportation on top of all the other expenses. Third, since everyone else also needs transportation the shuttle sells out quite quickly. Fourth, the traffic going out there is absolutely horrendous and eats up a lot of time in your day. Fifth, this is a long journey home after a night of raving in the desert. Again, I understand why EDC is in the location it is, but goddamn would it be nice if it were in a spot a little more convenient.

Getting to EDC nightly is such a popular topic that we have a full guide on it. You can read the article at http://www.eventtrk.com/events/8/edc/21/edc-shuttle-passes-how-to-get-to-edc. Here’s the cliff notes: do NOT drive yourself.

Con #4 of EDC – Bathrooms

This really plagues nearly all music festivals but I would be remised if I didn’t at least mention this. EDC constantly has complaints about the bathroom situation: they are hard to find and the lines get obnoxiously long. Also, expect a war room once you get inside of one.

EDC Pros

That’s enough about the negative side of EDC. Let’s turn the page now and look at all the great things about the festival.

EDC Lineup

Pro #1 of EDC – Music Lineup

EDC is recognized as the king of EDM festivals for a reason: it has such a unique and diverse lineup annually that it attracts visitors from all over the world. Whether you want to see the biggest DJs in the world that you hear on the radio constantly, or some new talent that you’ve never even heard of EDC has it. You can see from the lineup above from EDC 2016 that the lineup is pretty eclectic and should have something for everyone in your squad. Be sure to get to EDC early some nights to check out some DJs you wouldn’t normally have – part of the fun with EDC is discovering new artists.

Pro #2 of EDC – The Vibes

Pretty much everyone describes EDC as a life altering experience after they go to it. Many people begin counting down to next year’s EDC immediately after this year’s has ended. It’s hard to explicitly put into words what it is everyone gets out of EDC, but people agree it’s an incredible experience. You will see sensory deprivation lights, unique costumes, and a love of music and enjoying yourself that isn’t seen at many music festivals across the country. Another cool aspect of EDC is just how diverse the crowd is: people come from all over the world to experience EDC Las Vegas.

Pro #3 of EDC – High Production Value

EDC certainly is not your low quality rave – you can expect everything to be top notch. The light shows are amazing, the speakers and sound are crisp, and the performances are always spot on. Most people who go to EDC claim they have the best stages they have ever seen at a festival. EDC puts a lot of time and money into the production of their shows. Once you go to EDC every other rave will feel a little more cheaply done.

Pro #4 of EDC – Location

Yes, I know I had location as a con as well. It does suck that EDC is all the way at the Motor Speedway, but on the bright side EDC is now in Las Vegas. Not that EDC sucked when it was in Los Angeles but something about it being moved to Las Vegas just makes you want to let loose even more.

If you don’t frequent Vegas often, or ever, the fact that EDC is in Las Vegas is awesome. You can easily tack on a couple extra days to your EDC trip and enjoy everything Vegas has to offer. If you are really hardcore you can keep partying in Las Vegas between EDC nights, but just be sure to pace yourself. Anyways, there are definitely worst cities to host EDC. If you want to party, EDC is in the best location possible in the United States.

EDC Layaway Plan

Pro #5 of EDC – Payment Plan

While EDC does charge an arm and a leg for their wristbands, at least they offer a solid payment plan to help make it “seem” cheaper. The payment plan splits your payment into five manageable payments over the course of three or four months. You can see the proposed payment schedule for EDC 2017 above.

Pro #6 of EDC – The Food

Years ago the food at EDC was pretty mediocre to be honest. It basically consisted of generic carnival and concert food. EDC changed this in 2014 when they started bring in the awesome local food trucks from Las Vegas. Now you can expect to get some legitimate good grub at EDC if you remember to eat while you are there.


There you have it – all the pros and cons of EDC. Hopefully this helps you determine if EDC is the festival for you. As you can see, I personally feel the pros outweigh the cons so EDC is totally worth it. However, the final decision is up to you!

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