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  • A list of things you will need to enjoy and survive EDC
  • Because it’s hot I highly recommend a Camelbak, as well as sunglasses, sunscreen and chapstick
  • Your phone will die, bring a portable charger or battery case to EDC so you can call your friends at the end of the night or order an Uber
  • Always bring some cash with you

We only recommend products that we personally use and love through companies (in this case Amazon) that we trust. The links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, we will earn a commission. This commission is a small percentage of the price you would pay regardless of the link you click through and in no way increases the price to you. We want to thank anyone who chooses to purchase through one of our affiliate links as these commissions are how we fund the company and continue to provide the free guides, tips and hotel price tracking to our readers.

Anyone who has gone to EDC before knows there are some key things you need to bring with you. You should seriously consider most if not all of the things on this list, but especially the first one. Seriously people, party, hydrate, sleep, repeat should be your motto EDC weekend. Have a great time, but be safe doing it! 

EDC Essential #1 – Camelbak

Event Track Recommends: WACOOL Hydration Pack or CamelBak Hydration Pack
This is a lifesaver at EDC. First, it is really hot at EDC. It is not atypical for the temperature to be over 90 degrees even at night so you need to hydrate. Second, they have free water refill stations throughout EDC, so refilling your Camelbak won’t even cost you anything. Even if money isn't an issue, camelbaks are a much better option than water bottles, capacity my friends! This means more time at the EDC stages, and less time running to the water refill stations. Additional bonus, while I haven't personally done it, I've read that others were able to get ice from vendors at EDC, fill up their camelbak and use the ice to keep cool as it melts. Genius idea!

I cannot implore you enough to invest in a Camelbak. They’re great at EDC, but they’re also great for other music festivals or really any other outdoor activities. At this point, every music festivals I'm aware of allows hydration packs so I assure you that EDC will not be the last time you use it.


EDC Essential #2 – Portable Fan

Event Track Recommends: VersionTech Multipurpose Collapsible Portable Fan 
Even at night it's hot in Vegas, especially when you're in a big group dancing and jumping around for hours. This will be a lifesaver for you and everyone around you trying to keep cool. 


EDC Essential #3 – Portable Phone Charger

Event Track Recommends: Anker Astro Ultra Compact Portable Charger
If you have ever been anywhere with a huge crowd, like EDC, you will know your cell phone service is going to struggle. As your iPhone struggles to find that one precious bar at EDC, the battery is getting drained quickly. Bring a portable phone charger to EDC so you have a way to re-charge in the late morning hours when your phone is dying. Having an operating phone is critical, especially if you need to call an Uber to get home or meet back up with friends at the end of the night. Save yourself from a precarious situation by investing in a reasonably priced phone charger.



EDC Essential #4 – Battery Case

Event Track Recommends: iPhone 7 Battery CaseiPhone 6 Battery Case
Same logic as the portable phone charger, just a different approach to the same EDC problem. The nice part with the case is you can more easily carry it with you.


EDC Essential #5– Hand Sanitizer Wipes

Event Track Recommends: PURELL Hand Sanitizing Wipes - Pack of 6
Have you ever been to an EDC porta-potty in the late morning hours? If you haven’t, just know that what has been seen cannot be unseen. Even as a male who is not easily grossed out, I can unequivocally tell you they can be filthy. Furthermore, there is about an 87% chance the soap dispenser ran out of soap 3 hours ago so you'll have no way to properly clean your hands. Do you really want to eat those early morning munchies with gross bathroom germs on your hands? Bring these hand sanitizer wipes with you to EDC. They won’t solve your EDC bathroom woes completely, but at least your hands wont be disgusting when you use them to eat! One important note, the link is for a pack of 6, EDC wont let you bring in hand sanitizer wipes unless they are sealed, so you'll need to bring a new one with you each night.  


EDC Essential #6 – Tissue/Paper Products

Event Track Recommends: Kleenex Facial Tissues, 10 ct, 3 Pack
Speaking of bathrooms, this is primarily a female essential from what my fiance tells me. As she tells it, the bathrooms will run out of toilet paper and if you're a female you'll will want to bring some form of backup with you. These small packs of kleenex are easy to grab and will fit into most any size bag.


EDC Essential #7 – Chapstick

Event Track Recommends: Burt's Bees Lip Balm - 4 Pack
If you don't have chapstick with you, you can basically guarantee that the dry desert heat will leave you with severely chapped lips by the end of the weekend. Plan ahead and bring some with you to avoid cracked lips as a painful reminder of your weekend. I recommend a pack of 4, because EDC requires that all lip balm/chapstick is sealed, so you'll have to bring a new one with you each night.


EDC Essential #8 – Earplugs

Event Track Recommends: Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs
Want to protect your hearing without losing any of the sound quality? These earplugs are your best bet, you'll still hear everything, but at a noise level that's safe for your ears. Not only do these earplugs have 4.4 stars on Amazon, but the reviews include musicians, who can't cut corners on sound quality when it comes to playing live, so you can trust you're getting a great product for a really good price.



EDC Essential #9 – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Event Track Recommends: Marvotek Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Having a portable speaker makes the experience of getting ready for EDC so much better. You can set playlists to whoever you're seeing that night and get amped in the hotel room. This speaker is water resistant and durable, so it can survive anyone who gets clumsy or crashes into things when they stumble into the room in the morning. Plus you can change the LED lights, they may not be as impressive as the light displays you'll see at EDC, but they'll be a hell of a lot better than Frank's basic room with no lights or speaker.


EDC Essential #10 – Solo Cups

Event Track Recommends: Kiwi Party Cups, 50 Count
Hotel rooms have limited cups available. After a day, the few cups you have in the room will all have been used for coffee or mix drinks, leaving none when you wake up in the middle of the night desperately seeking a clean glass for water. Buying a pack of solo cups in advance solves this problem and makes sure you have plenty of cups for everyone in the room and a few extra for any guests who stop by. 


EDC Essential #11 – Pedialyte

Event Track Recommends: Pedialyte Variety Powder Pack, 24 Count
Even if you are drinking a lot of water, it's still possible to get dehydrated in the Vegas heat. Drinking pedialyte when you get home in the morning and when you wake up is an easy solution that will assist in preventing dehydration and replacing electorlytes and fluids.


EDC Essential #12 – Drawstring Backpack

Event Track Recommends: Drawstring Backpack
EDC requires that all backpacks/bags be 12x12 or smaller with single compartments. Our recommended drawstring backpack is cheap, single compartment, big enough to hold your small essentials (sunglasses, chapstick, portable charger, etc) and most importantly complies with the rules, so you'll be able to bring it in to EDC.


EDC Essential #13 – Cheap Sunglasses

Event Track Recommends: Edge I-Wear Neon Party Sunglasses
You'll be glad you have them when the sun comes up, but you're not going to want to be worried about taking care of expensive sunglasses all night. With these if you lose them, you might be a little squinty the next morning, but you can just grab another cheap pair out of the pack for the next day. 


EDC Essential #14 – Water

If you're driving, grab a case of water bottles to drink in the hotel room unless you're ok with faucet water. Even if you're ok with faucet water, pick up a few water bottles at a convenience store. You'll be glad you have a few on hand to grab and take with you on your way to EDC each night. 


EDC Essential #15 – Snacks

There is plenty of food to be found on the strip, but when you get home at 8 AM, the last thing you're going to want to do is go searching for it. Have a few snacks in the room to hold you over until after you've rested. 


EDC Essential #16 – Cash

Pretty much every vendor takes card at EDC, but due to the festival's proximity to an Air Force Base, the service required to run your card can be extremely slow. It’s quicker to use cash, which is espeically important when you want to rush back to the stage. It’s also just nice to have a few bucks to buy the $2 water quickly versus having to wait for the card to go through. At minimum bring $40 with you, so you're not waiting five minutes for small purchases like a bottle of water.  


There you have it, all the things you need to bring with you to EDC to enhance your experience. I know it’s a lot of stuff, but most of it is really cheap and does make EDC a better experience overall. You can get by without it, but you will have a better time at EDC if you keep all of these things in mind! Have you discovered other essentials in your EDC travels? I’d legitimately love to hear them! Let me know by contacting me at Shawn@EventTrk.com.


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