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  • Lollapalooza offers a payment plan that splits the wristband cost into three payments
  • The Lollapalooza payment plan can be used on either general admission or VIP passes, but not on single day passes to Lollapalooza
  • The Lollapalooza payment plan splits the costs into a 40% / 30% / 30% split. The first payment is due upon when you first purchase passes (typically at the end of March), and then on April and May 21.
  • There is an an additional $7 fee to utilize the payment plan

Lollapalooza is expensive; there is no way around it, especially after the festival increased from three to four days. If you wait too long for a hotel you are easily looking at $300+ a night for a hotel, especially if you want one in a good location in the Miracle Mile or Downtown area of Chicago. Even if you go with renting a condo it can be really expensive. The point is it’s really expensive and anything that can make it a little less financially stressful is welcomed. Enter Lollapalooza payment plan. Lollapalooza passes are $335 for a general admission pass, $2,200 for VIP and $4,200 for the platinum passes. If you want to make this steep wristband payment a little less stressful I strongly suggest the Lollapalooza payment plan. This article will go over all the details about the Lollapalooza payment plan and how you can utilize it for your next Lollapalooza passes. 

What is the Lollapalooza payment plan?

It's a way to split the total cost of your Lollapalooza tickets into multiple payments. This payment plan will split the cost of your Lollapalooza pass into three near equal payments. I say near because the first payment requires 40% of the total cost, and the next two payments are each 30%, making up the full cost of the pass in three payments. The option is available at checkout and can be applied to any four-day pass. The Lollapalooza payment plan is NOT available on single day passes. Single day passes to Lollapalooza start at $110 and will require full payment when you purchase them.

Is there an additional fee to use the Lollapalooza payment plan?

Yes, in years past there has been an additional $7 fee if you wish to utilize the layaway plan for Lollapalooza. Note the tweet is from 2016 so it shows the payments being due May 2nd and June 1st, while in 2017 it was April 21st and May 21st. Live Nation, who puts on Lollapalooza, has been pretty consistent with keeping this just a $7 fee over the years.

Lollapalooza Payment Plan

How does the Lollapalooza payment plan work?

The percentage split is subject to change, but in the past Lollapalooza has always used the same 40 / 30 / 30 split of the total pass cost. This is the same split nearly every Live Nation festival uses. The payment schedule usually goes as follows (This uses Lollapalooza 2017 dates, it could change slightly year to year on the exact day of the month payments are due):

Lollapalooza Payment 1: 40% due upon the original purchase of Lollapalooza passes. Passes typically go on sale at the end of March, so expect your first payment to be due then. The additional $7 fee to utilize the payment plan is also due at this time as well.

Lollapalooza Payment 2: 30% of the pass is due on April 21. This payment will be automatically charged to the card you used to make your first purchase.

Lollapalooza Payment 3: 30% of the pass is due on May 21. This payment will be automatically charged to the card you used to make your first purchase.

Lollapalooza Payment Plan

How do I select the payment plan?

When you are purchasing your pass during the presale or the general sale you will have the option to select the payment plan when inputting your payment information. When you are entering your credit card information there will be an option for the Lollapalooza payment plan. Do NOT hit submit payment without selecting the payment plan or you will be charged for your entire cart. As you can see above this was for when I had a VIP pass in my cart in 2017. You want to hit "Select a Layaway Plan"

How do the payments work each month? Do I need to go and do it monthly?

Nope, once you enter your payment information during the presale you should be fine for the rest of your Lollapalooza payment plan. The card you used to purchase the passes originally will be automatically charged each month for the payments.

What happens if I lose my card?

If you lose the card you used in the original purchase you need to log-in to your Lollapalooza account and update the payment information before Lolla takes their pass back! You can do it all online, but you definitely want to do it ASAP. If you lose your card go to your Lollapalooza account, go to your payment information, and update the card number. Lollapalooza gives you ten days to get your payment in. If no payment is received Lollapalooza will take back their pass and refund you minus a restocking fee. In summary, if your payment method changes you have ten days to fix it or you are going to lose your Lollapalooza pass.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

This is a common problem: you buy tickets in March and you move between then and Lollapalooza. No problem. Wristbands begin shipping 2-4 weeks before Lollapalooza (early July), so update your address before this and you will be fine. Lollapalooza passes are handled by Frontgate Tickets, so to update your shipping address you need to visit their support page.

Can I pay off my Lollapalooza payment plan at anytime?

Yes, you can pay off your Lollapalooza payment plan early if you wish. You simply go to the Lollapalooza ticket webpage, login, go to your order history and select the order you wish to pay off. Once here you will see an option for “Pay Off In Full”. Click that and you can finish up your Lollapalooza payment plan early.


The Lollapalooza payment plan is a great option if you want to split up the expensive Lollapalooza passes into multiple payments. It will cut your four-day pass into three easy payments. If you still have questions about the Lolla payment plan then I haven’t fully done my job. I’d love for you to reach out at, and I will be happy to answer your question and add it to this list.


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