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  • We list all the things you can and cannot bring to Lollapalooza
  • Most of the items you can’t bring are obvious, but it’s still good to skim the list to make sure you are all good when you try to get into Lollapalooza

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Knowing what to bring with you to Lollapalooza can make all the difference. Having certain things can really enhance the experience. On the other end of the spectrum is you don’t want to bring something not allowed. You will either have to toss it or run back to your hotel or house to return it. This article goes over everything you can and cannot bring to Lollapalooza. Note that this list comes from Lollapalooza's Official List, and while we try to keep it updated, you should always double check the official page. Let's begin with what you can bring to Lollapalooza.

Things You Can Bring to Lollapalooza

The following is the list of items permitted into Lollapalooza.

  • Baby Strollers
  • Backpacks (Standard school sized. No frames or camping gear)
  • Binoculars
  • Blankets, Sheets, Towels
  • Cameras - only nonprofessional photos and video cameras will be allowed, and must be without equipment attachments such as selfie sticks, tripods, and monopods
  • Empty CamelBak water bottles and hydration packs, and plastic or aluminum water bottles
  • Umbrella (Hand-held ONLY and no bigger than 42 in. when open)
  • Water - you may bring two factory sealed bottles of water and refill them throughout the day at our free water filling stations

Things You Can’t Bring to Lollapalooza

  • Aerosol containers, including sunscreen and personal beauty products
  • Any and all professional audio recording equipment
  • Professional cameras and professional recording (photo, video, audio) equipment (NO large professional detachable zoom lenses, stands, monopods, tripods, attachment sticks (selfie sticks) or other commercial equipment.
  • Any and all professional video equipment. No video recording will be allowed
  • Drones or any other remote flying device
  • Coolers of any kind. (Exceptions may be made for medical use)
  • Framed backpacks
  • Hammocks
  • Glass and metal containers of any kind
  • Illegal and Illicit substances of any kind
  • Outside food or beverage (including alcohol) of any kind, except 2 factory sealed bottles of water (up to 1 liter each)
  • Pets (except service animals)
  • Professional radios or walkie-talkies
  • Selfie sticks
  • Skateboards, scooters, bicycles, wagons, carts or any personal motorized vehicles
  • Tents, canopies, or shade structures of any kind
  • Unauthorized/unlicensed vendors are not allowed. No unauthorized solicitation and materials including handbills, flyers, stickers, beach balls, give-aways, samples, etc.
  • Weapons or explosives of any kind
  • Fireworks
  • Large chains or spiked jewelry
  • Bicycles inside festival grounds (free parking is available near festival entrance)
  • Carts of any kind (including Red Wagons)
  • Chairs of any kind
  • Inflatable furniture

What should I bring with me to Lollapalooza?

If you are interested in all the things we think you should take with you to Lollapalooza you should check out our full article on it here. I will offer a few quick thoughts on the allowed list, and what you should bring.

Blankets: These are nice if you don’t mind sitting back a bit from the stage and want to chill out. You spend a lot of time on your feet at Lollapalooza so having a blanket is nice. It gives you a clean place to sit down and enjoy a show, and offers a refreshing break from standing. Just know you won’t be able to set up your blanket directly in front of the stage – that’s bad etiquette. Setup your blanket back a bit from the stage and you can relax and enjoy the show from a distance.

Camelbak:I am a big proponent of bringing a Camelbak with you to Lollapalooza. It cuts down on your trips to go get water and allows you to have more time at the stages watching performances. It also gives you a better chance of staying hydrated as you will always have water on you. Lastly, you will use this for more than just Lollapalooza. If you go to any other music festivals, go hiking, or participate in other outdoor activities you will use it; it’s absolutely worth it. I personally use this one.

BackpacksObviously you can survive without bringing a backpack to Lollapalooza, but I recommend bringing one. It's just nice to have a backpack to store a poncho, a hoodie for night time, water bottles, or anything else you will be carrying around with you at Lollapalooza.

Common Questions About What You Can Bring

The following are commonly asked questions regarding what items you can bring with you to Lollapalooza, and music festivals in general.

Can I bring outside food into Lollapalooza?

Negative. You cannot bring any outside food into the Lollapalooza. Yes, that includes snacks like granola bars and chips. If you try to bring food through security and they catch it, you likely just fed the security guard, not yourself.

Can I bring outside beverage? What about water?

The only liquids you can bring in with you to Lollapalooza are two sealed water bottles - no sodas, no juices and no alcohol. And no, you cannot fill your water bottles with vodka and expect to get them through.

Can I bring an umbrella in case it rains?

Yes, Lollapalooza allows you to bring in an umbrella as long as it is hand held and no bigger than 42 inches when expanded. Honestly though I still really prefer ponchos to umbrellas - they keep you drier and are easier to carry around.

Can I bring in my medication?

Typically, music festivals will let you bring in prescription medication if you bring the bottle with your name on it and have a matching ID. Note that they may only let you bring in a daily dosage, so only bring what you need for the day with you. In terms of OTC medication, you can bring in sealed, individually packaged medication. Don't try to bring in the whole bottle, they'll make you throw it away. Have you seen how expensive Tylenol is these days?

How easy is it to sneak booze in with me to Lollapalooza?

Obviously I can’t sanction this as it’s not legal, but I may or may not have had great success at music festivals using these guys.

What about selfie sticks?

Thankfully Lollapalooza has banned these god awful devices, so leave yours at home.


There you have it, everything you can and cannot bring with you to Lollapalooza. Admittedly, a lot of these are obvious, but some aren’t so it is good to know what isn’t allowed before you go. Don’t be the guy who makes your group run back to the hotel because you brought something you can’t part with to Lollapalooza.

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