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  • Tickets generally go on sale in mid/late March timeframe. For Lollapalooza 2017 the passes went on sale on March 21st.
  • In 2016 Lollapalooza tickets cost $335 for a general admission pass for all three days.  Don’t expect it to ever go below this again, but Lollapalooza did keep this price in 2017
  • Tickets sell out quickly for the general admission passes so be ready to purchase as soon as the tickets go on sale

Lollapalooza passes are some of the hottest tickets across any music festival. The only two music festivals I know are always an extremely high sell out risk are Coachella and Lollapalooza. Every year Lollapalooza will sell out all of their four day GA passes and their single day passes that day, often in only a matter of hours. If you want to get Lollapalooza tickets you need to be on top of it. This article is going to go over everything you need to know about Lollapalooza passes - when they go on sale, how much they cost, different types of passes offered, and more. We end with the steps you can take to snag yourself some Lollapalooza passes next March.

What types of tickets does Lollapalooza offer?

Lollapalooza offers three types of passes: general admission, VIP, and platinum passes. For general admission there are four-day passes, which let you go to each day of Lollapalooza, as well as single day general admission passes which let you pick a specific day you wish you attend Lollapalooza. VIP passes also offer a four-day VIP pass and a single day VIP experience to Lollapalooza. The platinum passes only offer a four day pass; there is no single day platinum pass for Lollapalooza.

How much do Lollapalooza tickets cost?

Obviously this will depend on the type of pass you want for Lollapalooza. Here's how much all of the passes cost as of Lollapalooza 2017:

  • Lollapalooza four-day GA pass: $335 (plus $15 in fees)
  • Lollapalooza single-day GA pass: $120
  • Lollapalooza four-day VIP: $2,200
  • Lollapalooza single-day VIP: $650
  • Lollapalooza platinum passes $4,200

What do Lollapalooza general admission passes get me?

All of the following benefits come with the purchase of a general admission ticket to Lollapalooza:

  • One commemorative RFID-enabled wristband
  • Over 170 performances on 8 stages from 11am to 10pm
  • Food from over 35 award-winning chefs & restaurants including vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free options
  • Shop official band merch, festival merch, and specialty items from dozens of art vendors
  • Sponsor areas with giveaways throughout the park
  • Autograph signings with official Lolla artists
  • Bars & concessions throughout the park with Lolla Cashless availability
  • Water stations with free refills
  • Secure lockers on-site with charging capabilities
  • Children 10 & under allowed in free with access to Kidzapalooza

What perks come with a Lollapalooza VIP pass?

If you opt for the VIP passes for Lollapalooza you will get the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Access to Lollapalooza Lounge North and South
  • Access to VIP Golf Cart Shuttles Transportation
  • Viewing Platforms with Premium Sightlines
  • Catered food from 12:30-7:30pm
  • Beer, Wine and Specialty Libations
  • Mini-Spa Treatments All Weekend
  • Shaded and Relaxed Lounge Seating
  • Air-Conditioned Flushable Restrooms
  • On-Site Concierge & Locker Services
  • Access To All Areas Available To General Admission

What perks come with the Lollapalooza platinum passes?

If money is no object the platinum passes are the way to feel like a real VIP at Lollapalooza. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Access to the Air-Conditioned Platinum ONLY Hospitality Area North & South
  • Complimentary Drinks & Catered Meals
  • Access to Platinum Viewing Areas for The 4 Main Stages
  • Dedicated Platinum Pass Golf Cart Transportation
  • Air-Conditioned Flushable Restrooms
  • On-Site Platinum Concierge Services
  • Complimentary Locker with Mobile Charging for Each Guest
  • Exclusive Festival Merchandise Gift Bag
  • Access to The Guest Lounge, All Areas Available to VIP & General Admission

When Do Lollapalooza Tickets Go On Sale?

Typically the festival has tickets go on sale in March, with the festival occurring in early August.  For example, in 2016 the tickets for Lollapalooza went on sale on March 22nd, 2016 at 10 a.m.  The date for 2017 was March 21st. As you can see, Lollapalooza is fairly consistent with this date being in late March. The tickets were only available on Lollapalooza’s official website. 

When do I get the Lollapalooza lineup?

One interesting aspect to Lollapalooza is tickets go on sale before the lineup release. For example, for Lollapalooza 2017 the lineup came out on March 22nd, but the tickets went on sale on March 21st. The tickets sold out by the early afternoon of the 21st, so you cannot wait until the lineup to purchase passes. This is a little unfortunate as you basically need to commit $350+ on a gamble that you will like the Lollapalooza lineup.

What’s the ticket buying process for Lollapalooza?

Like most major music festivals that sell out, Lollapalooza uses an online waiting room.  At 10 a.m. when the tickets go on sale you will enter an online waiting room.  This waiting room will randomly choose people to be able to purchase tickets.  Once you are through the Lollapalooza waiting room hell, you have an allotted time to complete your purchase.

Do Lollapalooza Tickets Sell Out?

Yes! If you want Lollapalooza tickets you need to be ready to purchase passes as soon as they go on sale. For Lollapalooza 2016 the general sale occurred at 10 am on March 22nd. By 1 pm on March 22nd all of the general admission passes (both single day and four day) were sold out. VIP passes for Lollapalooza were still available, but those will cost you a fortune compared to the general admission. The point is, if you want general admission passes to Lollapalooza you cannot wait.

What about single day passes to Lolla?

Lollapalooza first puts their four day passes on sale the day before the lineup comes out. This will typically sell out in a matter of hours. The next day, when the full lineup comes out, they put single day passes on sale. There are single day GA and single day VIP passes to Lollapalooza. For 2017 these were priced at $120 and $650 respectively. Lollapalooza announces the daily linups on this day too, so you should be able to judge which day is best for you. In 2017 the lineup and single day passes went on sale on March 22nd. Single day passes typically sell out in a matter of hours so follow the same advice above for snagging these before they go.

Is there a limit to how many Lollapalooza tickets I can buy?

Yes! Don’t buy more than allowed or you could end up with zero passes to Lollapalooza. Lollapalooza limits it to 6 GA and VIP passes per person, per transaction, per credit card, per billing address, per email, etc. The point is don’t buy more than 6!

Does Lollapalooza offer a payment plan?

Yes, Lollapalooza offers a payment plan for your wristband. The payment plan option can be selected when you are purchasing a pass before you complete your transaction.

In years past the payment plan has split your total bill into three payments. The first payment is due when you purchase your Lollapalooza passes and is 40% of the total bill. The next two payments will each be 30% of the bill, with the final bill due on June 1st. This is a great option for people looking to split the cost of the Lollapalooza tickets over a few payments. The payment plan option is available for both general admission and VIP passes. IF you want all the details on the Lollapalooza layaway plan check out our article on it here.

When does Lollapalooza ship wristbands?

Lollapalooza claims to begin shipping wristbands 2-4 weeks before the festival. This means your Lollapalooza wristband can ship as early as the beginning of July or as late as mid-July. Regardless of when it ships, you should receive your wristband in plenty of time for Lollapalooza.

What if I need to change the address my Lollaplooza wristband ships to?

This is OK and can be taken care of. You need to contact FrontGate tickets and update your address. You are not going to go through Lollapalooza for this, you need to go through FrontGate, who handles the wristbands for Lollapalooza.

How do I guarantee I can get Lollapalooza Tickets?

The tickets go incredibly fast and do sell out. If you are planning to try to buy Lollapalooza tickets you need to be on top of it.  While we can’t guarantee you will get tickets we can guarantee following this advice will enhance your chances!

  1. Be Punctual – If the tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. be sure to be online by 9:50 a.m. and keep refreshing the page.
  2. Friends Can Help – If you are going with friends have everyone in your party online and ready to buy tickets.  There is a limit of how many tickets each credit card can purchase, but you can
  3. Use Multiple Devices – The more devices you have waiting in the online Lollapalooza waiting room, the better chances you have of getting through.  So grab your iPhone, iPad, Laptop, and anything else that connects to the Internet and hop onto the Lollapalooza waiting room.
  4. Know What Tickets You Want – Know if you are getting GA, VIP, etc because once you are in you need to buy your tickets before you are kicked out and returned to the waiting room.

What if I missed out on tickets?

You are doomed! Just joking, all is not lost. Lollapalooza may of sold out of tickets, but that doesn't mean you still can't go. Plenty of people purchase their passes through SeatGeek, StubHub or Craigslist. Sometimes passes can even be cheaper on these third party marketplaces. This is such a popular format for purchase Lollapalooza passes that we have a full article on it, which you can read here.

Are Lollapalooza wristbands waterproof?

A surprisingly common question: yes the wristbands are fully waterproof. You can shower with them, go in the pool, sweat, do the dishes and any other water related activities and your wristband will be just fine.


Lollapalooza passes are legitimately difficult to get if you want the standard GA pass. You need to be punctual and ready to go right when they go on sale. Follow our advice above and you will have a good shot at Lolla passes next March. If you still have questions on Lollapalooza passes feel free to reach out to me at, I will answer you question and add it our guide to improve it for future users. See you all at Grant Park next year!

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