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Arroyo Seco Weekend 2017 Food Review

June 28, 2017, 5:38 p.m.
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Arroyo Seco Weekend had some of the best food we’ve had at a festival. We only wish there was more time to enjoy more vendors located throughout the park!

We also loved that Arroyo Seco Weekend had full menus listed in the app for each vendor, including prices for each so we knew what we were getting and how much we’d have to pay before we walked to the vendor. As a vegetarian with limited options, this was especially beneficial for me as I wouldn’t have been thrilled if I walked across the park to find out the vendor’s vegetarian option was a bag of chips. I also liked that they had a designated area call Seco’s Sweets & Treats for the vendors selling items (pictured below) sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. I always knew exactly where I was heading when I was ready for a treat at the end of the day. The only complaint I have is that Seco’s Sweets and Treats could have been more centrally located. 

Arroyo Seco Weekend 2017 Sweets


Saturday Food Review

On Saturday, the day flew by. We ate when we got to Arroyo Seco Weekend, but after that we were so busy enjoying the awesome music and exploring the grounds that it didn't occur to us how little we had ate until we were on our way home. While our quantity wasn't very high, the quality of the food more than made up for it!

  • Poke Bowl & Burritos: Shawn tried the Poke Bowl and he thought it was a great value for the price. He felt the size justified the $13 price, especially since it included a lot of fish and the vendor had a lot of options for toppings.

  • Sage: I tried the Baja Street Tacos, which were on the expensive side at 2 for $14 or 3 for $18. Despite being on the smaller side, an order of three filled me up and they were fresh, vegetarian and delicious, which made it worth the cost.

  • Baby Love Sweetery: The 5 stack Cupcake Kebab was the perfect treat to end our first night at Arroyo Seco Weekend. It was fairly priced at $9, the cupcakes were incredibly soft and every single flavor was delicious.

Arroyo Seco Weekend 2017 Saturday Food

Left (Top, Bottom): Baja Street Tacos, Poke Bowl; Right: Cupcake Kebab


Sunday Food Review

On Sunday, we had planned to eat more, but only had time for Ridges Churros before being locked into our spot at The Oaks Stage due to limited standing room near the stage. We discuss the reasons why in more detail in our Arroyo Seco Weekend 2017 Sunday Review, but we ended up not eating anything else until 9:00 PM on Sunday. Needless to say, we were starving at this point, but options were limited as many of the vendors were closing up. That being said, the food we did end up getting was delicious.

  • Ridges Churro: The cool ice cream was everything we needed in the heat, though it melted before we could eat it all. The Nutella Churros were fantastic though and would be delicious any time regardless of the weather as evidenced by the long line leading from their stand no matter what time of day you go.

  • Sumo Dog: Shawn had hoped to get the Godzilla, but they were sold out so he settled on a Sumo Dog, which he said was delicious, but pricey at $12.

  • Genghis Cohen: I got the Vegetarian Eggrolls, which were large, satisfying, tasty and a good deal at $7 for two.

  • Afters Ice Cream: We finished the night with a Milky Bun, a donut sandwich filled with our choice of ice cream (cookie butter) and a topping of our choice (Oreo crumbs). It was as delicious as it sounds and it really hit the spot after a long day of being in the sun.  They’re not cheap at $12, but they’re completely worth the cost. Your hands will be sticky when you’re done so bring hand sanitizer or use one of the water refill stations to rinse them off after.  

Arroyo Seco Weekend 2017 Sunday Food

Left (Top, Bottom): Churro Ice Cream, Vegetarian Eggrolls; Right (Top, Bottom): Sumo Dog, Milky Bun


Overall a weekend filled with delicious food! To read more about our Arroyo Seco Weekend experience, read our Saturday and Sunday Reviews. 

If you're planning on joining us in 2018, read our Arroyo Seco Weekend 2018 Guide for the most recent information available. 

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