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Article Summary

  • Price Estimate for Arroyo Seco Weekend
  • Estimate includes costs for tickets, food, drinks, hotels and more
  • Our personal costs from attending the festival in 2017

Debating attending Arroyo Seco Weekend next year, but ballin’ on a budget? Planning to attend and looking for an estimate for how much you can expect to spend? This article is for you. We were lucky enough to attend Arroyo Seco Weekend's first year and have compiled our costs to provide you with a detailed estimate that includes the cost of tickets, food, drinks, hotel and transportation. The estimate is based on the cost of attending Arroyo Seco Weekend for both days.  

Arroyo Seco Weekend Tickets Cost

Arroyo Seco Weekend Tickets: $225 - $399 (GA / VIP)

Assuming ticket prices don't change in 2018, Arroyo Seco Weekend tickets will cost you $251 ($225 + $26 fees) for the Weekend GA Passes or $430 ($399 + $31 fees) for the Weekend VIP Passes. If you prefer to split up the cost of your ticket, Arroyo Seco Weekend offers a payment plan, which will give you the option to split the ticket cost into three payments if you purchase before April 21st or two payments if you purchase before May 21st.  

If you are only planning to attend one day of Arroyo Seco Weekend, the ticket cost is $144 ($125 + $19 fees).

Arroyo Seco Accommodations: $200

This is the portion of the costs that will vary significantly depending on accomodation preferences and location. The chart above tracks the average per night hotel price in Los Angeles. Our estimates are based on the average rate per night for Arroyo Seco Weekend 2018 from June 22nd-June 25th. For more detailed information, visit our Arroyo Seco Weekend Hotels Page when you can see individual hotels and the average price of hotels by star rating.

On average a 3-star hotel in Los Angeles is about $200 per night in June. For this estimate, we make an assumption that you will be staying at a 3-star hotel in Los Angeles for two nights and splitting the hotel with at least one other person. If this was the case, the total hotel price will be approximately $400, with each person paying $200.

Our Personal Hotel Advice

My recommendation is that you snag a hotel near a Gold Line Metro Station, so that you can take advantage of public transportation and the free shuttle to Arroyo Seco Weekend. If you want more information on transportation options, read our Arroyo Seco Weekend Transportation Guide. For Arroyo Seco 2017, we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn in Arcadia/Pasadena, which was in walking distance of the Arcadia Metro Station. We live in San Diego, so we chose to drive up on Saturday morning and drive home on Sunday night, which meant we only needed the hotel for Saturday night. We booked our hotel late when prices were especially high, so we decided to use Hilton Points instead of paying out of pocket. Had we chosed to pay for the hotel, it would have been $240; however, if you book early you will likely be able to find a better rate.

Drinks at Arroyo Seco

Arroyo Seco Food & Drink: $75 per day estimation

This cost will vary based on how much you like to indulge, but we've attempted to provide some guidance to help in calculating your Arroyo Seco Weekend Food and Drink estimate. The following are the drink prices at Arroyo Seco Weekend. As well as an estimate for food prices. If you want exact food prices, they are available in the Arroyo Seco App where you will find menus and prices by vendor. For a more detailed price breakdown for our food, read our Arroyo Seco Weekend 2017 Food Review.

  • Regular Beer: $11 (Blue Moon or Coors Light)
  • Craft Beer: $12 (A variety of craft beer from local and larger breweries)
  • Mixed Drinks: $12-$16 (expensive, but damn good)
  • Water: $2 (All Goldenvoice Festivals charge only $2, there are also plenty of free water refill stations throughout the festival)
  • Powerade / Soda: $5
  • Food Items: $10-$15 typically (I paid $13 for a Poke Bowl, $12 for a ‘craft’ hot dog, $11 for a churro ice cream concoction, $12 for another ice cream dessert, etc.)

The table below shows our total money spent on food and drinks between my Fiancé and I at Arroyo Seco Weekend.

Item Cost
Alcohol $102 ($88 Saturday, $14 Sunday)
Food $123 ($81 Saturday, $42 Sunday)
Miscellaneous (Water, Portable fan) $28
Total $253

Between us we spent $253 or approximately $63 per day per person. The majority of our spending occurred on Saturday, because Sunday we spent the entire day at The Oaks Stage. This essentially curtailed any of our spending and made Sunday a really cheap day at Arroyo Seco Weekend. If you like to have a good spot for the shows and will stake out a spot and camp out all day to get it, you are likely to experience something similar.

Also, technically we were working (bringing you people great content like this) so we didn’t drink as much as we might have if we had only been at Arroyo Seco Weekend for fun. The average person can probably get away without spending more than $75 per person, but if you decide to get a little tipsy keep in mind that those $12-$16 cocktails add up quick. 

Getting to Arroyo Seco Weekend: $7.00 (Two-Day Roundtrip Public Transportation)

We used public transportation one day and drove the second. Parking was free, so our only transporation cost was the $3.50 roundtrip cost per person. Our cost estimate is based on a single person using roundtrip public transporation for two days.

Read more about transportation options on our Arroyo Seco Weekend Transportation Guide

Total Cost Estimate: $608 - $787

The table below is an estimate based on two people sharing a room and staying two-nights at a three star hotel over Arroyo Seco Weekend. The estimate also includes the ticket costs, food/drink estimates and public transportation costs.  The cost estimate range is the difference between GA and VIP Passes.

Item GA Cost($) VIP Cost($)
Tickets $251 $430
Hotel: 2 Nights at 3-Star, split between 2 people $200 $200
Food & Drink $150 ($75/day) $150 ($75/day)
Public Transportation: 2 Days $7 $7
Total $608 $787

Compared to other music festivals, the cost of Arroyo Seco Weekend is a really good value given the great lineup. You can save a lot of money by skipping the hotel Sunday night and just getting one for Saturday night. All estimates are approximations based on our experience over Arroyo Seco Weekend 2017, so your costs can and likely will vary. However, we hope this gave you a good starting point for estimating your costs and how much you may want to budget. 

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