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Voodoo Music Festival 2017 Map Released

Oct. 17, 2017, 11:38 a.m.
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It's crazy that next weekend is already Voodoo! The festival today released the official map for Voodoo Music Festival 2017, which is available online and in the official app! You can see it by clicking the button above or checking it out below. Most of this is pretty standard with Voodoo having a total of five music stages this year. Be sure to check out the Toyota Music Den, the smallest of the stages but where you can check out intimate sets from rising artists on the Voodoo lineup. Also of note if you are new to Voodoo is that there is only one entrance, making it get pretty backed up during peak hours. If you can get to Voodoo we always recommend it! For any other Voodoo questions feel free to Email Us or check out our Voodoo Guides section.

Voodoo 2017 Map

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