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Osheaga 2018 Primer: Tickets, Presale, Hotels & More

Aug. 7, 2017, 8:44 a.m.
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Osheaga 2017 has come and gone and now it is time to begin planning for Osheaga 2018. If you are new to Osheaga I would first recommend checking out our Osheaga Guides & Articles section – this will get you fully prepped for Osheaga 2018. If you are just looking for Osheaga 2018 let’s get to it. This article will go over presale, when tickets go on sale, when the lineup will come out and more. Let’s get you ready for Osheaga 2018.

What are the dates for Osheaga 2018?

Osheaga is nearly always the first weekend of August; this date is fairly consistent year to year. It is also always Friday to Sunday, as are most festivals. Thus we are fully expecting Osheaga 2018 to be held on August 3rd to 5th (Fri – Sun).

When Does The Osheaga 2018 Lineup Come Out




March 11th    


March 24th


February 23rd   


February 28th

The table above shows the dates of the last four Osheaga lineups dating back to 2014. As you can see Osheaga has moved the date around a bit in recent years. Originally the Osheaga lineup came out in March but the last couple of years it has been pushed up to late February. In general festivals are moving their dates up for lineup releases so I would look for Osheaga to release their lineup at the end of February.

Does Osheaga do a presale?

Osheaga does a presale where you can snag passes for slightly cheaper than when the lineup comes out. The presale occurs a couple of weeks before the lineup comes out, so mid-February or so. As an example, Osheaga’s presale for 2017 was on February 15th. For Osheaga 2017 the three-day general admission passes were $300 (CAD) during the presale and $320 after the lineup came out.

When do Osheaga 2018 tickets go on sale (besides for presale)?

Like most festivals, Osheaga passes will go on sale immediately after the lineup is announced.  Thus when you see the lineup released in February you can go purchase passes to Osheaga. That is, Osheaga passes went on sale on February 28th, the same day the lineup was released. If you want all the info on Osheaga tickets check out our official Osheaga Tickets Guide.

Do Osheaga passes sell out?

Not typically and if they do it isn't for months. Some years in the past have sold out in the summer time (July-ish) after the February release of tickets. Thus you should have a couple of months to snag tickets at worst. Some years it doesn't sell out at all. This isn't Lollapalooza or Coachella where you need to buy tickets the day they go on sale. That said, if you are sure you are going you can save some money by doing the presale.

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