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  • The cheapest time to book Sydney New Year’s Eve is the weeks leading up to it, if you can wait until last minute to book
  • The second cheapest time to book a Sydney New Year’s Eve hotel is early in the year in either January or February
  • Prices remain pretty consistently high from March to November if you can’t book during these times

Funny enough this website (Event Track) was created based on this question. Early in 2016 my fiancée and I had decided we would be going to Sydney, AU for New Year’s Eve 2017. Or is it New Year’s Eve 2016 since it occurs on December 31st, 2016? We still aren’t sure. Regardless, we decided to go to Sydney for the big bash and obviously being from the United States we would need a hotel or some form of accommodations. Let the stress begin.

We knew going in that Sydney was going to be expensive for New Year’s Eve. Being from the East Coast I always associated it with being similar to Times Square for New Year’s Eve – tons of people, tons of exorbitant parties, and tons of expenses. That said, we started out search early in the year around April, thinking this was rather early. Well we were wrong – hotels were already really expensive and we had read that some people begin booking Sydney for New Year’s Eve 18 months in advance! As bargain shoppers we were determined to find a deal, even in these most expensive of times.

The trouble with events like Sydney New Year’s Eve is the hotels have all the leverage. They can set their prices obnoxiously high and its rather difficult to determine if that’s just the price or if it will drop…or maybe it’s going to go the other direction and shoot up! After all, millions of people go to Sydney for New Year’s Eve so it’s not unfathomable that hotel prices will only increase. We checked and other travel sites daily trying to figure this out. Making matters worse is nearly all the hotels were only offering nonrefundable rooms, so once you booked your Sydney New Year’s Eve hotel you were locked in. This ultimately led us to wonder: how do we know if this is a good deal and a good time to book? Well to answer this I made what eventually became Event Track, which collects hotel prices daily and publishes them so everyone attending Sydney New Year’s Eve (or other events) could see. Let’s take a look at our data.

Sydney NYE Hotel Prices

Sydney New Year’s Eve 2017 Data

So if you found this blog post you likely found it through our Sydney New Year’s Eve 2018 page. However, did you know we keep up all our data from Sydney New Year’s Eve from previous years? If you go to you can see all the data we have on hotel prices for Sydney New Year’s Eve 2017. This includes aggregated (all the hotels prices combined) data like the chart above, and individual hotel prices such as the one below for The Tank Stream. If you go to either of those pages you will see you can actually play with the graphs and see the prices on individual days.

Tank Stream Sydney NYE

Cheapest Time to Book in 2016

Ultimately I find hotels follow a similar pattern year to year, so let’s look at when the cheapest times were to book in 2016. The data is limited as we started this website in August, so that’s when our data started. However, we have also been tracking 2018 prices so we have data from January to today’s date as well, so it’s almost the entire year. Anyways, let’s look at the cheapest times to book Sydney New Year’s Eve.

Cheapest Time to Book Sydney New Year’s Eve: Last Minute

Obviously this isn’t going to be an option for a lot of people, but if it is last minute is by far the best time to book Sydney New Year’s Eve hotels. One of the most interesting things I’ve found from running this website is this is actually the case for every big city for New Year’s Eve. If you can book hotels last minute you can save some serious money. Check it out:

Sydney, New York City, and Las Vegas all saw prices absolutely plummet in the days leading up to New Year’s Eve. Of the cities Sydney actually had the biggest fall for New Year’s Eve and it started the earliest. On December 3rd the average hotel price for Sydney during New Year’s Eve dates was $406. A week later it was $352, two weeks later it was $308 and by the time it was December 29th the average hotel price was $220. That is roughly a 55% drop in hotel prices in the weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve in Sydney! Again, I find hotel prices seem to follow the same pattern year to year, so if you can hold off on your Sydney New Year’s Eve hotel then statistically the later you wait the better. It’s a dangerous game but if you can gamble you can save some serious cash.

2nd Cheapest Time to Book Sydney New Year’s Eve: Early in the Year

So obviously not all of us can be daredevils waiting until last minute to book Sydney New Year’s Eve. I know when we went we had to have everything booked far in advanced or I would have had a heart attack from the stress watching Sydney hotel prices daily. So let’s look at the second cheapest time to book outside of right before New Year’s Eve. 

From last year’s data Sydney stayed pretty consistently above $350 a night on average for most of the year. The table below shows the average hotel price for the first of the month from September onward.


Average Hotel Price









In general prices actually didn’t change that much. Obviously if you are focused on one hotel this could be different, but if you were really just looking for any hotel in Sydney for New Year’s Eve then prices stay pretty consistent throughout the latter half of the year. However, early in the year we have seen cheaper prices. Check out the prices below.


Average Hotel Price

January 15th


February 1st


February 15th


March 1st


So prices early in the year right after New Year’s Eve has occurred and everyone is broke from the holidays appears to be the second best time to book your Sydney New Year’s Eve Hotel. It’s not a huge discount, but it is cheaper than later in the year. So if you can’t book last minute for Sydney New Year’s Eve you should definitely try to book your hotel before March as we begin to see the prices climb quickly. 

What about if I can’t book during those times?

So you can’t book last minute because it’s too much of a gamble and you can’t book early in the year because you weren’t on top of it. This would be my advice/thoughts:

  • Be realistic about hotel costs: if you don’t want to stay at a disgusting hostel you are going to be $200+, and more likely closer to $3/400+ a night (especially if you want to be anywhere near Circular Quay and the Harbor)
  • Check hotel prices often: they do fluctuate daily and you can still find a deal if you are on top of it. Check out the graph below for the Macleay Hotel: prices went from roughly $520 to $450 to $1,000 and back down to $395. The point is hotel prices do not stay stagnant often so if you watch daily you can find a “deal”. Just understand what the definition of “deal” for Sydney New Year’s Eve is going to be.

Sydney NYE Hotel Prices

  • Shameless plug I recommend registering with Event Track and tracking hotels you are interested in. You tell us what price you are willing to pay, subscribe/track the hotels you are interested in, and we automatically email you if the price drops below that. Save yourself some time and frustration.
  • When you do find a deal you need to book it, the price could easily jump back up.


Booking a Sydney New Year’s Eve hotel is a stressful time. Everything is overpriced, nothing is a good deal, and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you can, book either last minute or very early in the year and you can try to save some money. Regardless, once you do book your hotel you feel better and once you pay for it you won’t think about it anymore – you will only be excited about the amazing experience you are going to have.


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