Our Coachella 2017 Food Quest: Finding The Best Food

April 21, 2017, 10:54 a.m.
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UPDATE: 4/29/2017 (Weekend Two Reviews): This post will include a complete review of our Coachella 2017 quest for delicious Coachella food during Weekend One and Two. All of our reviews are listed below and include ratings and pictures, hopefully helping you find the best options for Coachella's of the future as many of these food options remain the same year to year - the Legend of Spicy Pie will continue for generations! Bonus Tip: we succeeded in our mission to find rave-worthy food and the secret Coachella Tiki Bar Weekend Two with the help of our own Coachella Food Guide

Coachella 2017 Weekend One Food Experience

A breakdown of what we ate during Coachella 2017 Weekend One, how we rated it, our review and pictures.

Coachella 2017 Weekend One Food Ratings


Coachella 2017 Weekend One Food

Top (L, R): I <3 Spicy Pie, Big Mozz; Bottom (L, C, R): Monster Fries, Fried Chicken and Waffles, Pad Thai Noodles

This is basically consistent with previous years. Not a terrible eating experience, but not as good as the foodie reviews and Instagram pictures tell me it could have been. I am fed up, so I decided Coachella 2017 Weekend One will be my last disappointing food experience at Coachella and decided to make and use our Coachella Food Guide.


Coachella 2017 Weekend Two Food Plan

My top three food items to try: 

  1. Sweet Combforts: Animal Cookie Waffle Pop
  2. Afters Ice Cream: Double Scoop
  3. Mallow Mallow: The PB S’mores

Have I mentioned that I really like sweets? Obviously I do, but for those who aren’t loving my top three, here is my fiancé’s, which has a focus on savory items:

Shawn’s top three food items to try:

  1. Fritzi Coop: The Stinger Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
  2. Meat Cellar: Ribeye on a Ciabatta Bun
  3. Lobster Rolls / Mac + Cheese: Lobster Roll

We have both committed to trying the top three items on our list this weekend. However, because there was plenty of other delicious sounding items available, we also compiled a list of the items we are keeping in mind as possible additions:

  • Churro Bar: Fruity Pebbles Churro w/Ice Cream
  • Corn Dogs + Crab Fries: Crab Garlic Fries
  • Eureka! Burgers: Mac and Cheese Balls
  • Jalapajar: Breakfast Tacos
  • Lobster Rolls / Mac + Cheese: Lobster Tacos
  • Milkbox: Black Milk Tea w/ Boba
  • Pig Pen: Nacho Totchoes
  • Southern Fried Vegan: Cheeze Steak Sandwich
  • Sumo Dogs: The Godzilla
  • Sweet Combforts: Unicorn Shake 

But What About the Drinks?

Honestly, we were both really impressed with the quality of the drinks at Coachella. The drinks are always stiff and after a few throughout the day, with some extra help from the sun and dehydration (don’t worry I drink a lot of water), I am typically feeling pretty good by the end of the night. I haven’t tried a wine popsicle yet, but that’s definitely happening this weekend. Being from San Diego, we’re also fans of the Craft Beer Garden and their awesome variety of beer. 

Speaking of which, in addition to this weekend’s mission to find delicious food, we’re also making it a goal to find this secret tiki bar we keep hearing about. I hear the drinks are even stronger than the typical 21+ areas. I’ll let you know if we find it!

Coachella 2017 Weekend Two Food Experience

A breakdown of what we ate during Coachella 2017 Weekend Two, how we rated it, our review and pictures.

Coachella 2017 Weekend Two Food Ratings

 Coachella 2017 Weekend Two Friday Food

Left: Double Scoop Ice Cream, Right (T, B): Stinger Fried Chicken Sandwich, Vegan Tofu Spring Rolls


Coachella 2017 Weekend Two Saturday Food

Top (L, R): Waffle Pop, Unicorn Shake; Bottom (L, C, R): Cold Press Coffee, Fiesta Tots, Lobster Tacos


Coachella 2017 Weekend Two Sunday Food

Top: PB and Ella S'mores; Bottom (L, C, R): Nacho Totchoes, Corn Dogs, Crab Garlic Fries

As you can see we made a point to try a lot more food this week. This was both because we felt we were eating far too little after reviewing what we ate last week, but also, because we wanted to try a lot more food options than we were previously trying to get the best chance of finding something delicious. Also Shawn ended up swapping our two of his must try food, the Lobster Roll was swapped out for Lobster Tacos and the Ribeye on a Ciabatta Bun was swapped out for Beer Battered Garlic Fries. These changes worked out though, because one of them became his favorite Coachella item of all time.

Speaking of which, as you can tell from our rankings our favorite Coachella 2017 food items were the Waffle Pop from Sweet Combforts and the Beer Battered Garlic Fries from Corn Dogs + Crab Fries. If they’re back again in future years, we would highly recommend them, you can’t go wrong with either!

The Secret Coachella Tiki Bar

I never got around to trying the wine popsicle I had planned on, probably because I was pretty much always full from food, but I was successful in making a reservation and getting into the PDT (Please Don’t Tell) Tiki Bar. We had a group of 6, so we made a reservation for Sunday. When we arrived we were able to get everyone in quickly and we loved it! The AC was a super nice perk, considering our reservation was for 3:30, the peak of temperatures at the Polo fields and the drinks were tasty and strong. I really hope this is something they repeat next year, it seemed to be a huge hit with everyone who made it in and reviewed it!

Coachella Tiki Bar

Cheers to another great year at Coachella!

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