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April 11, 2017, 10:26 p.m.
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Holy hell today was a busy day for Coachella. Today Coachella announced the 2017 map, set times, do lab schedule, more information on the new antarctic stage, and more. Most importantly are the set times - as usual Coachella waits as late as possible to let us know when everyone is playing. Hopefully the Coachella Gods were good to you. Anyways, let's take these one by one and go over anything new for Coachella 2017.

Coachella 2017 Map

Coachella 2017 Map

Coachella released the new festival map and we can see several changes from the previous years. First, the festival appears to be more spreadout thanks to their expansion this year. It will be interesting to see if this reduces the noise bleed between Coachella Stage and Outdoor Stage. Another interesting change is the fact that Mojave and Gobi tents have flipped positions. Why? I have no idea as both are similar sized tents. You will also notice the new Sonora Stage and Antarctic Dome down by where Coachella has the lockers past the Ferris Wheel. These are both somewhat out of the way but I am looking forward to checcking them both out. It looks like there are more water stations this yeat throughout the grounds so hopefully this makes staying hydrated at Coachella easier this year.

Antarctic Dome Coachella

THe Antarctic

We have discussed this before, but man does this thing sound cool. Perhaps most interesting are the hours: it will be open on Thursday before Coachella so if you are camping you will likely be able to check it out. it also opens up before and runs until after Coachella opens/closes, which is interesting. I am curious to see if you can enter it from within Coachella, as it looks to be on the outside based on the map.

Do Lab Schedule

Coachella Do Lab Schedule 

Coachella also released the 2017 Do Lab schedule which can be seen above. As of now it is only released for Coachella Weekend One. You can expect the Do Lab for Coachella Weekend Two next Tuesday. Looks like the Do Lab will close out each Coachella night with a surprise act, which should be fun to see.

Coachella Friday Schedule 

Coachella 2017 Friday Schedule

Friday is by far the day I am most looking forward to at Coachella. You can see all the set times above. Radiohead will close us out at the Coachella main stage with an amazing lead in from Bonobo, Glass Animals, Father John Misty, and The XX. That is just a fantastic Coachella day. Perhaps most interesting on this day's lineup is Empire of the Sun playing in the Sahara tent. This is the same slot they had years ago at Coachella and the Sahara tent was overcrowded to say the least. I really thought they'd be at Coachella Stage or the Outdoor Stage.

Coachella 2017 Saturday

Coachella 2017 Saturday Schedule

The Coachella schedule for Saturday can be seen above. Lady Gaga will require an hour and twenty minute setup apparently when she closes us out of Saturday. Saturday at Coachella is full of some tough conflict: I know many people are upset about Moderat vs. Royksopp. I feel your pain Coachella bretheren, that is really rough. 

Coachella 2017 Sunday

Coachella 2017 Sunday Schedule

Just looking at the Sunday schedule for Coachella makes me sad it will be over soon. But more importantly, why Coachella? Why must you put Kendrick Lamar and Justice on at the same time. Brutal Conflictchella right there. Also interesting to see Hans Zimmer not get the mainstage, I was pretty sure we'd see him on the Coachella stage at sunset. Some good stuff going on at Coachella's new Sonora stage this day with Twin Peaks and Allah-Las. 

Coachella Day Wrapup

So hopefully you don't have too many conflicts. It's always a bummer Coachella let's out their schedule so late and you need to plan quickly. I'd actually love to hear your worst Conflictchella's for an article: let me know at It is cool to see there is so much new stuff going on at Coachella this year between the new stage, the Antarctic, an even bigger and better Do Lab, and more. Hope everyone is amped to be at Coachella this Friday, it's a magical time of the year.

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