Coachella 2017 Official Heineken House Lineup

April 5, 2017, 8:26 a.m.
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Official Heineken House Lineup

Coachella has announced the official 2017 Heineken House lineup. You may remember we had a leaked lineup a couple of weeks ago but here is the official lineup/ It's a little confusing on the design, so be sure to check the * to see who is performing the week of Coachella you are attending. No * means both weekends, one * is Coachella Weekend One and ** is for Coachella Weekend Two. We don't have set times yet, but generally those will come out next Tuesday or Wednesday.

What Is the Heineken House?

In case you are new to Coachella, the Heineken House is basically set up to be like a house party with DJs and live music. It's also air conditioned, which provides some great relief while you are at Coachella and its 100 degrees. Just note the lines to get into the Heineken House can be atrocious, so if you have someone you really want to see at the Coachella Heineken House you need to go early. Also, part of the appeal with the Heineken House is they can get some pretty awesome surprise guests:

If I am under 21 can I go to the Heineken House?

Negative. Sorry, but if you aren't over 21 you will not be permitted into the Heineken House.

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