Potentially Leaked Coachella Do Lab 2017 Lineup

March 27, 2017, 12:27 p.m.
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Do Lab Update 3/28/17 - Official Lineup Announced (Shown Below)

Do Lab Official Lineup 2017

So since we posted our leaked Do LaB lineup yesterday Coachella has announced the official lineup, so now we know who will actually be taking over the Do LaB in 2017. In general the leaked lineup was very accurate. The discrepancies from our rumored list were:

  • We did not have Team B&L on the rumored lineup
  • Marbs and Porkchop are playing separately and not together

So in general the rumored lineup for the Do Lab was very accurate. Of course the lineup always leaves room for surprise guests at the bottom because who knows will show up at Coachella. Here's who's playing the Do LaB in 2017. 

Weekend 1:

Bleep Bloop
Eagles & Butterflies
Gone Gone Beyond
Mr. Carmack
Shiba San
Space Jesus
Tara Brooks
Team B&L
The Gaslamp Killer

Weekend 2:
Barclay Crenshaw
Billy Kenny
Jan Blomqvist
Jonas Rathsman
Jonnie King
Josh Billings & Nonfiction
Justin Martin
Lee Reynolds
Liquid Stranger
Lonely Boy
Mad Zach
Mikey Lion
Monte Booker
The Geek X VRV
The Librarian
Will Clarke

Who to check out at the 2017 Do Lab?

The crappy thing with the Do LaB is it varies by weekend so hopefully there's not someone your into on the weekend you aren't going. Top Weekend 1 suggestions would be Gaslamp Killer, Team B&L and Amtrac. Weekend 2 the names that immediately jump out are The Librarian, Barclay Crenshaw and XXYYXX. Of course this will vary by person but this is just what jumps out at me. Regardless I hope this Do LaB lineup is good for you and gets you amped for Coachella 2017!

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Do Lab 2017 Lineup

To be perfectly upfront: this Coachella Do Lab 2017 lineup is not confirmed, but it is floating around the Internet. Time will tell if it's realy but I figured some people would be interested to see it. We are right around the time Coachella tpyically releases the Do Lab lineup. For example, in 2016 Coachella finalized the Do Lab lineup and released it on March 29th. This leak goes with our last news story about the Heineken House lineup leaking, which you can read about here. Coachella is yet to confirm or deny that lineup either. So if this Do Lab lineup is fake we should find out in the next few days, but for now we can only speculate.

What is the Do LaB?

Some of you may be wondering what exactly the Do LaB is - well Coachella newbies here's a video displaying the glory of the Do LaB:


Think part EDM stage, part water attraction and party rager. The Do LaB is an interactive stage that mixes EDM music with getting soaked and partying. You don't typically get the biggest EDM names, but that really doesn't matter - it's all about the good vibes and aving a fucking blast at the Do LaB. If you are headed to Coachella 2017 you really need to make some time to check it out. Stay tuned to see if this is legitimately the lineup!

Do LaB 2016 Lineup

A final note on the way out, if you are interested in the type of artists the Do LaB typically attracts at Coachella then here ais the 2016 Do LaB lineup:

2016 Do LaB Lineup


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