Queens of the Stone Ages Out for Coachella 2018

Oct. 18, 2017, 10:12 a.m.
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This has been a really bad week for fans of rock music who were hoping to catch some established bands at Coachella. Earlier this week iHeartRadio announced ALTer EGO, a show in Los Angeles featuring some big names in rock like Cage The Elephant, The National, Beck, Spoon and I suppose Mumford & Sons if you want to count them. Due to the fact that this show is in January it gives us serious reservations about any of these acts being at Coachella given the infamous Coachella radius clause. We're not sure if they are 100% eliminated but I am not longer getting my hopes up for those bands.


Today we can add another big name to the list of rock acts unlikely for Coachella 2018 - Queens of the Stone Age. The band announced a gig at the Los Angeles Forum for February, which nearly guarantees they will not be at Coachella 2018. After the announcement of Cal Jam, a festival in San Bernardino, we were skeptical they'd be at the polo fields, but this guarantees they won't be. As I said, a sad day for rock fans at Coachella as we are losing big acts left and right this week. Soon we will no longer be wondering who will be at Coachella becasue the lineup is now less than three months away as it is typically released the first week of January.

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