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Where is Coachella?

How do people get to Coachella?

Walk, Bike, Driving Yourself (free parking on site), Shuttle or Uber

Does Coachella offer transportation?

Coachella does offer a shuttle that services all nearby areas stretching from Indio to Palm Springs. The shuttle runs throughout the day and costs $75 for all three days of the festival. You need to purchase the shuttle separately from your Coachella passes. You will receive a shuttle card with your tickets that must be shown to board the bus in either direction.

Our recommendation for getting to Coachella

This is highly dependent on where you are staying for Coachella. If you are close enough to bike or walk I will always recommend going that route for the convenience and lack of traffic. If you aren't that close I highly recommend the official shuttle. They run very efficiently, are reasonably priced at $75 for the weekend, have pickup spots throughout the region and you can drink on them. You can drive yourself as there is free parking at Coachella or you can Uber, but the shuttle is far more convenient and is reasonably priced. It's our recommended way to get to Coachella daily.

Detailed Guides On Coachella Transportation

Coachella & Stagecoach Shuttle Passes Info

  • The shuttle is a great option for anyone not staying in the Indio area close enough to walk or bike to Stagecoach or Coachella
  • In the past I have found the shuttle to be incredibly efficient: there’s always one waiting at the stop when I get there and it leaves within five minutes or so.  Going home there may be a small line, but it is still very efficient.  The only time you may encounter a long line is if you leave immediately after a headliner
  • There are shuttle stops located throughout the area including in Palm Springs, Indio, Indian Wells, Palm Dessert and more

Coachella Location - Where is it & How to get there

  • Coachella occurs in Indio, CA, which is about 2.5 hours east of Los Angeles
  • How you get to Coachella depends on where you stay: if you are near the festival you can bike or walk, if you are not near the festival the shuttle is the best option
  • The shuttle has stops throughout the area, giving you an option regardless of where you book accommodations
  • I really don’t suggest driving or taking Uber/Lyft to or from Coachella

How much does it cost to get to Coachella?

If you can walk it would be free obviously, but most likely you will need another method. If you drive to Coachella they have free parking on site, so this is another inexpensive option. If you can afford it, the shuttle is our preferred method and will run you $75 for the whole weekend. Uber will quickly become more expensive than this, so go with one of the other methods if you are trying to keep costs reasonable.

Is there parking onsite??

Yes, Coachella offers free parking on site. You cannot leave your car overnight but it will be open daily for the festival.