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  • Coachella passes can be purchased through ticket exchanges or community websites
  • Pros and Cons for both purchase options
  • Tips and recommendations for a smooth transaction
  • Best time to purchase for the lowest possible price

We only recommend ticket exchange websites that we personally use and love through companies that we trust. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, we will earn a commission. This commission is a small percentage of the price you would pay regardless of the link you click through and in no way increases the price to you. We want to thank anyone who chooses to purchase through one of our affiliate links as these commissions are how we fund the company and continue to provide the free guides, tips and hotel price tracking to our readers.

Even with Coachella increasing capacity to 125,000 people per weekend, Coachella tickets still sell out within hours. Whether it is during the Coachella Advanced Sale in June or the post-lineup sale in January, you'll need to be prepared if you want to be one of the lucky festival goers attending Coachella. If there's still a chance to get Coachella tickets directly from the website in either June or January, we recommend using our ticket guide to make sure you get in! If the opportunity to buy tickets from Coachella directly has already passed or if you missed out on Coachella presale and don't want to risk not getting in during the regular sale, then your next best option is a third-party resale site. After each Coachella sale, passes are almost instantly available on both ticket exchanges and community websites. We agree this is annoying and it sucks that you have to pay a marked-up price, because some jerk wanted to make a profit, but unfortunately at this point buying from a reseller may be the only way you get to go to Coachella next year. This article explains your options for purchasing Coachella passes through ticket exchanges and community websites with pros/cons, tips and recommendations for both.


Are Coachella Tickets purchased through a ticket exchange, like StubHub or SeatGeek, legit?

Yes! In fact, I highly recommend that you use a reputable company, with a purchase guarantee whenever you're buying third-party tickets. StubHub, SeatGeek and eBay will refund your money in full if you don't receive your tickets and/or if there is any issue with registering and using the wristband for Coachella. This is reassuring, but be aware that these policies are in place, because the companies are not directly supplying your Coachella ticket and therefore, cannot 100% guarantee there won't be problems. If there is a problem with the wristband you purchased, both companies will either replace your wristband with one that is valid or refund you 100% of the cost. If the company opts to refund you, you'll have to purchase another wristband through a different re-seller at whatever the market price is at the time you realized there's a problem.

I don’t mean to scare people off from using either of these companies for Coachella tickets – the chances of you getting a fake wristband are really low, because sellers know they will not be paid if they sell fake products, but it's still important to be aware of the risk and have a backup plan just in case. 

What are the pros and cons of purchasing Coachella tickets through a ticket exchange?

  • Pros
    • 100% guarantees make this the safest option after purchasing through Coachella directly
    • View all tickets available for sale in one place
    • Easily sort and filter lists to find the best ticket option for you 
  • Cons
    • Increased ticket markups due to seller/buyer fees
    • Potential complications requiring customer service contact to correct 

Which ticket exchange should I use to purchase my Coachella tickets?

Whichever ticket exchange has the lowest priced ticket available. My main recommendation is to not isolate your options to StubHub alone just because it's the website you're most familiar with. Whenever you're purchasing tickets, make sure to check all of your options (that come with a guarantee) including SeatGeek and eBay.

Personally, my preferred ticket exchange company is SeatGeek, as they include competitor's ticket prices in their listings, allowing you to find the cheapest option not just on SeatGeek, but on multiple sites. All the websites on SeatGeek have a 100% guarantee or better, so you can browse and purchase through any of the companies listed with confidence. I've also found that SeatGeek's fees tend to be lower than StubHub's, resulting in a lower ticket price overall. 

eBay Logo

At the time of writing this article, eBay had the lowest priced Coachella ticket available for Weekend 1 with a $40+ savings over StubHub and SeatGeek, but SeatGeek had the lowest priced Coachella ticket for Weekend 2 with a savings of $19. Both of those comparisons are based on ticket prices after fees, which is important to factor in before making your decision. Often StubHub will look like it has the cheaper options at first glance, but becomes the more expensive choice once fees have been added in. These price differences will obviously fluctuate, but the important thing to take away from this is that you should be checking all of your options!

Are Coachella Tickets purchased through community websites, like Craigslist or Reddit, legit?

Purchasing Coachella wristbands through community websites such as Craigslist, Reddit, Facebook, and Forums is a lot riskier than purchasing through a ticket exchange with guarantees. This does not mean that your pass won't be valid or that all people selling through these sites can't be trusted, but there is far less protection for you as a purchaser. If you choose to take the risk and purchase from someone using this source, I recommend using PayPal and hoping that they will cover it under their Purchase Protection if there are any problems. It's important to be aware that PayPal's Purchase Protection does not cover any items that are picked up in person, so you'll have to require the seller sends you the wristband in the mail even if they live in your town. Plenty of people purchase through community websites each year and have no problem at all, but it's important to do what you can to protect yourself when possible. 

Coachella Through Craigslist

What are the pros and cons of purchasing Coachella tickets through a community website?

  • Pros
    • Better Prices - no buyer/seller fees, so tickets will be cheaper
  • Cons
    • Increased risk and lack of purchase protection
    • Delivery logistics need to be addressed before purchase


What can I do to protect myself if I decide to purchase through a community website?

So, you are a gambling man – I like it! Purchasing Coachella passes off of a forum or site like Craigslist is like purchasing anything else off a site like this – it’s a risk. Ultimately you are going to have to use your best judgement on how legitimate the seller seems on a case by case basis. If you're going this route, use the following tips to protect yourself:

  • Get the Receipt - Ask to see the Coachella confirmation, which at the very least will confirm the seller has legitimately purchased passes. A confirmation is sent via email and should be available on the sellers account, so there is no reason this cannot be provided.
  • Facebook - If you have Facebook, you should ask the person to add you on Facebook to verify they are who they say they are. If a person is willing to add you, it's a good sign they aren't planning to rip you off.
  • Public Place - If payment/tickets are being exchanged in person, ask to meet in a public place like a mall or grocery store. If possible, bring a friend with you.
  • No Cash - Pay through PayPal, so that the purchase can be verified in case of any problems. If tickets are being sent via mail, using PayPal may also provide you with Purchase Protection. 
  • Wait for Wristbands to Ship - If possible, wait until wristbands ship and look up a picture of this year’s Coachella wristband. This may help you spot a fake before making the purchase. FYI, Coachella wristbands begin shipping in March.

There's no denying that purchasing directly through a seller is riskier, but if you follow the advice above and trust your instincts, it's very likely that you'll be able to find a wristband at a lower price than what you would pay through official ticket exchange websites. 

When is the best time to purchase Coachella passes through a third-party website?

Perhaps the trickiest question on the topic. As I have mentioned in the Craigslist section, there are advantages to waiting until wristbands ship (March) to purchase your pass as you can use pictures to confirm authenticity. However, this is pretty late in the game if you are someone who needs to book accommodations and potentially a flight. If this is you and you need to confirm you have tickets prior to booking a flight and hotel, buy tickets as early as possible. Any money you save waiting to buy tickets will be lost on increased travel expenses as flight and hotel costs will skyrocket as Coachella gets closer. This is especially true after tickets go on sale in January. Prior to January, those who purchased advanced tickets know that some Coachella hopefuls will be holding out to try and purchase in January and are therefore more willing to sell their tickets at a reasonable rate. The tickets will still be marked up, but they won't be as high as the ticket prices you will inevitably see in January when resellers know they are your only option of getting in.

If you are local to the area or have friends you can camp/stay with, then I'd recommend waiting to see if prices drop. There will be a big spike in Coachella Ticket costs after they sell out in January, typically the highest price points for Coachella tickets will be seen from January-March. Around mid-March, a slow decline in ticket prices will start, most likely hitting their lowest rates early April when individuals become desperate to sell. At this point it's possible to get tickets at or below face value.

Be aware that this method is not guaranteed and is highly dependent on the Coachella lineup. If it’s a monster lineup prices will stay high and only grow more expensive as the festival gets closer. 

Is it cheaper to buy third-party Coachella Tickets for Weekend 1 or Weekend 2?

When purchasing directly through Coachella, Weekend 1 and Weekend 2 are sold for the same price. However, on third-party sites, it is not uncommon to see Weekend 2 being sold for slightly less than the lowest priced ticket for Weekend 1. The amount you can save buying Weekend 2 passes on third-party sites varies, but often you'll see them being sold at $15 - $20 less than Weekend 1. 

What if I need to purchase a Coachella Shuttle Passes?

Coachella shuttle passes are also sold on ticket exchanges and community websites. Coachella shuttle passes are $75 at the standard rate, so expect most sellers to be asking for that amount at minimum. As the festival gets closer it's possible you'll be able to find shuttle passes at a lower price, but like the Coachella tickets you'll be taking a risk by waiting to buy. If you are dependent on the shuttle to get to Coachella, start looking early and you'll likely be able to find someone who realized they didn't need it after they made the purchase and is willing to sell at face value.


Honestly, the best option is to use the ticket guide, be prepared and purchase through the Coachella website during their pre-sale. By doing this, you wont have to worry about authenticity and you will be able to spread out payments across six months using the payment plan option. That said, if it's too late for you to get your tickets through Coachella, you still have options. Plenty of people purchase Coachella passes through third party re-sellers each year without any problems. Follow the advice given here, get your tickets and be ready to make some Coachella memories!

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