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  • Coachella offers a payment plan that splits the wristband cost into seven equal payments
  • The Coachella payment plan can only be utilized during the Coachella presale, which occurs in June
  • The GA passes are split into $57 payments and the VIP payments will be about $128
  • Be sure to keep your payment information and shipping address up to date!

Coachella is expensive, there is no way around it. Actually of the 50+ events we track at Event Track Coachella is the most expensive for hotels that we cover. If you wait too long for a hotel you are easily looking at $300+ for a hotel. Even if you go with renting a house it can be really expensive. The point is it’s really expensive and anything that can make it a little less financially stressful is welcomed. Enter Coachella payment plan. Coachella passes are $399 for a general admission pass and $899 for a Coachella VIP pass. If you want to make this steep wristband payment a little less stressful I strongly suggest the Coachella payment plan. This article will go over all the details about the Coachella payment plan and how you can utilize it for your next Coachella passes.

What is the Coachella payment plan?

Coachella offers a payment plan to anyone who purchases passes during the Coachella presale. This payment plan will split the wristband cost into seven equal payments. The payment plan can be applied to either general admission passes or VIP passes to Coachella. Thus if you purchase the Coachella general admission passes ($399) you have seven equal payments of $57. If you purchase VIP passes to Coachella then the payment plan splits the pass into seven payments of $128.43.

When is the Coachella presale?

As I mentioned, the Coachella payment plan can only be taken advantage of during the Coachella presale. Coachella now typically has their presale in June the year prior to Coachella. For example, for Coachella 2017 the presale was on June 8th of 2016. The presale used to occur in late May but in recent years Coachella has moved to early June. If you want all the details on the Coachella presale we have written a full article on it, which you can read at 

What is the Coachella payment plan schedule?

You can see the schedule for the Coachella payment plan below. The first payment will be due when you first purchase your passes (day of presale). From that point each month your card will be automatically charged another payment. As I mentioned, if you get a Coachella GA pass it will be $57 and if you go VIP to Coachella it will be $128.43.

Payment Number


Amount ($)


June 8th

$57 / $128.43


July 8th

$57 / $128.43


August 8th

$57 / $128.43


September 8th

$57 / $128.43


October 8th

$57 / $128.43


November 8th

$57 / $128.43


December 8th

$57 / $128.43


Coachella Payment Plan

What can I purchase during the Coachella presale / payment plan?

So the prices/split above are if you just purchase passes to Coachella. During the Coachella presale you are able to purchase anything you can in the general sale: camping passes, shuttle passes, parking passes, etc. Anything you purchase at this time will be added to your total and that total will be divided among the payments. For example, we always purchase general admission passes ($399) and shuttle passes ($75). This brings our total to $474, which is divided up among the 7 payments. So the numbers in the table above are $57 a month because they are just the $399 pass divided by 7 payments. Our payment plan is always $474 / 7, or $67.70. So in summary, whatever you end up purchasing during Coachella's presale will be divided among the payments.

How do I select the payment plan?

When you are purchasing your pass during the presale you will have the option to select the payment plan. When you are entering your credit card information there will be an option for the Coachella payment plan. Do NOT hit submit payment without selecting the payment plan or you will be charged for the entire pass.

How do the payments work each month? Do I need to go and do it monthly?

Nope, once you enter your payment information during the presale you should be fine for the rest of your Coachella payment plan. The card you use to purchase the passes originally will be automatically charged each month for one of the payments. 

What happens if I lose my card?

If you lose the card you made the original purchase you need to log-in to your Coachella account and update the payment information. You can do it all online, but you definitely want to do it ASAP. So if you lose your card go to your Coachella account, go to your payment information, and update the card number. If you don’t then Coachella will continue to charge your old card, which obviously won’t go through. If you don’t update your card quickly Coachella will take your wristband. From the official terms of services:

“I am responsible for making the payment in full within 10 days of the rejected charge. If a payment is not made in full within 10 days after the initial charge, your order WILL BE CANCELLED, and we will refund all money you have paid less a cancellation charge of $50.”

In summary: update your card in 10 days or you will be charged $50 and lose your Coachella pass. 

What if I need to change my shipping address?

This is a common issue with the Coachella payment plan. In June you enter your shipping information and you don’t get the Coachella wristbands until March. Just an FYI, Coachella passes typically begin shipping March 1. Let’s say you move between that time, completely reasonable. You need to go online and change your shipping address BEFORE February 21. This date can vary a bit year to year, but in 2017 the date was February 2017. Here are the steps to change your address for your Coachella wristbands:

  1. Head to and click Order Login.
  2. Log in to your Coachella account
  3. After logging in go to “My Orders”  in the “My Account” tab
  4. Select your order
  5. Click the “Edit” button next to your shipping address
  6. Update your shipping address to the proper address

Can I pay off my Coachella payment plan at anytime?

Yes, you can pay off your Coachella payment plan early if you wish to. You need to contact Front Gate Ticketing in order to do this. There is no way to do this on Coachella’s website so you need to go through the company who handles the ticketing for Coachella.


The Coachella payment plan is a great option if you want to split up the expensive Coachella passes. It will cut your GA pass down to $57 a month and your VIP passes to about $128. While you still pay the same amount for Coachella it does make it “seem” cheaper, which is really nice. I use the Coachella payment plan annually and cannot recommend it enough. If you still have questions about the Coachella payment plan feel free to reach out at, I will be happy to answer your question and add it to this list.

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