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Article Summary

  • Yes you should get a locker (in my opinion)
  • The locker is a big help for storing sunglasses at night, a hoodie for after the sun goes down, snuck in contraband so you don’t need to carry it all day, etc.
  • The lockers are all pretty big so you can get away with a medium locker
  • Lockers do sell out so don’t wait too long deciding

Should you buy a locker? Is it really worth it? Let’s dive into it.  First, the lockers work the same for both Coachella and Stagecoach so this advice works for both festivals.  If you are unaware, the two festivals occur in the same venue, are ran by the same organization, and use the same company for lockers.  So I have combined this article to offer advice on lockers for both Stagecoach and Coachella. 

Every year Coachella and Stagecoach offers festivalgoers the option to buy lockers through   If you have visited this website it honestly looks a little sketchy – it’s surprising Coachella doesn’t require them to make a website that looks at least 23% professional but I assure you this is the place to buy your locker.  You simply go onto the website and pick the festival that applies to you. There are only three options – Coachella Weekend 1, Coachella Weekend 2, and Stagecoach.

How much do Coachella / Stagecoach lockers cost?

There are three options for lockers.  The lockers vary by size, with larger lockers being more expensive.  Your options for Coachella & Stagecoach and lockers are listed below.

  1. Medium Locker – Dimensions are 15” x 16.5” x 28.5”.  The medium locker will cost you $55 for the three day rental.
  2. Large Locker – Dimensions are 22” x 16.5” x 28.5”.  The large locker costs $65 for the three day rental.
  3. Extra-Large Keyless Combo Locker – Dimensions are 22” x 19” x 31.5”.  The extra-large locker will cost you $80 for the three day festival. 

Should I get a locker for Coachella / Stagecoach?

In my opinion the locker is 100% worth it, and I am usually the type who tries to save money by skipping on unnecessary expenditures.  The locker isn’t necessary but it is really convenient to have.  The lockers just make it nice to have a place to put your stuff for the day.  It can get chilly at night so you can throw your jacket or hoodie in there and not have to carry it around with you in the 100 degree heat all day.  This is especially nice for the ladies - my fiancee always gets cold at night so we just store a jacket in our locker and snag it at night. If you smuggle in alcohol or other experience enhancers it is nice to have the locker to have it safely stored.  We also like to throw our sunglasses in there once the sun goes down and you don’t have to worry about losing them. It's just the convenience of not having to carry everything around with you, worry about someone stepping on it during a show, etc.

If you are camping at Coachella the locker is less necessary as you could just walk to your campsite and grab your stuff.  It’s still convenient to not have to leave the festival and just get the locker.  Plus you can split the cost of the locker so the price can be really reasonable. Ultimately you are paying for convenience. The level of importance this carries will vary by person.  I personally vote yes on the locker.  However, if you are really trying to save money then you can absolutely live without the locker.  It’s convenient, but not a requirement to enjoying Coachella or Stagecoach.

What size locker should I get?

Obviously this depends on how much crap you are throwing into it, but we (my fiancée and I) usually just get a medium locker.  It is large enough to hold our sunglasses, flasks, and hoodies with room to spare.  I actually think a medium locker is fine for 4-6 people, they are pretty spacious and you can jam a surprising amount of stuff in them. I wouldn't get a large one unless I had a fairly big squad at Coachella.

How do I pay for the locker? only accepts PayPal as payment for the locker.  You should also print this PayPal receipt and bring it with you to Coachella / Stagecoach as it will expedite the check in price.  The earlier you check-in with your locker on Friday of the festival the shorter the line will be. You don't need to print out the receipt though, this past year we showed it on our phones both weekends and had no problems.

Will the lockers sell out?

Yes, at least for Coachella I know for a fact they sell out.  Every year I go to Coachella they have sold out and relatively quickly.  I assume the same thing happens for Stagecoach, but I honestly do not know for sure.  Typically the lockers will go on sale in November and will sell out roughly in February in years past.  Note this sell out date varies a bit year to year so don’t wait too long deciding on a Coachella or Stagecoach locker.

Return Your Key and Snag $20

One thing they don't mention on the website is that the price for the locker is actually $20 cheaper than they advertise. If you manage to hold onto your key all Coachella (or Stagecoach) weekend they give you $20 cash when you return it. If you lose your key you won't get this, but assuming you can hold onto it you can get a locker for as low as $35 for the weekend - not bad at all!

Downside of Coachella/Stagecoach Lockers - Location

The only thing that sucks with the lockers is they are fucking far from everything. This has become even worse as of 2017 when Coachella was expanded. It's a legitimate 15-20 minute walk from the Mojave/Gobi tents to your locker, so you likely won't be using it too much throughout the day. We typically load it up when we first get to Coachella as we are near the lockers at that point, and only return at night. The lockers are just too far to be constantly going back to.


The Coachella / Stagecoach locker is a personal choice if you think it’s worth it for you.  I vote yes as I hate carrying things around with me all day, especially in the heat. If this isn't a big deal to you then I would say skip it and save some money.

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