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Coachella's official dates have it beginning on April 13, 2018 and ending on April 15, 2018. In general when we track hotel prices we add a day before the event start and a day after the event. For some events, like marathons we give an additional day before the event. For Coachella we track hotel prices for April 12, 2018 - April 16, 2018.

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The grand daddy of all music festivals – Coachella. Tickets to go to Coachella are not impossible to get but you need to be on top of it. Coachella tickets go on sale in two batches: the first is the presale in late May to early June. This is before the lineup is announced so you have to buy the tickets blind. The second set (which is the majority of the tickets) go on sale in January. This is when they announce the full lineup and the tickets on sale a few days later. Tickets will sell out within a couple of hours so you need to be on top of it, with multiple browsers open, and be ready to go. If you buy tickets in the summer you can take advantage of the payment plan and split up the $399 across 6 months of payments. The full price of tickets is due when the full batch of Coachella tickets goes on sale in January.

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