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Shaky Knees 2018 Hidden Gems: 5 Bands On Low Lines

April 24, 2018, 6:21 p.m.
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Shaky Knees is almost here - it's crazy Shaky Knees is only a couple of weeks away now. At this point I have listened to every band on the lineup, and it's a pretty great year for Shaky Knees. Everyone going to Shaky Knees knows about Queens of the Stone Age, Jack White, The National, War On Drugs and the other big names. But what about the little guys? Shaky Knees 2018 has a fantastic undercard, and one you should definitely make an effort to see. I know Shaky Knees days are long, and it starts early, but there's some fantastic talent in the lower lines. Here are our five favorite bands from the bottom few lines at Shaky Knees 2018 (in no particular order)

 Shaky Knees 2018 Hidden Gem: Ezra Furman

Ezra Furman writes some damn catchy songs. He also writes some damn good songs about thought provoking issues. I saw him at Coachella 2017 on an early Sunday day and he was well worth getting up early for. It's a mix of pop and rock that will have you tapping your foot and thinking about the lyrics. His most recent album, Transangelic Exodus, is one of the better releases thus far early in this year. Check that album out and also listen to the song above, "My Zero", and "Lousy Connection".

 Shaky Knees 2018 Hidden Gem: *repeat repeat

This may be my favorite discovery on the entire Shaky Knees 2018 poster. They're the type of band I just threw on randomly one morning and was instantly hooked, as they're just so damn catchy. "Mostly" is my jam but also look at "Girlfriend" and "Ghost". They're sort of like Sir Sly or Moon Taxi - rock with a lot of catchy hooks and guitar riffs and just the right time to have your foot tapping. Definitely give them a whirl if you want an early dance party.

 Shaky Knees 2018 Hidden Gem: Sir Sly

It feels almost weird to put Sir Sly on this list as I feel like they've been in my life for so long, but they're still on the lower lines so I'm putting them on. They have two albums, and they're both a lot of fun. I'd say they're like Bad Suns or Moon Taxi but I feel like they have a lot more range and variety than those bands. Definitely a band to watch in the coming years, I'd expect them to keep rising up the posters.

 Shaky Knees 2018 Hidden Gem: Stop Light Observations

Alright enough with the pop rock! While *repeat repeat may be my favorite discovery of the Shaky Knees 2018 poster, this is likely my favorite song. I'm not sure the bands whole catalogue is as good as this, but what band is as good their top song? I am yet to see them live but everything I hear is that they absolutely kick ass. I'm really excited to check these guys out at Shaky Knees 2018.

 Shaky Knees 2018 Hidden Gem: Torres

If you like Big Thief this band is right up your alley. They are sort of in the dark indie territory with Big Thief, Mitski or Julien Baker. They definitely have a little more variety than Big Thief or those other actswith some electronica mixed in, but they are definitely in that realm. The problem is they conflict with Stop Light Orchestra, so there is a tough decision to be made for Saturday morning. 


Shaky Knees 2018 has a sneaky great undercard this year - I did my top five lower line bands but I easily could have done 10 or 15. Others I really like are Mikky Ekko, Black Angels, Welles, and L.A. Witch. You still have time to dive into the Shaky Knees 2018, be sure to get some listening in before Shaky Knees is here!

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