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How To Get To Shaky Knees

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Where is Shaky Knees?

How do people get to Shaky Knees?

Walk, Bike, MARTA Train, or Uber

Does Shaky Knees offer transportation?

No, Shaky Knees offers no official shuttles or transportation to the festival

Our recommendation for getting to Shaky Knees

Shaky Knees takes place in Central Park, which takes place about two miles from Downtown Atlanta. If you are staying in the Downtown area you would be close enough to bike, which is a great option. Atlanta offers a bike share program known as Relay Bike Share that has stations throughout the city, including near Shaky Knees. This is a great option if you are comfortable with biking in the city. If you don't want to bike the next best option would be to take the MARTA, which is the local train. You can take the Gold Line to Civic Center and from there walk to Shaky Knees. Each way on the MARTA will only be $2.50, which makes it a convenient and economical way to get to Shaky Knees. You can Uber or go other ways by car, but we highly recommend going by either bike or train.

Detailed Guides On Shaky Knees Transportation

Getting to Shaky Knees: Public Transportation, Biking, Uber

  • The recommended way to get to Shaky Knees is to use public transportation. If you are staying downtown you can take the Gold/Red line or a bus to Shaky Knees
  • Biking and walking are also great options to get to Shaky Knees
  • You can drive if you want, but I suggest one of the other methods: you don’t have to pay for parking and you won’t have to deal with all the traffic

How much does it cost to get to Shaky Knees?

If you go with the Bike Share program it is either $3.50 per 30 minute ride or you can get a monthly pass for $15. If you go with MARTA it will be $2.50 per ride, or $15 for the whole weekend.

Is there parking onsite??

No, there is no parking offered at Central Park for Shaky Knees.