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  • The recommended way to get to Shaky Knees is to use public transportation. If you are staying downtown you can take the Gold/Red line or a bus to Shaky Knees
  • Biking and walking are also great options to get to Shaky Knees
  • You can drive if you want, but I suggest one of the other methods: you don’t have to pay for parking and you won’t have to deal with all the traffic

Off to Shaky Knees? I am jealous – Shaky Knees is an awesome festival. Once you have your tickets and accommodations now it’s time to figure out how you are going to get to Shaky Knees. Luckily, Shaky Knees is in a very central location making it fairly convenient to get to when compared to other music festivals. Still, if you haven’t been to Atlanta before you are sure to have questions on how to get to Shaky Knees. This article goes over all your options for getting to Shaky Knees, so when you get to Atlanta you can just relax and enjoy the festivities.

Where exactly does Shaky Knees take place?

Shaky Knees takes place inside Central Park in the city of Atlanta, GA.  The exact location of the festival is 400 Merritts Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30308. Central Park is a couple of miles northeast of Downtown Atalnta. It’s a great place to host Shaky Knees that is quite convnenient. If you are staying in downtown or midtown this is a great location with easy access via public transportation, walking, or biking. If you compared Shaky Knees to other music festivals it has a very favorable, centrally located venue.

Driving to Shaky Knees

As I always say with any music festival, you can drive to Shaky Knees, but I highly recommend against it unless it’s really your only option. The traffic will be pretty rough and the parking is overpriced. Also you obviously cannot enjoy adult beverages like you could if you didn’t have to drive.

That said, many people drive so I would be remissed if I didn’t put this up as a viable option. If you do drive to Shaky Knees there is on-site parking and you will need to purchase a parking pass. You can purchase your Shaky Knees parking passes through thier official website. You can purchase parking passes for either 1 day, 2 days, or all 3 days of Shaky Knees. Spots come on a first come, first serve basis with people who book their parking earlier getting better spots. If you are driving to Shaky Knees we recommend rethinking that, but if you persist then purchase your parking early. If you want parking for one day it is going to be $14 for a car or $25 for a bus. If you want a 3 day parking pass to Shaky Knees it will be $40.

If you do drive to Shaky Knees my advice would to be go as early as possible. The gates to the festival open at 11:30 a.m. daily with music beginning at 11:45 a.m. Shaky Knees begins getting busy in the afternoon so if you go early you can avoid much of the traffic getting into Shaky Knees. I would also advise leaving a little before the headliner wraps up, unless you really like the headliner. There is a mad rush to leave once the headliner finishes so if you can sneak out before this you will save a ton of time. The other option is to stick around the area and get a beer or food once the headliner finishes and then leave. Either option lets you avoid a lot of traffic leaving Shaky Knees.

Marta Map Atlanta

Taking Public Transportation to Shaky Knees

This is the recommended way to get to Shaky Knees. The best way to get to Shaky Knees is to use the MARTA, which is the Atlanta public transportation system. The best way to get to Shaky Knees from Downtown Atlanta is to take the MARTA Bus #40  to Peachtree Street @ Renaissance Parkway. From here it is about a 15 minute walk to Shaky Knees. If that's too far of a walk for you then you can take the #40 Bus to Peachtree St & Ponce De Leon Ave and from there take the #102 bus to within a few minute walk to Shaky Knees. You can get all the information on the Blue Line of the MARTA here. Even if you aren’t right by a bus stop you can likely either walk to it or take a train to near one. Note that if you are staying in Midtown you take a similar route on the #40 bus to the #102 but you take the #40 going south instead of North. The best part is the MARTA is fairly inexpensive with one way trips being just $2.50. This is a much cheaper option than parking daily, and you can consume as many adult beverages as you like. The MARTA is really easy to use and their website is great; I highly recommend you look into using it to get to Shaky Knees. The fest itself states this is the easiest way to get there.

Shaky Knees Biking 

Biking to Shaky Knees

Atlanta in general tries to be very bike friendly. Check out this website – they have a map of every bike rack in the city and even list the nearby dining sites. If you want to bike to Shaky Knees it is a great option – there are a good amount of bike racks near Central Park, where Shaky Knees takes place. You can see all the nearby bike racks above. You do need to bring your own lock, but this is a fantastic option for getting Shaky Knees. You can come and go as you please, don’t have to deal with traffic, don’t have to pay for parking and won’t be sandwiched in like a sardine in public transportation after Shaky Knees. If you are traveling from out of town, there are tons of places in Atlanta to rent bikes. Atlanta also has a bike share program called Relay Bike Share. If you are unfamiliar with bike share programs this is how it works: you basically grab the bike at a designated rack somewhere in the city and you can drop it off at any other Relay Bike Share rack through the city. If you want to go this route it will be $8 for an hour rental, so you could pick one up near your hotel and ride it to Shaky Knees for $8. Then you could do the same at night. Of course you can also find a bike rental business throughout the city and go that route. Either way biking to Shaky Knees is a great option – just be sure to remember where you lock it up! It can be hard to find at night after a few adult beverages!

Walking to Shaky Knees

Obviously this is really only an option if you are staying in Downtown Atlanta, but if you can walk to Shaky Knees I would go this route. You don’t have to pay for anything and you won’t be stuck in any traffic. This is the main advantage of staying downtown, so if you can walk I would just do this. Admittedly it can be a long walk, most likely around a half hour or so, but if you can manage it this is always the best option.

Uber / Lyft to Shaky Knees

Again, you can do this but I suggest against it. Going to Shaky Knees it won’t be horrible, especially if you go there early. However, going home at the end of the night the Uber is going to be overpriced. If you don't care then have at it, but if you are trying to be economical then Uber is not the way. Expect elevated rates and a lot of competition for the Uber. If you are Ubering I would suggest either leaving before the headliner wraps up, or trying to get an Uber a bit after the headliner has finished. Go get a beer or some food after the headliner wraps up, and then call for the Uber. Once Shaky Knees ends there is a huge rush of people leaving and there will be tons of people requesting an Uber, causing peak rates. Save your self some money and frustration by going a little early or a little late. I still suggest against Uber as I think there are better options, but you can definitely go this route if you don’t mind paying extra.


Getting to Shaky Knees really isn’t too bad compared to other music festivals. If you want to drive you just need to purchase a parking pass and be prepared for traffic. I recommend just using public transportation – it’ll only cost $5 a day and it runs throughout the city and drops off pretty close to Shaky Knees. If you can, biking or walking are also great options for Shaky Knees that require some physical exertion, but you can burn off some of that beer you drank all day. The point is, there are plenty of easy and stress free ways to get to Shaky Knees.

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