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  • Shaky Knees takes place at Central Park just northeast of Downtown Atlanta
  • The best two areas to stay for Shaky Knees are Downtown and Midtown. Downtown is closer to Shaky Knees, while Midtown will have more to do outside of Shaky Knees. Either is a great place to stay for Shaky Knees.
  • Buckhead is also a great place to stay for Shaky Knees, but it will have a bit of a commute into Shaky Knees.
  • If you can’t stay in any of these areas then definitely stay near a MARTA stop.

One of the most common questions when it comes to Shaky Knees is where you should book your accommodations for the weekend. Some music festivals take place in big touristy cities – Outside Lands in San Francisco, Lollapalooza in Chicago, Austin City Limits in Austin, etc. – so people generally know where to stay. Shaky Knees takes place in Atlanta, a city most people have only visited on a layover when they are heading off somewhere else. Never fear! We are here to let you know where you should stay in Atlanta for Shaky Knees. This guide will go over the popular areas for Shaky Knees and how much you can expect to pay for those areas. The good news is Atlanta is fairly cheap compared to some other music festivals. Shaky Knees is one of the cheapest music festivals we track hotel prices for at Event Track. This is great news as the passes are also fairly cheap for Shaky Knees, so it is a budget friendly music festival! Anyways, let’s get to where you should be staying for Shaky Knees.

Where is Shaky Knees?

Before I go into the different areas of Atlanta to stay for Shaky Knees lets briefly go over where the festival takes place. Shaky Knees now takes place at Central Park, which is about two miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. It is a new venue for Shaky Knees and generally has had good reviews. It’s a good location as there are a lot of hotels in the immediate area and it is fairly easy to get to by bus, walking or bike. This means Shaky Knees should be fairly easy to get to regardless of where you stay in Atlanta. Still there are some areas that are better than others for Shaky Knees. Lets go over them.

Staying in Downtown Atlanta for Shaky Knees

The best area to stay for Shaky Knees is going to be downtown Atlanta. Shaky Knees is about two miles away from downtown Atlanta, so you will be able to walk to Shaky Knees if you can handle it or have a short commute in. Here are the main perks of staying in downtown Atlanta for Shaky Knees:

  • You can take a long walk or bike to Shaky Knees from pretty much any hotel in downtown Atlanta.

  • There will be plenty of bars and restaurants around your hotel if you stay in downtown for Shaky Knees. This isn’t to say downtown Atlanta is the second coming of Vegas, but there will be plenty of places to eat or grab an adult beverage.

  • There are plenty of nice hotels in the area. You will see all the common hotel chains like Hilton, Westin or Sheraton

  • Downtown Atlanta is very easy to get to from the airport. You can take either the Gold or Red line MARTA trains from the airport to downtown. It is about a 20 minute ride and only $2.50 each way.

So what’s the problem with staying in downtown Atlanta for Shaky Knees? Downtown Atlanta is probably the most expensive area to stay for Shaky Knees. The average hotel cost in downtown is about $180. There are a few hotels around $135 and hotels as expensive as $225. So if you stay downtown for Shaky Knees you are going to be spending $450+ (for the weekend) at least for the hotel, and probably more. If you can handle paying that much then downtown is ideal for Shaky Knees. If that’s too steep for you don’t worry, there are cheaper areas. Note that as usual the earlier you book the better deal you can snag.

Staying in Midtown Atlanta for Shaky Knees

Just north of downtown is Midtown Atlanta, also a great place to stay for Shaky Knees. Midtown Atlanta is the second largest business district in Atlanta and has plenty of hotels. You can get to Midtown Atlanta from the airport by taking the Gold Line to the airport. To get to Shaky Knees from Midtown you take the #40 bus to the $102 bus, and from there it is a short walk to Shaky Knees. The point is Midtown is also easy to get to from the airport, and it is easy to get to Shaky Knees from Midtown. This makes Midtown a great place to stay for Shaky Knees.

So should you stay in mid-town or downtown? Honestly they are very similar. Midtown tends to be a little more pedestrian friendly and has a bit more in terms of culture. Downtown Atlanta is a pure business center while Midtown has more in terms of shops, restaurants and bars. Midtown is more of a neighborhood feel, while Downtown feels more like a city. There are also many touristy things to do in Midtown such as High Museum, Piedmont Park, Fox Theatre and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. You can’t go wrong with either though – Downtown is a little easier to get to Shaky Knees from and Midtown has a bit more to do. Hotel prices are the same in each area, so in Midtown you are also looking at $450+ for a Shaky Knees hotel.

Staying in Buckhead for Shaky Knees

Buckhead is another common area to stay in Atlanta for Shaky Knees. Buckhead is about 6 miles north of downtown, so you will have a bit of a commute into Atlanta for Shaky Knees, but you will save a lot of money. Ultimately you can take public transportation from Buckhead, but your commute in every day will be an hour+. You are more likely going to either drive yourself or take an Uber to Shaky Knees each day. It's only 6 miles away so it won't be too bad, especially if you have a squad to split the bill amongst.

Buckhead is also one of the most popular places to go out at night to party in Atlanta. You will have plenty of places nearby to go out and get an adult beverages. Some of Atlanta’s most popular bars in Atlanta are in Buckhead, so you will have an excellent opportunity go out and have fun if you stay in Buckhead.


MRTA Atlanta Shaky kNees

Other Areas to Stay for Shaky Knees

Before I make my final suggestions I just want to emphasize you really should aim to stay in one of the areas above. It is better to stay in a good area in a cheap hotel than a better hotel in an area that is further away. You don’t want an hour commute into Shaky Knees everyday, especially at night after a long day at the festival. If there is one thing you splurge on it should to be near one of the areas above. There are cheap options, especially if you book in advance, so just book one of these. 

That said, if you can’t book a hotel near Shaky Knees then my only suggestion is to book a hotel near a MARTA station. You can see the MARTA map above or go to the official MARTA website at If you stay near a MARTA stop you will be able to get to Shaky Knees easy enough. It should be noted that getting home after Shaky Knees is a different story: the trains don’t run very late in Atlanta so you may need to Uber or Lyft home. If you stay in a different area far away from Downtown you will definitely save money, but you will have a more difficult commute into Shaky Knees. So if you can’t stay in Downtown, Midtown or Buckhead for Shaky Knees at least stay near a MARTA station.


The best areas of Atlanta to stay in for Shaky Knees are Downtown or Midtown. These are the most expensive areas but they have the easiest access to Shaky Knees and plenty to do when Shaky Knees isn’t happening. Buckhead is also a popular area with plenty of nightlife. If you can’t stay in any of these areas then just stay near a MARTA station.

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