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Shaky Knees VIP: Is it worth it? What are the perks?

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  • Shaky Knees general admission passes are $185 while the VIP experience at Shaky Knees will run you $525
  • The main perks of Shaky Knees are private VIP area, private viewing area of the Peachtree Stage, free beer, appetizers twice a day, and private bathrooms
  • Shaky Knees VIP passes are a rare instance where I do recommend going VIP – treat yoself!

An age old question with any music festival is if the VIP passes are worth it.  Shaky Knees is no exception – this is one of the most common question that comes with Shaky Knees.  Unlike many music festivals, the VIP experience at Shaky Knees has really great reviews.  However, is it worth it? It’s a pretty substantial increase in price from the Shaky Knees general admission passes.  Let’s get into it.

Shaky Knees VIP

Shaky Knees Ticket Options

Before going into if the Shaky Knees VIP perks justify the costs let’s briefly discuss the ticket options for Shaky Knees. Shaky Knees offer three levels of passes: general admission, VIP, and platinum. Let’s first go over the general admission passes and what you get with those.

Shaky Knees General Admission - $185 for 3-Day or $99 for Single Day

  • One commemorative RFID-enabled wristband
  • Over 60 performances
  • Food from regional and local restaurants including vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free options
  • Shop official band merch, festival merch, and specialty items from dozens of art vendors
  • Sponsor areas with giveaways throughout the park
  • Bars & concessions throughout the park with Shaky Knees Cashless availability
  • Water stations with free refills
  • Children 8 & under allowed in free with a ticketed adult

Shaky Knees VIP - $525 for 3-Day or $275 for Single Day

  • Unlimited VIP Lounge Access
  • Viewing Platform with Premium Sightlines
  • Complimentary Beer and Water
  • Cash Liquor Bar
  • Appetizers served Twice Daily
  • Relaxed Lounge Seating
  • Dedicated Air Conditioned Restrooms
  • Access To All General Admission Areas

Shaky Knees Platinum Passes - $1,200

  • One RFID-enabled Platinum wristband with access to the Platinum Lounge
  • Access to Main stage – on stage viewing  *(subject to artist rules and availability)
  • Private Open Bar
  • Complimentary Catered Dinner
  • Shaded and Relaxed Lounge Seating
  • On Site Concierge Services
  • Air Conditioned Restrooms
  • Dedicated Platinum Entrance
  • Complimentary Lockers with Mobile Charging
  • Exclusive Shaky Knees Merchandise Gift
  • Access to all VIP Lounge and areas
  • Access to All Areas Available to General Admission

Shaky Knees VIP Benefits Breakdown

Now let’s go over each of the Shaky Knees VIP benefits to see which are actually worth it and break them down. A lot of times with VIP perks list music festivals add on a bunch of garbage that really isn’t worth it, so it’s important to really think about if each one is worth it. A final point is to note that Shaky Knees VIP passes cost $340 more than a general admission pass, and nearly three times the overall cost. For Shaky Knees VIP passes to be worth it they need to be worth at least this much. Anyways, let’s go through your Shaky Knees VIP perks one by one.

Unlimited VIP Lounge Access – The VIP lounge for Shaky Knees is your standard VIP lounge - comfy chairs, actual bathrooms with flushable toilets, private bars, etc. It's a great place to recharge if you get tired during the day, but ultimately you will spend more of your time at the actual concerts and not at lounge.

Shaky knees VIP Area

Viewing Platform with Premium Sightlines - This is probably the most debatable Shaky Knees VIP perk – for some people it is awesome and for some people it is underwhelming. Let’s start with the good. Shaky Knees VIPers are given a special viewing area that gives a clear view of the Peachtree Stage. If you have never been to Shaky Knees before then just know the Peachtree Stage is the main stage, so it is the one you want VIP views for. The area gives a clear view of the stage where you will clearly be able to both hear the performance and see the screens. Another nice perk of this area is the fact that the VIP area at Shaky Knees just doesn’t get that busy. Due to this, you will be able to show up whenever you please before a show and secure a solid spot. In the Shaky Knees general admission area it is quite different as you pretty much need to setup camp early to get a good spot.

So what’s the problem? Well, for many people, the VIP views are pretty underwhelming because they are so off to the side. If you like to be front and center then you will be disappointed by the Shaky Knees VIP special viewing area. Basically it comes down to personal preference: if you are fine with a view off to the side then the Shaky Knees VIP viewing area are terrific. If you prefer to be front and center then you aren’t going to be thrilled with this.

Complimentary Beer and Water – Free beer? Hell yeah! Obviously this perk is sort of based on how much of a beer drinker you are. If you do enjoy a nice, cold brew and show then this perk is awesome. Beers at Shaky Knees and most music festivals in general will run you $10+ a pop so over a three-day weekend this can add up quite quickly. Even the free water is a nice perk. Shaky Knees offers free water in the general admission areas as well, but these are usually from a fountain that gets a really long line. Again, there are 40,000+ people in the general admission versus a few hundred in the VIP area. The lines for water at Shaky Knees can get to be 20+ minutes in the GA section – it’s annoying to the point that often I will just buy water. Shaky Knees VIPers get free bottled water that is easily and quickly accessible. This is one of the top perks for Shaky Knees VIPers.

Cash Liquor Bar – Eh, not really a perk. You can get alcohol if you are in the general admission area of Shaky Knees. The main perk here is the bar in the Shaky Knees VIP area will have far fewer people in it so you will not have to wait in line. The drinks won’t be any cheaper (or stronger) than if you had a regular general admission pass, so I consider this a very minor perk since it does save you some time.

Appetizers served Twice Daily – Totally worth it. You are going to need to eat when you are at Shaky Knees so this can directly be subtracted out of the costs of the VIP. Making it even better is the fact that they serve legit grub for the appetizers. It can be sandwiches or southern specialities like fried chicken. The menu will vary year to year, but Shaky Knees does not stiff you with this perk – it is legit portions, enough to tide you over while for quite awhile. This is actually refreshing as most music festivals who offer this type of perk are pretty shitty, but Shaky Knees VIP really shines here.

Relaxed Lounge Seating – Another really nice perk with the Shaky Knees VIP area where you can find some much needed seating. You are going to spend a lot of time on your feet at Shaky Knees – walking to the festival, walking between the stages, standing at shows, etc. There is also limited seating throughout the festival – that eats up space in a very crowded area. The Shaky Knees VIP area has couches and chairs in shaded areas where you can take a much needed break. You will be able to sit on something besides the ground and still hear the music pretty clearly. Given Atlanta is regularly 80+  and humid this time of year sometimes it is nice to sit and take a break.

Reserved Air Conditioned Restrooms – This is the VIP benefit that I think is routinely discounted by people who haven’t been to a music festival before. As a male with a rather strong gag reflex I can say that even I am disgusted by the bathroom situation at most music festivals. There’s really not much Shaky Knees can do about it – there are 40,000+ people there, using limited facilities, and it is hot in Atlanta in May. Even if you’ve never been to Shaky Knees you can use your imagination about how these will look by the end of the night. Enter your swanky VIP private bathrooms! These will be much cleaner, actually flush, and even give you a break from the dreaded Atlanta humidity. In general there are just a lot less people in the Shaky Knees VIP area so they will be much better in terms of cleanliness. A final plus is you will also never have to wait in line to use the bathroom. As I said, don’t estimate how nice of a perk this is, especially for females who have to sit on those dreaded things.

How do Shaky Knees VIP passes compare to other music festivals?

Music festivals tend to be very similar to one another when it comes to VIP passes. Nearly all of them offer private VIP lounges, special bathrooms, special entrances and special viewing areas. Shaky Knees VIP viewing areas even face the same problem with most of them: you get a convenient view in an area that isn’t crowded, but it is off to the side. The difference with Shaky Knees VIP passes is just how affordable they are compared to other festivals. The $525 price tag is quite affordable, especially given some perks that aren’t common to all VIP areas such as free appetizers and free beers. The table below shows some of the VIP pass costs for other music fesitvals.


Cost ($)

Shaky Knees




Outside Lands


Hangout Fest

1099, 1599

Governors Ball




Obviously this isn’t an exact apples to apples comparison: some music festivals attract bigger talent than others and the VIP perks can vary from festival to festival. That said, Shaky Knees VIP passes are quite affordable compared to other music festivals. Furthermore, Shaky Knees VIP perks are actually better than a lot of festivals. The VIP area is closer to the stage at Shaky Knees than most festivals and the free food / beer is definitely not a standard of music festivals. My main point is that if you are going to do VIP at any music festival Shaky Knees is one of the best bang for the buck VIP’s out there.

Final Verdict on Shaky Knees VIP – YES

I will say that in general I do not recommend VIP passes; I simply don’t think they generally offer you enough for the steep increase in price. Shaky Knees is an exception. There’s just too much value in the Shaky Knees VIP passes to not snag them in my opinion. Perhaps I’m adjusted to Coachella passes, which are $429, so $525 for VIP seems a steal, but I definitely say go VIP at Shaky Knees. Free beer and appetizers, which really are pushing the size of legitimate meals, cut down on the price different a lot. Add in the private area with plush seating, private restrooms, and the VIP viewing area of the Peachtree Stage and the VIP passes are a sweet deal. You will have fun either way at Shaky Knees, but I would suggest going VIP if you can afford it.

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