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  • Shaky Knees early bird passes are $159 and standard general admission passes are $185
  • Passes go on sale in mid-January
  • Shaky Knees offers a payment plan which breaks the costs into three payments
  • Shaky Knees is not a high sell out risk, you have time to decide if you want to attend the festival

Shaky Knees Festival takes place every May in Atlanta, Georgia.  If you have any questions at all about obtaining tickets for the festival you have come to the right place.  This post will break down absolutely everything you need to know about Shaky Knees tickets from when they go on sale to how much the tickets will cost you.  Shaky Knees is a great festival so let’s make sure you know everything about getting the passes to go.

How much are Shaky Knees tickets?

Like most festivals, Shaky Knees has a few different tiers of tickets.  There is an early bird sale offering where you can get the tickets at their lowest price of $155 plus the additional processing fees.  Once the early bird passes for Shaky Knees sellout you will need to buy the standard general admission passes.  For 2017 the general admission passes are $185 plus fees.

What do I get with passes to Shaky Knees?

Shaky Knees advertises that you will get the following perks with the purchase of a general admission pass to Shaky Knees:

  • One commemorative RFID-enabled wristband
  •  Over 60 performances
  • Food from regional and local restaurants including vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free options
  • Shop official band merch, festival merch, and specialty items from dozens of art vendors
  • Sponsor areas with giveaways throughout the park
  • Bars & concessions throughout the park with Shaky Knees Cashless availability
  • Water stations with free refills
  • Children 8 & under allowed in free with a ticketed adult

How much are the fees for Shaky Knees?

The fees for the general admission passes to Shaky Knees are $13.14. 

How much will it cost to ship my Shaky Knees Passes?

The shipping options are a flat rate for $5 or you can get expedited shipping for $15

I suck at math, how much do the tickets come to total?

If you include the Shaky Knees passes ($185), fees ($13.14) and shipping ($5) you total for Shaky Knees passes are $203.14.

Does Shaky Knees offer single day passes?

Yes! Shaky Knees offers individual day passes for each day of the festival.  They aren’t on sale yet for 2017 but in years past the single day passes have gone for $97.

Does Shaky Knees offer VIP Passes?

Yes, like all other festivals, Shaky Knees offers VIP passes.  They are more expensive at $525 plus fees, so you will be paying nearly three times the cost of Shaky Knees general admission passes.  There are also single day VIP passes for Shaky Knees.

What do I get with VIP passes to Shaky Knees?

The following are the perks for Shaky Knees VIP passholders:

  • Unlimited VIP Lounge Access
  • Viewing Platform with Premium Sightlines
  • Complimentary Beer and Water
  • Cash Liquor Bar
  • Appetizers served Twice Daily
  • Relaxed Lounge Seating
  • Reserved Air Conditioned Restrooms
  • Access To All General Admission Areas

What about parking?

Shaky Knees uses Parkmobile to offer parking to its festivalgoers.  You can purchase parking for individual days or for the entire three day festival.  If you purchase parking for the entire Shaky Knees festival it will cost you $40.  If you want to purchase single day parking it will cost you $14 per day.

Shaky Knees Payment Plan

Does Shaky Knees offer a payment plan?

Yes, Shaky Knees offers a payment plan assuming you purchase before February 10th.  The payment plan breaks down the passes to three payments, whether you purchase general admission passes or VIP passes for Shaky Knees.  On the day you make your purchase you will owe 40% of the Shaky Knees passes costs.  Then on February 10th and March 10th you will owe the remaining 30% of the passes.

Can I bring my kids to Shaky Knees?

Yes, you can but as someone who doesn’t have kids please don’t.  If you must you are in luck – children under 8 can attend Shaky Knees for free.

When will my tickets ship?

Wristbands for Shaky Knees will ship 2 to 4 weeks before the festival.  Given Shaky Knees is in mid-May you can expect your passes to ship around mid to late April.

What if I need to change my existing order?

If you need to make a change to your Shaky Knees order, such as change the shipping address, you need to contact Front Gate tickets.  They can be reached at (888) 512-SHOW.

Does Shaky Knees sellout?

This is difficult to say as it will vary from year to year and is highly dependent on the lineup.  That said, typically if the festival does sell out it doesn’t happen until shortly before the festival.  In years past you can usually still get tickets up to around April.  Shaky Knees certainly isn’t a high sell out risk like Coachella or Outside Lands – you have time to decide if you want to attend Shaky Knees.

Are Shaky Knees wristbands waterproof?

A surprisingly common question: yes the wristbands are fully waterproof. You can shower with them, go in the pool, sweat, do the dishes and any other water related activities and your wristband will be just fine.

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