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Who Should Hangout Festival Replace Frank Ocean With?

May 6, 2017, 5:17 p.m.
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UPDATE: Phoenix has replaced Frank Ocean. Read all about it here.

Frank Ocean was a huge get for Hangout Music Festival. Hangout is by no means a small festival, but it also isn't Coachella or Lollapalooza. The festival boasted a pretty impressive set of headliners this year by snagging both Frank Ocean and Chance The Rapper. As we posted yesterday though it appears that Frank Ocean will be dropping out of Hangout Music Festival 2017. I genuinely feel bad for anyone who bought tickets to see him - that's a shitty situation. The reason Frank Ocean was such a great get for Hangout wasn't that he's the biggest star in the world, it was that there is some serious exclusivity with getting him. Chance is playing every festival in the world, Hangout was one of the few festivals that had Frank Ocean this year. 

So who could Hangout Festival get to replace Frank Ocean? Let's speculate at some options. I have no inside information for what Hangout is going to do, this is purely speculation. For the record, I would say anyone who headlined Hangout 2016 or Hangout 2015 is out. Here are some other potential contenders.

Hangout Potential Replacement #1 - Kendrick Lamar

I feel this is a long shot, but this would be Hangout's best case scenario. Between DAMN and his monster Coachella performance this is the year of King Kendrick. I feel this is the one snag Hangout could get for Frank Ocean that would please the majority of the crowd and still have a high level of exclusivity for the festival. Kendrick is open as his tour doesn't begin until July, but it still feels unlikely.

Hangout Potential Replacement #2 - LCD Soundsystem

Obviously LCD replaced Frank Ocean at Sasquatch, so perhaps they just keep it going at Hangout. They are open as they have no other shows scheduled and have not played Hangout. LCD definitely doesn't feel as exclusive as Frank Ocean as they have played every festival in the world it feels in the past year, but they are still a great time. Hearing "All My Friends" on the Beach at Hangout would be spectacular.

Hangout Potential Replacement #3 - Drake

This is more a play for playing towards the same fanbase - I am in no way endorsing Drake personally. I do think there would be large overlap in the fan bases and he is definitely a big name that could help fill the gap by Frank Ocean. Drake currently has no shows scheduled so who knows if he's even an option, but it could placate some people.

Hangout Potential Replacement #4 - Childish Gambino

I love Gambino, but I'm not sure he's quite headliner status. I think normally he may be a subheadliner at Hangout but with the desperate need to fill the gap they could bump him to a headliner and no one would complain. He's extremely exclusive this year coming off an awesome new album so I think this is probably the best case scenario after Kendrick Lamar for Hangout. He is set to play Governors Ball shortly after Hangout, so he is likely prepared to step in if he wanted to. The issue with Gambino is always the schedule as he has so much going on outside of just music, but this would be a great snag for Hangout.


Like I said this is just me speculating: I assume Hangout will make their announcement soon. We are now officially less than two weeks away from Hangout as it begins on May 19th. I would guess they are scrambling exacerbating all options trying to find a suitable replacement for Frank Ocean. Regardless of who they get it sucks - people spend a lot of money to go to these festivals, and for people who bought it for Frank Ocean there probably is no equal replacement. That said, hopefully who are happy with whoever they announce (likely) next week. Who do you want to see at Hangout to replace Frank Ocean? Let us know by email or on Twitter!

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