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Who could headline Hangout 2018? Lineup Rumors & Predictions!

Oct. 12, 2017, 6:32 p.m.
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Now that we are well into October it means the festival season for 2017 is winding down. It also means that lineup season is almost upon us. Obviously January is the big month with Coachella, Bonnaroo, Governors Ball, and a lot more linesup. However, before that happens we are also expecting the Hangout Fest 2018 lineup - at least if the recent trend continues. The table below shows the date Hangout has released their lineup recently. 


Day of Lineup Announcement


January 15th   


January 12th


November 17th  


November 29th

As you can see they have transitioned from mid-January to November. If that holds true again in 2018 it means the Hangout 2018 lineup is nearly here! So who should / could headline? Let's first go over who has headlined Hangout in recent years:

Recent Hangout Headliners

2017 - Mumford & Sons, Twenty One Pilots, Frank Ocean / Phoenix, Chance The Rapper

2016 - The Weeknd, Calvin Harris, Florence + The Machine

2015 - Foo Fighters, Zac Brown Band, Beck

2014 - The Black Keys, The Killers, Outkast, Jack Johnson

2013 - Tom Petty, Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon

So typically there are three or four headliners, with at least two being big rock acts. So with that in mind here are our picks for who could headline Hangout 2018, as well as other people in contention.

Hangout 2018 Headliner Predictions

Hangout Fest The Killers

Hangout 2018 Headliner - The Killers

Yes, yes I know - not everyone likes The Killers. That said, they will be touring next year and currently their dates go to May 5th, 2018 in Australia. Hangout will be a couple of weeks after that, which gives them plenty of time to make it back to the States for some US festival headlining spots in the summer. They last headlined Hangout in 2014, so it has been long enough, and often do headline festivals on their album releases. They did a few festival in 2017 and I expect some more in 2018, including Hangout.

Gorillaz Hangout Festival

Hangout 2018 Headliner - Gorillaz

How fun would this be on the beach? Perhaps it's just wishful thinking but Gorillaz would be a lot of fun at Hangout 2018, and could make a lot of sense. They've never headlined Hangout and will be touring into 2018. Currently their tour dates go through the end of March, leaving them wide open for a summer tour. They've been doing a lot of festivals in 2017, but mostly Live Nation. Hangout would be a great opportunity to fit in a Goldenvoice festival in 2018. Please make this happen Hangout!

Vampire Weekend Hangout

Hangout 2018 Headliner - Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend has been rumored to be making their glorious return for years now and year after year it hasn't happened. Well, in 2018 it could finally happen and it could lead to a headlining spot at Hangout. Hangout typically features at least one (usually more) rock headliners, and Vampire Weekend with a new album could make a lot of sense. They will be touring, likely aren't big enough to headline larger festivals like Coachella but likely would at a place like Hangout, and they have never headlined at Hangout. That could change in 2018 if they are back on the festival circuit.

Odesza Hangout

Hangout 2018 Headliner - Odesza

I thought about putting a rapper here, but outside of Kendrick I don't know who it could be: Jay-Z is locked into a Live Nation contract, Chance just headlined, I can't see Eminem playing Hangout when he hasn't done Coachella, and on ward. It could be argued Odesza wouldn't be big enough to headline, but they did just top the billing of Bumbershoot, which is a similarly sized festival. They are also booked for a lot of Goldenvoice shows / venues this year, making it seem more apparent they would play some of their festivals. We are already expecting them to have a high billing at Coachella, and I could see them as the lower end 4th headliner at Hangout.

Other Potential Hangout Headliners

Those are just my picks on who makes sense for Hangout 2018, but there are plenty of artists in contention. Here's who else we are expecting to be on the festival circuit in 2018 and a potential headliner for Hangout.

  • Kendrick Lamar - I don't think this will happen, but Kendrick would undoubtedly headline and he has never topped the billing at Hangout. In fact, he hasn't played Hangout since 2013, making it too long since he's been in Gulf Shores. He would be a great snag as a headliner if they can book him.

  • Foo Fighters - Probably too soon to have them back in 2018 after headlining in 2015, but it is possible. They are on a massive tour with a large gap from February to June for their new album. I see Bonnaroo as more likely for them, but Hangout has a slim chance.

  • Arctic Monkeys - New album and accompanying tour is pending for 2018. They would arguably headline larger festivals such as Coachella, so Hangout would most definitely be nothing short of a headlining spot, They last played the festival in 2014, so it is a big enough gap for them to return to Hangout.

  • Frank Ocean - Try #2 for Frank? Maybe now he has got those production issues under control

  • Alt-J - It could be argued they aren't big enough to headline, but I would argue if you can subheadline Lollapalooza and headline a festival like Panorama, which is also a Goldenvoice festival, you are probably there. They haven't played Hangout before, which seems crazy for a band who is such a festival staple. Perhaps 2018 is the year.

  • The Lumineers - They haven't played Hangout since 2012, so it's been plenty long. Their tour dates are wide open for 2018, so a headlining spot at Hangout is certainly possible. Hangout does often have a more laidback, chill rock act (Mumford & Sons, Jack Johnson, etc.) so they could fit well into that spot.

That's just who we see as likely 2018 Hangout headliners. Who do you want to see in Gulf Shores at Hangout 2018? Let us know in the comments below! It may seem like a long time until Hangout, but it will be here before you know it - I look forward to seeing you all on the beach again next May!

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