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Hangout Music Festival just ended, and despite losing Frank Ocean it was still a blast. Sadly now that it's over it's time to start planning for Hangout Fest 2018! If you are planning to go to Hangout in 2018 let me stress how important it is to plan ahead! Hotels and condos are very limited in Gulf Shores, AL, where Hangout takes place, so you need to plan ahead (see below). If you have general questions about Hangout I highly suggest our Hangout Guides & Articles page - I try to write helpful articles on every topic I can think of for Hangout to help you prepare. This post is going to be a condensed version of that info, providing you with all the info you need to start planning for Hangout 2018. I will go over when you can expect the lineup, presale info, hotel advice and more. Let's make sure you start planning for Hangout 2018 early!

What are Hangout's 2018 Dates

Hangout 2018's official dates are May 18 to May 20th, 2018. This is pretty standard as Hangout is typically the third weekend of May. By the way, if you want to know the important dates for everything at Hangout we have an article that goes over all of the important dates for Hangout.

Hangout Loyalty Sale

Hangout Loyalty Sale

Hangout is holding a Loyalty Sale on Thursday, June 29th 2017. This is an exclusive sale for those of us who have attended Hangout in the past. Tickets will go on sale on Thursday and will be at their lowest pricepoint for Hangout 2018. Here are the prices for the Hangout loyalty sale this year:

  • GA: $239
  • VIP: $899
  • Super VIP: $1399

Note that the payment plan (EZPay) is available for the loyalty sale, which splits your pass up into multiiple payments. Prices have increased from last year, but that's just how it goes with music festivals: they always get more expensive. You can get the access information in the email you used to purchase your Hangout passes in years past. If you are considering going to Hangout 2018 this will be the cheapest time to snag your passes!

Hangout Music Festival 2018 Presale / Early Bird

Hangout Early Bird

If you aren't a former purchaser and don't have access to the loyalty don't fret - there is a presale for you as well. As with most music festivals, Hangout holds an early bird sale far in advanced of the festival and well before a lineup announcement. If you want to snag Hangout passes at their absolute cheapest, this is the time to do it. Obviously there is some risk as you don't know the lineup, but if you are OK with this then I suggest the Hangout early bird sale. Typically this is done in October. As you can see from the picture above last year Hangout held their early bird sale on October 11th. This is pretty standard, so start looking for this announcement come October.

Hangout 2018 Lineup Announcement

Hangout used to release their lineup in the crowded month of January. Many other festivals, including juggernauts like Coachella and Bonnaroo, release their lineups in January, so I believe because of this Hangout has moved up their schedule release to November. The table below shows the date of the Hangout lineup release date for the past four years.


Day of Lineup Announcement


January 15th   


January 12th


November 17th  


November 29th

 As you can see the past couple of years the announcement has come in November. I would say it's safe to assume this will continue in 2018, so look for a Hangout lineup come November.

Hangout 2018 Tickets

For full details on Hangout tickets I suggest this article. Hangout will announce their lineup and passes will go on sale either the next day or in two days. For example, for Hangout 2017 the lineup was announced on November 29th and tickets went on sale on December 1st and noon EST. At this point all tickets (GA, VIP, etc.) as well as shuttle passes are available for purchase. Hangout also offers a payment plan, which can make purchasing the pass less stressful financially. Like many festivals they use EZ Pay and for Hangout it split your payment into four different payments. Expect Hangout to do something very similar for 2018.

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Hangout Accommodations - Hotels & Airbnb / Condos

More critical than even purchasing your passes for Hangout is booking your accommodations. Hangout takes place in Gulf Shores, AL, and if you've never been there this isn't a major city in terms of the housing options. Hangout is one of the biggest weekends of the year and things begin filling up quick. If you are deciding between a house and a hotel we have a full article on the topic here. Either is fine, but most people will go with a house as you can accommodate more people, there are a lot of options on the beach and most of the hotels in the area aren't that nice.  If you are looking for a hotel for Hangout I highly recommend checking out our Hangout Hotels Page - we have historical prices (see how much hotels went for last year and when they sold out) and lots of other useful info like how far the hotel is from Hangout and how to get there. Also, if you register at Event Track you can set the price you want to pay and we show all the hotels for Hangout that meet your price info and a lot more in your profile page.

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More Hangout 2018 Questions?

As I said I highly recommend our Hangout Guides & Articles Page as I try to write about everything I can think of that will help people plan for the festival. If you have a question I didn't answer I'd love to hear it so I can add to our coverage. Either let us know on Twitter or feel free to E-Mail Me.


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