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How To Get To Hangout Music Festival

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Where is Hangout Music Festival?

How do people get to Hangout Music Festival?

Walk, Bike, Shuttle or Cab

Does Hangout Music Festival offer transportation?

Yes, Hangout Fest offers a shuttle that services the entire Gulf Shores area. Shuttle passes can be had for $50.

Our recommendation for getting to Hangout Music Festival

This is highly dependent on where you are staying for Hangout Fest. If your hotel / condo is close enough to walk or bike we are always going to recommend going that route. Gulf Shores is really flat so walking to the fest or biking will be quite easy and comfortable. If you booked soon enough you likely got a condo close enough to walk or bike to the festival, but if you procrastinated you may of had to book further away. Fear not, if this is the case you can opt for the Hangout Shuttle. The shuttle costs $50 and services all areas of Gulf Shores including Orange Beach, Gulf Shores Campgrounds and more. There is absolutely no parking at Hangout so this is your best bet if you can't walk or drive. You can take a cab, but they will be overpriced. Also keep in mind there is no Uber in the area, so definitely go with the shuttle if you can't walk or bike.

Detailed Guides On Hangout Music Festival Transportation

Navigating Hangout - Airports, Shuttles, Bikes & More

  • If you drive to Hangout try to get there before Thursday afternoon or be ready for awful traffic
  • Biking everyday to the festival is a great, inexpensive option
  • Hangout offers a shuttle which is the way to go if you aren’t biking or walking
  • I highly advise against driving to Hangout: bad traffic, expensive parking, limited parking areas, etc.

How much does it cost to get to Hangout Music Festival?

The Hangout shuttle will cost you $50 for the entire weekend.

Is there parking onsite??

No, there is absolutely no parking available at Hangout Fest. There is VERY limited street parking in the area, but it will fill up quickly and it is overpriced. I really recommend against driving at all costs.