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Article Summary

  • GA passes are $269 while VIP begins at $1,099 and goes up to $1,599
  • Top benefits of VIP are free food & drinks, VIP private areas, and VIP private entrance
  • VIP areas do not provide a great view of the stage, so if this is alright with you then VIP is a great option

Like most music festivals, Hangout Music Festival offers both general admission passes and VIP passes.  In fact, Hangout Fest offers both regular VIP passes and Super VIP passes.  Also like most other music festivals, one of the most common questions about passes is if the Hangout Music Festival VIP passes are worth it.  Before we can answer that question, let’s go over what you get with each pass.

Hangout TicketsHangout Fest General Admission - $249/$269/$289 (Tier Pricing)

  • Wristband granting access to the festival each day
  • Re-entry all weekend long

Hangout Fest VIP - $1099

  • Everything included in the Hangout general admission passes
  • Tickets to the Thursday kickoff party
  • Access to the stage-side pool (pictured above)
  • Access to special VIP Grove
  • Special main stage viewing areas
  • Free drinks all weekend
  • Free food all weekend
  • Actual, nondisgusting bathrooms
  • VIP Entrance
  • More surprises announced later

Hangout Fest Super VIP - $1599

  • Everything included in the Hangout general admission and VIP passes
  • Special hot tub viewing areas for main stage acts
  • Golf cart transportation between stages
  • Gourmet food in air-conditioned dining room

Benefits Breakdown

With a Hangout Fest general admission pass you essentially just get to attend the festival each of the three days it takes place.  There are no other real benefits.  Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that really matter that Hangout Music Festival offers you with your upgraded passes.  

Hangout VIP Area

  • Special VIP Viewing Areas – This is arguably the best part about Hangout Music Festival VIP passes.  Hangout has gotten really popular over the last few years, and with popularity comes massive crowds. The general admission areas are absolutely packed.  The VIP viewing areas allow you to have a good view of the show, while also not being packed in like sardines.  The bad part? The viewing areas aren’t exactly prime viewing.  You can see the picture above that shows the view from the VIP pool area.  They are far from the stages and are off to the side.  So in summary the Hangout VIP areas are nice because they are less crowded, but they do not offer a great view.

  • VIP Grove Area – The Grove area is where Hangout VIPers can get some free grub and drinks.  The food is surprisingly good and they offer plenty of goodies including doughnuts and an ice cream truck.  They also have sit down meals where you can order a full meal, and have brought in local restaurants to serve up some of their best options.  Again, the food is surprisingly good.  The liquor is solid, midshelf options like Absolute, Malibu, etc).  The beer is your standard light beers, don’t expect a huge array of craft beers.  With a Hangout VIP pass all of this is included and will be free for you at the festival.  A huge plus is the lines for drinks in the VIP area are much shorter than the Hangout general admission area.  In the VIP Grove you should never have to wait more than a few minutes while in the Hangout general admission area you could be looking at a 15+ minute wait and you obviously also have to pay!  In summary, free drinks and short lines are a huge plus of the Hangout VIP passes.

    The VIP Grove also has more than just drinks.  There are lots of seats and hammocks with shade, which is a nice break from the rest of Hangout Fest.  They also have games like fooseball, corn hole and ping pong.  You can also still watch the shows at the Letting Go Stage from the VIP Grove.  In general the Hangout VIP Grove is a great place to recharge your batteries, grab a beverage, and get some much needed shade.

  • VIP Pools – Not going to lie, these are fairly gross by the end of the day.  If you do want to get in be sure to get there early as these do get fairly packed, especially if it’s really hot out.  Personally, these don’t do much for me and are overrated.

  • VIP Entrance – This is really nice.  If you go during the rush hour of Hangout (2/3 p.m.) you can expect to get stuck in a line trying to enter Hangout.  The Hangout VIP line never gets long so you can get right into the festival, regardless of when you go to Hangout Fest.

  • VIP Bathrooms – If you’ve ever been to a music festival you know the bathrooms get really gross, especially when it’s hot and humid like it will be at Hangout Music Festival.  The VIP area gets air-conditioned, flushing toilets, which is a huge upgrade.  This is probably a bigger deal for the ladies, but it is a good benefit for everyone.

So are Hangout Music Festival VIP Passes Worth It?

I actually think Hangout Fest VIP passes offer more than almost any other music festival VIP passes.  If you have the spare money they can definitely be worth it.  The free food and adult beverages each day of the festival really adds up and cuts down on the large price difference between Hangout general admission and VIP passes.  Add to this the fact that you won’t be packed in like sardines and won’t have to fight for a good spot to see a show and the VIP passes become even more appealing.  My final say is if you can afford Hangout VIP passes this would be the one festival I would say do it.

What do other people say about Hangout VIP Passes?

Of course this article has just been my opinion on Hangout Music Festival VIP passes.  Lots of people have opinions on this so I thought I would provide a link to some other opinions on the matter.


Either way you will have fun at Hangout Music Festival.  If you can afford VIP passes they are worth it, if you can’t you will still have a blast!

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