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  • Hangout Music Festival offers three levels of passes: GA ($259), VIP ($1,099) and Super VIP ($1,699)
  • Tickets are also available for a Thursday kickoff party for $50 sold separately
  • Hangout offers a payment plan
  • No single day passes are available

Hangout Music Festival has really grown over the last few years from a small music festival on the beach to a powerhouse that attracts some of the biggest names in music every year.  As with any festival, as Hangout Music Festival adds bigger names to the lineup tickets begin to sell out quicker.  Below you can find information on everything from Hangout ticket price to when the tickets go on sale. The goal of this article is to be your one stop shop for everything related to Hangout Music Festival tickets. 

How much are Hangout Music Festival Tickets?

The following are the prices for Hangout 2018:

  • General Admission: $259
  • VIP: $1099
  • Super VIP: $1699

Hangout prices in 2018 for general admission passes actually went down in 2018 as in 2017 the GA passes were $269. Note that the prices above include all the fees, so this is your final price.

How much are the fees for Hangout Music Festival tickets?

The prices above are inclusive of all fees: that is, the prices above are the final price you will pay out of pocket. 

What do I get with each level of ticket?

Each level of ticket to Hangout Music Festival offers a different level of amenities.  Below you can see what you get with each level of Hangout ticket.

General Admission

  • Wristband granting access to the festival each day
  • Re-entry all weekend long


Hangout VIP Area 

  • Everything included in the Hangout general admission passes
  • Tickets to the Thursday kickoff party
  • Access to the stage-side pool (pictured above)
  • Access to special VIP Grove
  • Special main stage viewing areas
  • Free drinks all weekend
  • Free food all weekend
  • Actual, nondisgusting bathrooms
  • VIP Entrance
  • More surprises announced later

Super VIP

  • Everything included in the Hangout general admission and VIP passes
  • Special hot tub viewing areas for main stage acts
  • Golf cart transportation between stages
  • Gourmet food in air-conditioned dining room

How much is the Thursday kickoff for Hangout Music Festival?

If you are unaware, Hangout Music Festival has a kickoff party on Thursday before the actual festival begins on Friday.  This typically involves some good acts and is a nice warmup for Hangout Music Festival.  If you get either level of VIP passes this ticket is included already.  If you got general admission passes to Hangout Music festival then the kickoff party will cost you an additional $50.

Where can I go to buy Hangout Music Festival tickets?

You can buy tickets for Hangout Music Festival at their official website located at

Does Hangout Music Festival offer a payment plan?

Yes, Hangout Music Festival, like many music festival, offers a payment plan for all levels of tickets.  Unlike many festivals, Hangout does NOT charge you additional fees to use the payment plan, which is refreshing. You will be charged an initial down payment upon purchasing, and then be required to pay a monthly payment each month after on the same date. If you purchase early enough you can split Hangout into up to 4 equal payments.

An example of your payments required: if you purchase tickets on 12/5/2017 you will owe 1/4th of the tickets price, which is $259, or $64.75.  On the 5th day of the next three months you will also owe $64.75, which will be automatically deducted.  If you are getting VIP or Super VIP passes for Hangout Music Festival simply adjust the base price of the ticket, but the math is exactly the same.

The payments are automatically deducted from whatever payment system you use on the initial purchase of Hangout Music Festival passes.  If this payment method changes be sure to update it! There are no refunds, cancellations or exchanges so do not forget about this! If your payment does not go through you will be notified by Hangout Music Festival.  You will have a 10-day period to fix it or you will forfeit your tickets and pay a $50 cancellation fee.

When will I get my Hangout Music Festival wristband? When do they ship?

Hangout Music Festival begins shipping wristbands in April.  The deadline to change the shipping address is March 1st or 48 hours after your purchase (whichever is later).  You may also do will call and pickup your tickets at Hangout Music Festival, just be sure to bring your confirmation email and a photo ID.

Does Hangout Music Festival sellout?

Yes, eventually nearly every year Hangout Music Festival will sell out.  Hangout Music Festival won’t instantly sell out like Coachella or Outside Lands, but typically it will eventually sell out.  When exactly Hangout sells out varies year to year, obviously depending on the lineup.  Typically it will sell out roughly a month or so before the festival.  This means you likely have until mid April to purchase tickets. Of course this varies, so if you want to go to Hangout Music Festival I highly recommend just buying your tickets before they do sell out.

Does Hangout Music Festival do single day passes?

Negative, Hangout Music Festival only offers three-day passes.  There are no single day wristbands available.

Are Hangout wristbands waterproof?

A surprisingly common question: yes the wristbands are fully waterproof. You can shower with them, go in the pool, sweat, do the dishes and any other water related activities and your wristband will be just fine.

What wrist do I put my Hangout band on?

You are supposed to put it on your right wrist, but ultimately it doesn't really matter.

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