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Article Summary

  •  I attempt to breakdown the total cost of Hangout including the tickets, hotel, getting to Hangout daily, food, adult beverages and more
  • The final estimation is $1,000 if you go with a budget hotel option and up to $1,400 if you choose a nicer hotel near the festival
  • Hotel costs are by far the biggest variant for Hangout, you can be on either end of the estimated total cost based on the accommodations chosen.  Renting a house or camping can also save you a lot of money on accommodations

Hangout Music Festival has really grown in popularity over the past few years and now attracts tens of thousands each day over its three-day run in May.  Anyone who is going to Hangout Music Festival knows there’s a lot of planning to do – flights, hotels or renting a house, tickets, getting to Hangout Music Festival, etc.  Of course, all of this adds up and can do some serious damage to the wallet.  A lot of times when people think of the music festivals they only consider the price of the tickets, but anyone who has attended knows there are a lot more costs than just tickets.  The point of this article is to go over what you can realistically expect to pay if you attend Hangout Music Festival.  Obviously this will vary a lot depending on you – what you want to do besides Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, where you want to go, where you eat, if you have to fly into Gulf Shores, etc – but this is a good approximation for what you can expect.  After this article you should have a starting point for how much you need to attend for Hangout Music Festival.

Hangout Music Festival Tickets Cost - $249 GA

Hangout Music Festival offers a couple of different tickets when they go on sale, which typically occurs in January.  Like most music festivals there are general admission passes and VIP to Hangout Music Festival.  They also offer Super VIP passes where you watch your favorite Hangout Music Festival artists from the comfort of a hot tub.  Hangout Music Festival general admission passes are $249, VIP are $1099 and those snazzy Jacuzzis will cost you $1599 for the three day weekend.  Let’s say you are a man of the people and just get the good ole general admission passes for Hangout Music Festival, this will set you back $249.

Hangout Prices

Hangout Music Festival Hotel – $200 for Budget Hotel, $525 for a Closer Hotel

Let’s just be frank about Hangout Music Festival and Gulf Shores in general – it’s expensive to book a hotel or even a house through Airbnb.  I say this so you know what to expect when you book an Hangout Music Festival hotel.  Obviously this is going to be the cost that varies the most for people, but I will attempt to give a good budget hotel approximation of cost and an upper level approximation.  Yes, you can spend less if you stay in a hostel.  Yes, you can spend more if you stay at the Four Seasons.  The point is to give a good approximation.

The chart above shows a histogram of Gulf Shores, AL hotel prices during Hangout Music Festival.  What is it? It shows how many hotels are in each price range.  For example, there are 4 hotels in the $79.00 - $125.10 price range.  There are 3 hotels in the $125.10 to $171.20 price range.  The most popular price range is $355.60-$401.70 with 16 hotels but honestly there are hotels for every budget for Hangout Music Festival.  This is good news if you are trying to save some money.

So let’s see what you could get for accommodations on the cheaper side of things for Hangout Music Festival.  It should be noted these prices are as of the date of this article and are subject to change (especially as we get closer to Hangout Music Festival).  There are actually a lot of cheap hotels for Hangout Music Festival, more so than other big music festivals.  Magnuson Inn & Suites and Country Health Inn are both under $100 and within three miles of the festival.  If you went with either of these options you are looking at roughly $400 for accommodations for the weekend, or $200 a person.

Of course you can spend a lot more on hotels than this, especially if you want an upper level hotel.  So let’s say you are less budget conscious and want a hotel closer to the festival so you can walk there.  Currently Beachside Resort Hotel is $319 a night and within a 10 minute walk of Hangout Music Festival.  If you went this route you are looking at roughly $1050 after taxes and fees for your weekend.  This will be $525 a person for your Hangout Music Festival hotel.  Again, I know these approximations can vary but these are good estimations on either end of the cost spectrum for Hangout Music Festival.  Adjust them going forward for whatever fits you best.

Hangout Airbnb

Of course renting a house is also a popular route for Hangout Music Festival.  This isn’t our area of expertise as we track hotel prices predominantly but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention this option.  The picture above is of Airbnb options within walking distance of Hangout Music Festival.  The nightly prices are shown.  Of course if you have a large house you can split these costs among multiple people and save some money, it will depends on the size of your crew.

Food & Booze - $100 a day

Gulf Shores has a lot of great food, and you should try to experience it while you are at Hangout Music Festival.  There are a lot of vendors and restaurants within the festival where you can get your grub on.  The food is your standard festival smorgasbord of tacos, pizza, and fried delicacies.  Unfortunately Budweiser provides the beer so you will be living off of that all weekend.  Anyways, $100 a day should be good for your food & booze budget, it’s in general a little cheaper than other major music festivals such as Lollapalooza or Outside Lands.  This comes out to be $300 for your Hangout Music Festival weekend.

Getting to Hangout Music Festival - $50 for the Weekend

If you are going to Hangout Music Festival there is a 95% chance+ you are staying in Gulf Shores.  Thus you can most likely walk or bike to the festival which is either free or the cost of the bike you rent.  If you aren't that close to Hangout then you likely will use the Hangout shuttle, which costs $50. We highly recommend using the shuttle and not driving to Hangout, so just eat the $50.

Airfare to Gulf Shores – Varies

Obviously this is going to be a big part of your Hangout Music Festival expenses, but I can’t estimate this without knowing where you are from.  The closest airport to Hangout Music Festival is Pensacola International Airport, which is about 45 minutes by car from Gulf Shores, AL.  A lot of major cities have connecting flights to Pensacola so you shouldn’t have a problem getting a flight.  As usual with travel I would suggest you book early in order to get a deal.

Travelling from the Airport to Gulf Shores - $200 (Rental Car)

As I mentioned before the airport is about 45 minutes from Gulf Shores, AL where Hangout Music Festival takes place. Your only real option is to rent a car if you fly into Gulf Shores, as there is no Uber in the area. The rental car is about $200 for the weekend - obviously this can vary a bit but as of now this is about what you are looking at for a rental car.

Total Hangout Music Festival Costs






$200 - 525

Food & Booze


Getting to Hangout Music Festival


Airfare to Hangout Music Festival


Travelling to/from Airport



$1000 - 1394+

So for your Hangout Music Festival trip you are looking at $1,000+ at least.  Again, I know you can do everything cheaper or more luxuriously, but this is a pretty good starting point for approximation of the costs for Hangout Music Festival.  Like I said at the beginning, just because you got your tickets doesn’t mean you’ve paid for your entire Hangout Music Festival experience.  My biggest tip for reducing these costs is to book everything Hangout Music Festival early, especially the hotel.  Once the lineup for Hangout Music Festival is released and the general ticket sale begins you can expect these prices to go up.  As is often the case with life, the early bird gets the worm. 

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