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  • Hangout offers a payment plan called the EZPay program that will split up your Hangout pass into four equal payments
  • You can use the Hangout payment plan for GA, VIP and Super VIP passes
  • Typically the last day you can still use the payment plan is in late February (February 16th for Hangout 2017)

If you are looking to make Hangout a more manageable expense next year I really recommend taking advantage of the payment plan. This layaway / payment plan option will break up the total cost of your Hangout wristband so you aren’t hit with one large payment due in December when Hangout passes typically go on sale. This article will provide you all the info you need to determine if the Hangout payment plan is for you and how to take advantage of it for next year.

How does the Hangout Payment plan work?

It’s pretty simple – it splits up your Hangout pass into multiple payments. For Hangout 2017 the payment plan split your Hangout pass into four equal payments. The terms can vary a bit year to year, but they don’t change too much so I would expect this to be similar in years going forward. Here was the payment schedule for Hangout 2017:

Hangout Payment

Amount ($)

Due Date

Initial Payment $64.75 Date of original purchase
2nd Payment $64.75 One Month Later
3rd Payment $64.75 Two Months Later
4th Payment $64.75
Three Months Later

As you can see it is four equal payments, with each one being due a month after your initial payment date. As you get closer to Hangout the amount of payments you can divide your pass into will decline. Generally you can use a payment plan for Hangout until about February.

Hangout Payment Plan Schedule

How do I select the payment plan?

You will see the Hangout payment plan as an option when you are inserting your payment method. There will be a checkbox for the ‘EZ Pay Plan’ on the checkout page. Do NOT click submit payment without selecting this option or you will be purchasing your entire Hangout pass and be charged the full amount. Remember to look for it when you need to insert your payment information – it’s usually pretty obvious and hard to miss.

Can I use the payment plan with VIP or Super VIP?

Absolutely – you can use the Hangout EZPay plan with any level of pass. So whether you do Hangout GA, VIP or Super VIP you can utilize the payment plan. Obviously the amount you will owe for each Hangout payment will increase, but you can still split up the pass into four payments.

How long is the payment plan offered for?

You can use the Hangout payment plan up until February 16th. The payment schedule above is if you purchase your passes before January 1st. If you select the Hangout Payment plan later in the year your payment schedule will change slightly, but you can still utilize the plan and split up the cost of your Hangout pass.

Do I need to manually make payments every month?

Negative – when you use the Hangout payment plan you authorize Hangout to automatically charge your card for the amount due each month. Once you make your purchase, assuming your payment method doesn’t need to change, you are all set for the rest of your payments. This brings up the important point that whatever payment method you use on the original purchase will be used for the remainder of your balance.

What happens if my payment method needs to change?

This is important: every month your card is going to be charged for your Hangout passes on the due date. If your payment method fails you have 10 days to make your payment. That is, you better get on and make your payment in 10 days. If you don’t Hangout will cancel your order (bye-bye wristband) and charge you a $50 cancellation charge. You will be refunded your money minus this $50. The point is, if your payment method changes don’t forget to update your payment method or Hangout is taking back your pass.

How do I update my payment method?

Here are the steps to update your payment plan for Hangout:

  • Go to Hangout’s official ticket page
  • Click ‘Buy Now’ (yes I know you don’t need to buy tickets but this is how you access your cart)
  • Click Login
  • Click Orders
  • Select the order used to purchase your Hangout passes
  • Look for the payment information and there is a link to change the payment method
  • Click save to update your card

What if I need to change my shipping address?

This is also important, unless you like purchasing Hangout passes for strangers. Hangout passes typically ship in April, about a month before the festival takes place. Make sure you update your shipping address to be accurate before this! You can update your shipping address by basically following the same steps listed above for updating your payment method. You need to navigate to the Hangout tickets page, log in to your orders, and update your account info instead of your payment method.


I love the Hangout payment plan and highly recommend it. Even if it doesn’t make the festival any cheaper it sure as hell makes it feel cheaper. If you want to break up the fees of your wristband for Hangout next year I highly recommend looking into their EZPay program. If you have any further questions about the EZPay plan for Hangout let me know at

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