How To Get To Bumbershoot

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Where is Bumbershoot?

How do people get to Bumbershoot?

Walk, Bike, LINK Light Rail, Bus, Car

Does Bumbershoot offer transportation?

No, Bumbershoot does not offer any official transportation to the festival.

Our recommendation for getting to Bumbershoot

If you are within walking or biking distance to Bumbershoot we definitely would recommend going this route. Seattle is relatively flat and if you are staying in the Downtown area you will be able to walk or bike. Bumbershoot is about two miles north of Downtown so it will be a nice, easy trek. If you aren't close enough to walk or bike (or don't want to) your best bet is to take advantage of public transportation. There are multiple ways to get to Seattle Center and Bumbershoot but generally the best bet is by bus. The D-Line can be taken from multiple locations Downtown and will drop you off at 3rd & Cedar, just a few minute walk from Bumbershoot. The cost of the D-Line is just $2.50 per ride, so it is both the economical and efficient way to get to Bumbershoot. Uber is always an option as well, and perhaps a fine one early in the day as it won’t be surge prices, but the costs at the end of the day can be pretty rough. We really recommend going either by foot, bike or public transport

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Getting to Bumbershoot: All your transportation Options

  • If you can, bike to Bumbershoot
  • If you can’t bike take public transportation to Bumbershoot
  • If you really must you can drive, but go as early as possible as it is a holiday weekend and very busy in Seattle during Bumbershoot

How much does it cost to get to Bumbershoot?

If you go by bus it will cost you $2.50 per ride, or $15 for the entire weekend. This will be the most economical option for getting to Bumbershoot.

Is there parking onsite??

No, there is no official parking offered by Bumbershoot. There is plenty of parking available throughout Seattle but given it is a holiday weekend just note it will fill up quickly and be expensive ($40+ per day)