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Article Summary

  • Article goes over all the key dates you need to know for Bumbershoot
  • The music lineup for Bumbershoot is typically announced in late April.
  • The comedy lineup usually is announced in June
  • Early bird passes are the cheapest time to get Bumbershoot passes and usually occurs in April.
  • The set times for Bumbershoot will come out in early August, about a monh before the festival

Some of the most common questions that come up about Bumbershoot are about dates.  When do Bumbershoot tickets go on sale? When is the presale? When is the schedule released?  These are some of the most commonly asked questions about Bumbershoot and the goal of this article is to make you aware of every important date you need to know. 

Music Lineup Announcement – Late April (April 25th in 2016)

Perhaps the most anticipated date of the year for Bumbershoot fans is the announcement of the music lineup.  Bumbershoot has changed the date of this recently.  Bumbershoot used to announced their lineup in early May.  However, in recent years the festival has moved to a late April release date of the lineup.  For example, for Bumbershoot 2016 the music lineup was announced on April 26th.  You can see when Bumbershoot has released their lineup over the last few years in the table below.


Day of Lineup Announcement


May 8th  


April 29th


April 26th


April 25th

Comedy Lineup Announcement – Late June (June 24th in 2015)

Bumbershoot is a unique festival in that it also offers a comedy lineup in addition to it’s fine music lineup.  Typically the comedy lineup comes out a couple months after the music lineup comes out.  For example, in 2015 the comedy lineup was released on June 24th.  This puts it about half way between when the music lineup comes out and when Bumbershoot actually takes place.

Bumbershoot Early Bird Passes - October

If you want the cheapest possible Bumbershoot tickets then you should buy the early bird sale, which occurs very soon after Bumbershoot concludes for that year.  This year the early bird Bumbershoot passes were only $150 and available on October 18th.

Bumbershoot General Sale – January / February

There are a set amount of early bird passes for sale and when those go Bumbershoot transitions into the general sale.  Here the passes will increase in cost from the early bird sale price.  This year the Bumbershoot passes went from $150 to $180.  From this point on the passes follow a dynamic pricing system that will have tickets increase in price when they have sold a certain amount of tickets.  The short version is buy your passes sooner rather than later if you want to save money.  A final note is this general sale is when Gold and Emerald (VIP) passes go on sale.  If you want all the details on Bumbershoot passes check out our full article on the topic at http://www.eventtrk.com/events/44/bumbershoot/105/bumbershoot-tickets-how-to-get-them-how-much-more.

Bumbershoot Announces Set Times – Early August  

One of the most anticipated things once the lineup is announced are the set times.  Some festivals, such as Coachella or EDC, wait until a couple of days before the festival to release the set times.  Bumbershoot is a lot better than this as they typically give you the set times about a month in advance.  For example, in 2016 the set times were released on August 1st and the festival began the first week of September.  This at least gives you plenty of time to figure out which artists you want to see at the Bumbershoot.

Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival – Labor Day Weekend

Bumbershoot occurs over Labor Day weekend each year in Seattle, WA.  Thus this is the first weekend of September.


There you have it, every date you need to know for Bumbershoot.  If there are any other dates you are looking for and didn’t find here please let me know at Shawn@EventTrk.com and I will add them pronto!

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