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  • Bumbershoot is a great festival, whether you are looking for great music, comedy or art there is something for you at Bumbershoot
  • Bumbershoot inarguably has one of the best locations of any festival in downtown Seattle right by the iconic Space Needle
  • Prices for Bumbershoot remain reasonable, despite the increase in recent years

Thinking about going to Bumbershoot?  With so many music festivals going around the country these days it’s hard to say which ones are worth your money.  Let me present the case for why you should forego the other festivals and head off to Seattle for Bumbershoot.  Here are five reasons you should check out Bumbershoot (not in any particular order):

Bumbershoot 2016 Lineup

Reason #1 to Attend Bumbershoot – The Music

As someone who covers and attends a lot of music festivals I can tell you that a lot of artists just go on the “festival circuit”.  This means a lot of festivals end up having the same exact people.  Bumbershoot is a nice change of pace compared to some of the other festivals.  For example, Bumbershoot almost always features some local artists that are not at many, if any, festivals each year.  Bumbershoot in 2016, for example, had Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, who definitely did not hit the festival circuit in anyway.  This unique lineup permeates the undercard as well giving Bumbershoot a refreshingly unique music lineup.

Reason #2 to Attend Bumbershoot – The Location

One of the best things about Bumbershoot is just how damn good its location is for a music festival.  In case you are unaware, Bumbershoot takes place at the Seattle Center, which is about 1.5 miles north of Downtown Seattle.  This is where awesome Seattle attractions such as the Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and Glass, and the EMP museum are located.  

Bumbershoot Location

In terms of music festivals, only a few come to mind that are as centrally located as Bumbershoot.  Because the festival is located so close to the heart of Seattle you will never be bored while attending Bumbershoot.  The festival runs from the early afternoon to about 11 p.m. so you will have plenty of time to explore Seattle both before and after Bumbershoot.  If you’ve never been to Seattle then Bumbershoot is a great reason to go for the first time. 

Reason #3 to Attend Bumbershoot – The Food / Art / Culture

While most festivals claim to be more than just music festivals it generally isn’t the case.  Generally the art at festivals is something you may stop and stare at for a few moments on your way to the next show but Bumbershoot actually gives you a lot more. Bumbershoot really emphasizes its non-musical offerings by bringing in some of the best art and culture the city of Seattle has to offer.  At Bumbershoot you will find everything from sculptures by local artists to burlesque shows - they have even have Yoga! If you do attend Bumbershoot be sure to leave some time for activities outside of all the musical artists.

Reason #4 to Attend Bumbershoot – The Cost

Despite the prices increasing a bit over the past few years, Bumbershoot is still incredibly cheap compared to some other music festivals.  Coachella, EDC and Outside Lands passes are all approaching $400 while you can still snag Bumbershoot passes for as low as $150 if you grab the early bird passes.  Even if you miss the Bumbershoot early bird passes you can still get them for just $180.  Given all there is to do at Bumbershoot, from the great music lineup to the comedy shows, this is a great deal.

Reason #5 to Attend Bumbershoot – The Food

Seattle is one of my favorite cities for food I have ever visited.  Bumbershoot takes advantage of all the great local food by bringing it to the festival for attendees to enjoy between shows.  For example, last year Bumbershoot brough in Dan Bugge, a local food legend, for B-EATs.  This was an effort to really emphasize local chefs and food offerings to really give festivalgoers a taste of Seattle.  Some of the best local offerings included restaurants like Little Uncle (famous Seattle Thai) and SHISHKABERRY’s (fruit shish-kabobs).  The vendors will change from year to year, but the goal will not: deliver Bumbershoot attendees great, locally sourced food.

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