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  • Seattle is the most expensive area to stay at for Bumbershoot, but it is the area that offers the most to do and easiest access to Bumbershoot.
  • The hotels around the airport actually are a good option because the Link Light Rail goes nearly right to Bumbershoot.
  • Bellevue, which is 10 miles to the east of Seattle, offers some nice hotels at a good discount.  However, getting to Bumbershoot from Bellevue will be difficult if you need public transportation.

One of the best parts about Bumbershoot is the fact that it takes place right by the Space Needle in Seattle.  Many music festivals, such as Coachella, are in the middle of nowhere.  Bumbershoot avoids this problem by being smackdab in the middle of the Emerald City, Seattle, WA.  Due to the fact that Seattle is a major city with good public transportation, festivalgoers have a lot of options with where to stay for Bumbershoot.  This article goes into the best options for Bumbershoot lodging, giving the pros and cons for each area.

 Bumbershoot Location

Where is Bumbershoot held in Seattle, WA?

Before I tell you where to stay let’s show you where you are going.  Bumbershoot is located at Seattle Center in downtown Seattle, WA.  The official address for Bumbershoot, and Seattle Center, is 305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109.  This location is about 1.5 miles north of downtown Seattle, so it is quite a convenient location to host a music festival.

Where should I book Bumbershoot lodging?

Now we will get into the heart of this posting: where in Seattle, or the Seattle area, should you book a hotel for Bumbershoot? Of course a lot of this comes down to your budget.  Bumbershoot occurs during Labor Day weekend every year, which is already a busy travel holiday.  Seattle is already one of the ten most expensive cities in America for hotels so uou can fully expect Seattle to be quite expensive for Bumbershoot.  I will attempt to suggest an area that will work for every Bumbershoot budget.

Bumbershoot Pirces

Staying in downtown Seattle for Bumbershoot

Let’s just be honest: if everyone could afford to stay in Seattle for Bumbershoot they would.  The problem is not everyone can afford the lofty prices of a hotel in Seattle for Bumbershoot.  The graph above shows what the average price of hotels is by distance to Bumbershoot.  Hotels within 2 miles and then 5 miles of Bumbershoot are significantly more expensive.  Hotels in this distance range are going to be closer to the downtown area, which makes sense.

However, if you can afford a hotel in Seattle for Bumbershoot it is absolutely the best place to stay for the festival.  Here are the main advantages and reasons to stay in Seattle for Bumbershoot if you can:

  • Easy Access to Bumbershoot – If you are staying in Seattle near the downtown area you will have an easy time getting to Bumbershoot.  Honestly from most hotels you can just walk to Bumbershoot.  The walk from downtown to Bumbershoot is only about 15 minutes.  Seattle’s actually one of my favorite walking cities in the country (yes even when it rains), so if you can just walk to Bumbershoot I would go this route.  Just walk along the water and enjoy the view.  If you are in the south end of downtown Seattle, closer to Pioneer Square you can take the #99 Bus which will only cost you about $2.50.
  • Attractions – If you are downtown you will have access to all Seattle has to offer during the hours Bumbershoot isn’t running.  Go check out Pike’s Place market or the Underground Seattle tours.
  • Nightlife – If you are looking for stuff to do after Bumbershoot gets out then the downtown area is definitely the place to be.  There will be plenty of bars to continue the festivities into the night.
  • Atmosphere – Most people attending Bumbershoot will be staying downtown so the whole area has a great, festive environment.

So what hotel should you stay at for Bumbershoot? Some of the best deals I see right now are the following hotels (Note: prices may change from the time of this article):

Inn at Queen Anne – .5 Miles to Bumbershoot - $196
Modest accommodations but it is one of the closest hotels in Seattle to Bumbershoot.  You basically just leave the hotel and walk a couple of blocks to Bumbershoot.  The price is right on this one.

The Belltown Inn - .8 Miles to Bumbershoot - $200
The Belltown Inn has solid Yelp reviews (3.5 stars) and is also very close to Bumbershoot.  You will also be located in Belltown, which is a small, upperclass area just north of downtown Seattle.  This is a great price given the location.

Hotel Sorrento – 1.7 Miles to Bumbershoot - $281
A little more expensive, but it is a nicer hotel.  Hotel Sorrento is the only hotel I could find that is 4+ stars, located in downtown, and under $300 a night.  You could still walk to Bumbershoot or take a quick bus ride.  The location is just east of downtown, giving you access to all of Seattle has to offer in just a short walk.

Of course, there are plenty of areas to stay for Bumbershoot outside of the Seattle area.  Let’s take a look at some of your options besides Seattle for Bumbershoot.

Near the Airport

May seem a bit far away but it is doable and there are people who do this for Bumbershoot.  The important point is there is great public transportation from the airport to downtown Seattle.  Due to the fact that there is an easy train ride in, lots of people stay near the airport for Bumbershoot to save a buck.  The official name of the train is the Link Light Rail, and it runs roughly every 15 minutes.  At times throughout the day it will run more frequently, so you will never have to wait long for a train.  It also runs until the early morning so you can take it back from Bumbershoot as well.  If you do take the Link Light Rail you can take it from the airport and get off at the 3rd & Vine stop.  From here it is only about a 7 minute walk to Bumbershoot. The train is also affordable as it is only $2.25 each way.

Light Rail for Bumbershoot

Anyways, now that you know how to get from the airport to Bumbershoot, let’s discuss the options.  The whole point of staying this far away is to save some money.  The area has many hotels currently under $150 a night including the Quality Inn ($135), Ramada SeaTac ($129) and Reed Roof Inn Seattle Airport ($112).  The area offers significant savings for your Bumbershoot stay, so if you are looking to save a buck consider the airport.  Be sure to weigh the convenience tradeoff for the price you get – you save a lot of money but you are looking at a 40 or so minute train ride both ways into and out of Bumbershoot.

Anywhere along the Link Light Rail

There are a lot of hotels near the airport where you can take advantage of the Link Light Rail to get to Bumbershoot.  Of course, there are other hotels and of course Airbnb's located along the Link Light Rail.  You can really book a hotel or a house anywhere along the train route and take advantage of it for getting to and from Bumbershoot.  You are sure to be able to find a deal when compared to Seattle, especially on Airbnb or similar house rental service.

Bellevue for Bumbershoot

Bellevue is another cheaper option for Bumbershoot.  Bellevue is about 10 miles to the east of Seattle across Lake Washington.  There isn’t as good of public transportation options from Bellevue unfortunately.  Of course you can drive from Bellevue to Bumbershoot, but if you are looking for public transportation you will have to take the bus.  Further complicating the issue is the fact that there is no direct bus so you will need to make a few transfer to make it to Bumbershoot.

Anyways, despite these issues Bellevue still offers some nicer, cheap options for Bumbershoot.  Some of the best options right now include the Hilton Bellevue ($149), Red Lion Bellevue ($187), and Residence Inn ($199).  Bellevue hotels are cheaper than Seattle, but more expensive than the airport.  So why stay in Bellevue over the airport? Bellevue will have more to do than the airport hotels, but will be more difficult to get to Bumbershoot.  If it were up to me I would rather stay near the airport, but you can decide for yourself.  If you have your own car the problem of Bellevue’s public transportation becomes less of an issue.  You will want to head to Bumbershoot really early as Seattle is always packed on Labor Day Weekend and parking/traffic becomes a nightmare.

Final Words on Areas for Bumbershoot

Each area has its own advantages and disadvantages.  Seattle is the most convenient, but also the most expensive.  The airport area hotels will offer absolutely nothing to do in the surrounding area, but they do save you the most money.  Bellevue is sort of the in between option of the three.  You will have to judge for yourself, but hopefully I have given some guidance on each of the areas you can book your Bumbershoot hotel at in the Seattle area.

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